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  1. You may try to use "Run application" in order to start a media player with your mp4-file as a parameter. Choose a media payer that can start in fullscreen and without showing controls.
  2. Arguments with a lack of logic do not become better when using capital letters
  3. Problems with "KFSD": This "feature" has side effects. Changes of transition times while using the slide view, and rearrangements of slides may cause changes of transition points and of the overall length of a show. If you work with slides that are synchronized to the audio part, the use of KFSD is rather dangerous. Example: KFSD-Test.pte
  4. Keep full slide duration
  5. New users typically do not know it Another example KFSD
  6. You can also do it in the Audio Tab of the Project Options
  7. Das freut mich! Zur Information: AudioVision München e.V. (AV-Club in München-Obermenzing, nahe A8) Es gibt eine PTE-Benutzergruppe in Kooperation mit dem CameraClub 77 der VHS München-Nord
  8. Parameter "Rahmung Y" anpassen?
  9. Wir können gerne im deutschen Forum kommunizieren
  10. Children inherit the blur of their parents. So a parent-child-construction is not the way to go
  11. At present time, you have to insert the video into all slides: In the first slide insert it as master video; in all other slides as a linked video.
  12. Put (copies of) the images and (a copy of) the project file (.pte) into a common folder.
  13. Link all your audio clips to slides.
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