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  1. Once you have got used to PTE it is very likely that you will use the extra features like "keypoint control of the sound volume", and others. You may have a look at this topic:
  2. This is difficult to assess. There are situations where inserting a slide using the timeline can be useful: If you want to split an existing slide into 2 slides without changing the starting points of all existing slides.
  3. Inserting new slides, and rearranging slides should be done in the Slide View.
  4. Did you insert the blank slide in the Timeline View?
  5. As you can see, in the past, there has always been more that one team from various countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, ...). New will be (after a discussion that I had with Klaus) that this year the votes of all teams will have the same weight (while in the past, all countries had the same weight).
  6. Why only one team in the UK?
  7. Perhaps you could go one step further. An advantage of AV programs over Video Editors is hardware rendering in the timeline (instead of pre-rendering). So why not having the option of pre-calculated images for the timeline preview (as provided by Wings and m.objects)?
  8. jt49


    At present time, it is not the full price (139 €). Users with a license for PTE deluxe, version 8 or 9, pay 39 € for the upgrade to PTE 10 (Pro version, prices in Germany).
  9. North Wales is not yet on the list of judging teams. Please contact the organizers!
  10. In the preview of the Project Options, you only see the transition that has been highlighted. If you click OK and run the show you will see all selected transitions in random order.
  11. The Challenge 321 is an international contest for short AV-sequences. The total run-time of a sequence must NOT exceed 3 minutes and 21 seconds. This short run-time is the "Challenge" for the authors. The contest is organized by a group in AV-Dialog (German national AV-organization). There will be judging teams in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom. Submission time for 2020: January 15 to March 15. Detailed information: www.challenge321.org
  12. Schaue Dir auch mal die beiden folgenden Beiträge an: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIarZs_gZsA https://support.ubisoft.com/de-DE/faqs/000027100
  13. Zum Vergleich: So sieht es bei mir aus! Bild 1: Nvidia-Systemsteuerung Bild 2: Kontext-Menü einer ausführbaren Datei
  14. Bei meinem älteren Notebook mit Treiber 425.31 (GTX 770, wird von Nvidia nicht mehr gepflegt) kann ich in der Systemsteuerung von Nvidia unter "Desktop" wählen, dass die Auswahl des Grafikprozessors im Kontext-Menü angezeigt wird. Wenn ich nun einen Rechts-Klick auf eine Exe oder eine zugehörige Verknüpfung mache, habe ich die Auwahl: Intel oder Nvidia.
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