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  1. Remark: "PteViewerX.exe" and the launchers in "Save Executables" are identical.
  2. My observations: In the attached project we should not hear the sound, as it's position is behind the last slide. In the Preview (not in all but in most cases) I can hear the sound. In the Mini Player (not in all but in most cases) the cursor stops not reaching the end point (see image). Nevertheless I can hear the sound. This happens in V9, V10.0.14, and V10.5.1 testWAV--mod06.zip
  3. There are situations where I do not see antialiasing. Antialiasing.zip
  4. You are asking for a feature on something ("the project") that has not yet been defined. PTE only knows project files (*.pte). These files represent the projects, and so far nothing else. The corresponding media may be located in a common folder, or they may be distributed across the computer's file system. At present time, it is up to the user how to proceed and organize his work.
  5. I would guess that PTE delivers the sound to the playback device that is indicated as "Standard Device".
  6. You can use the command "Run Application ...". Call the launcher (e.g. with name Player.exe) with the PTEAV-file as parameter: Player.exe "Show4712.pteav" (without paths if Menue, Player and Show are in the same folder).
  7. In OBS 1. Add your Display as Source 2. In the Audio Mixer: Activate Desktop-Audio 3. Settings > Output > Recording: Set Path, Recording Quality, Recording Format 4. Settings > Video: For Base Resolution and Output Resolution set or type the resolution of your monitor 5. Click OK 6. Right click in Preview Window: Untick "Enable Preview" 7. Click: Start Recording
  8. Useful constructions must not always be complicated
  9. A simple Style for an image with text (that can be easily modified): Simple_TextBox_16to9.ptestyle
  10. The situation that JEB describes above is the "normal" logic of PTE's hierarchical model. Now JEB would like to have a rather special kind of container for images with texts, solving some rather special requirement that other users may need at all. Only recently, another user asked for some other kind of container with special features on inheritance. Other users ask for special copy functions for keyframes. I am pretty sure that there are lots of other examples of this kind. I don't think that it would be an advantage if the developers would follow all these requests, as it would make PTE fat
  11. When we map a straight line on a sphere, we expect to see a curved line. It may even have knees, but it should remain continuous (which isn't the case here). The problem is that it is hard (if not impossible) to approximate a sphere using rectangles. This is the reason why I, when dealing with panoramas, restricted myself to the cylindrical case, which can be handled easily.
  12. Let me add the remark that I do not like the blurred line that much. On the other hand, when using the dark mode the situation isn't that bad. The line does not look thicker for me, but not as clean as in 10.0. In the light mode, the effect is worse. The line really seems to be thicker.
  13. I have made the same observation as davegee: In both cases, the line has a width of 1 pixel. But in Beta 27 there is a halo of an additional pixel on both sides, which should not be there (upper image: Beta 27, lower image 10.0.14):
  14. There seems to be something wrong (at least in Gog's version for 1 image):
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