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  1. In the above style, the position of the magnified view is not quite correct (IMO). Lupe_PTE10.zip
  2. As Tom said: The workaround is not that great
  3. vbl2007, maybe that you are not aware of the fact that your proposal sounds a bit like over-organisation, KISS!
  4. In the slide options, you can only choose one transition. But this is different in the project options. Please read my post a little bit more careful (if you like it).
  5. What you may try to do: In the slide options (for all slides) choose "Default transition". In the (global) Project options: Tick all transitions that are to be chosen randomly. By the why: I have never chosen random transitions, as I want have control how my show shall run (chacun à son goût).
  6. There is a forum for Aquasoft users (at about the same size as this forum here), and they are quite helpful. It is a German product, and the form is German, as well. On the other hand, I do not like Aquasoft's products either, and PTE is (IMO) the better choice
  7. I would regard it as a nice workaround, perhaps not as a user-friendly solution for dynamic shadows.
  8. There is a bug in the Comment Box for styles. The editor does not like new lines. Comment Box when creating a style: Comment when applying the style
  9. PTE styles have a category, a name for the style, and a name for the author. I did not propose to change the author's name, but the category's name, and the name of the style. I've just made a test. In order to solve Gary's problem (while using my proposal) you may keep the original name and restrict the change to the category. BTW: Name changes are not a priori unethical.
  10. Not a solution, but a workaround: Import the style; apply it to an appropriate set of images (do not care about its category); highlight the result; create a "new" Style (which is identical to the original), give it a name and a category of your choice.
  11. jt49


    Ich habe die obigen Vorlagen (inzwischen gelöscht) noch ein wenig überarbeitet und ergänzt. Tunnel_4 zeigt den Effekt mit 4 Kreissegmenten, Tunnel_6 mit 6 Segmenten (wie oben im Video gezeigt), und Tunnel_8 liefert 8 Kreissegmente. Die nachfolgenden Vorlagen passen sich automatisch an die gängigen Seitenverhältnisse an (16:9, 16:10, 3:2 und 4:3). Tunnel_4 erwartet als Eingabe ein Bild mit dem Seitenverhältnis 3:2, Tunnel_6 ein quadratisches Bild und Tunnel_8 ein hochformatiges Bild mit dem Seitenverhältnis 3:4. Tunnel_4.ptestyle Tunnel_6.ptestyle Tunnel_8.ptestyle
  12. jt49


    Benutzer von Wings verwenden gelegentlich den sog. Tunnel-Effekt. Hier eine Nachbildung als Vorlagen (Styles) für PTE AV Studio: Die hier gezeigten Vorlagen wurden gelöscht und durch verbesserte Versionen ersetzt. Siehe nachfolgendes Posting!
  13. I don't think that providing the functionality would be the problem, but it would not that easy for the users to create appropriate displacement maps. Perhaps PTE could offer this feature as an effect with some nice presets such as water effects.
  14. There are two slide show products (in Germany and Austria) which support displacement effects.
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