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  1. My suggestion: If you are rather new to PTE and if you seem to have a problem, you may start a topic in "General Discussion". If this will not lead to an appropriate solution, you may have good reasons to make suggestions for future versions (in a way as suggested by davegee). Some posts sound like: We are Proshow users, and we know where the wind blows. Do they really? Let's have nice discussions, and even an old PTE user like me will be open for good suggestions
  2. Sorry, but I do not like it when people (users of some other software) who are not yet very proficient with PTE persevere in talking about user frustration because of missing features, features that really are not fundamental if not superfluous. This clearly makes a bad impression on visitors of this forum, and it should be avoided. Perhaps Proshow died because it was overloaded with redundant functionality. Let me repeat what I said on the copy functions in some other place: For most users they would be rather confusing than helpful.
  3. Some people (former Proshow users) keep on and on asking for particular copy functions, but it does not make these requirements more essential. Working with suitable parent/child constructions (a feature that Proshow did not offer) will help to avoid much copying. PTE does not make things difficult. Proshow users may change their method of working.
  4. It is an impressive collection of effects. It may be of interest which functionality of PTE make these effects possible that PSP does not offer to its users.
  5. How would you find out the specific time to which you want to jump?
  6. I am pretty sure that you are right, but it would be fine if you could name a few examples. I can't do that as I have never used PSP. A main reason why I use PTE is hierarchical modelling (some call it parent/child animation), a feature that I've greatly missed in other AV tools. Regarding "Copy and paste for keyframes": It seems that most of it can be done quite well in PTE, perhaps not in the same way as in PSP. But we should keep in mind that it is only a very small minority of PTE users who would have a benefit from a whole lot new functions. For most users they would be rather confu
  7. No trimming at all, no offsets, just do what I've said. From the Online Help: Single Video / Master Video Button Single Video Clip plays only for the duration of the current slide Master Video track - If the same video is added to multiple slides the first instance of the video can be set to Master Video Track. All further instances on subsequent slides can be set to “Link to <the Master Video Track>”. The result is a Video clip running continuously over multiple slides
  8. If you are working with a master video followed linked instances, you don't have to enter offsets. Just enter the video several times (with different slide names), set the first instance to be a master (instead of being a single clip), and link the others to this master (change "single clip" to "Link to: ..."). Then shift the transition points to position in the video where you want to jump to. The video will run seamlessly across the transition points without the use of offsets.
  9. I don't know what you might expect. If you are working with the O&A editor, you are working within a single slide, which is to be considered as a kind of container for objects (images, videos, ...).
  10. I don't think that it would be very useful. Example: You start with a blank slide, and if decide to change its duration, the times for your jumps have to be changed, as well. For videos: What about distributing you video across several slides (first instance as master, the other ones linked to it)?
  11. A simple example: PageCurl_Test-02.pteeff
  12. You may ask davegee for the curling page as custom transition
  13. You may have a look at custom transitions. There you can specify that the transition's animations work without the backgrounds, while the backgrounds just perform a dissolve. Using constructions with splitters, you have additional possibilities.
  14. The zip-file misses an image "00 TRANSP.png". I do not need the exe-file (I do not want to open it )
  15. You should be a bit more precise, or give us a short project showing you problem.
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