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  1. Thank you! I had looked for the Tekct and missed it! I need to work on my Russian some more. I have lots of uses for these styles. Rosemary
  2. Thank you vbl2007 for the styles. They are really neat. Is there any way of changing the text and if so how? Rosemary
  3. Thank you Rosy for sharing your show. I loved it especially the black swan. So regal and condescending! Looked like a great time. I hope you get your camera's brain sorted out fairly simply. Rosemary
  4. vbl2007 Would you mind explaining how you got the border around the pages of Paul's book style? I love what you have done. Thank you, Rosemary
  5. Thank you Tom. I appreciate all your hard work. You deserve some R&R in the veg. patch. Rosemary
  6. Thank you Tom and Paul. These transitions are great. Now I can make a book. Rosemary.
  7. Hi Tom, I await with eagerness. I have tried following tutorials on making books but was never happy. There were a couple of great examples in "the other program" that were not as much of a challenge for the beginner. Stranger and Grandpa Janek were the masters and had some great examples. Rosemary
  8. Thanks Tom. This is great. Rosemary
  9. Thank you Tom for sharing your amazing talents with us. Great transition.
  10. Thank you Tom for another useful transition.
  11. Thank you Paul for these great styles and your continued generosity. Rosemary
  12. Thank you for sharing this transition with us. Most useful and lots of fun. Rosemary
  13. Rosy, we tried the same with deer. They eat almost everything in the garden including roses. After a while the little brats just ignored the sounds! Loved your show and good luck in your new home. Rosemary
  14. Thanks Tom for a great transition. Rosemary
  15. Thank you Tom. Another very useful addition to the transition list. Rosemary
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