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  1. Thanks Tom. This will come in useful when we get out to get some more pictures to make shows. You stay safe down there. Rosemary
  2. Lin, I was experimenting with your Jupiter style and swapped Jupiter with my own world video. I also changed the text. Unfortunately very appropriate just now. Rosemary https://youtu.be/aqP1zmn_iAU
  3. What a great skill. Now where is the tutorial?1
  4. Beautiful photography and a very peaceful show. Thanks for sharing, Rosemary
  5. Thank you Lin for this timely tutorial. I have used it for the intro for a farewell party video that I made. Great work, Rosemary
  6. Hi Dave, Thank you so much. I had assumed that the keyframes had to be highlighted before clonning. I had tried every which way except that one obviously! Thanks as well, for the link to the list of Hotkeys. Very useful and are tucked safely in my binder. On furthur investigation, I find that if I right click the line below the KF to be cloned then I get the option to clone it but not the option for "alt insert" I think that the tutorial was made using an earlier version of PTE but I have been wrong before!!!!!! Rosemary
  7. Hi, I am trying to follow Barry Beckhan's tutorial titled Video 014 3D animation Techniques. All is well until I get to the 16 min. mark when the keyframes are cloned using "Alt. insert" I click on the line below and press ALT but no option for "insert" happens! What am I missing? Thanks, Rosemary
  8. Thank you Davegee. I feel such a clot. So obvious when shown! Rosemary
  9. Hi, When I try to choose a picture to add to a mask etc the display only shows the Picture name. Can anyone please tell me how to get thumbnails to display so as I can see what I am choosing?
  10. Thank you everyone. A lot of effort has gone in to making me this transition. I really appreciate the work. Most of it is above my skill level but I am willing to have a try! Regards, Rosemary
  11. https://youtu.be/kQi4I86_zQQ I think I have joined YouTube. Anyhow this is what I am trying to achieve. I hope it works. Thanks again, Rosemary
  12. Hi Richard_43. I am being a pain! When I try to open your link I get asked if I want to completely remove PTE from my computer! Lin I do not have any YouTube videos but I shall endevor to join and try to post. Thanks to you both, Rosemary
  13. Hi Lin, Thanks for the reply, I have tried sending a one slide video with the star transition but the image is too large. If you want a better idea I can send you a Producer clip but basically the star collapses inwards at the end of the show. I hope this is of help Rosemary
  14. Hi All, I usually end my shows with a transition (from Producer titled Star In) Basically it is a star shape which collapses in and designates the end of the show. Usually white background with black star but colour doesn't matter. Can anyone tell me how to create this transition or is it too complicated for a beginner? Thanks, Rosemary
  15. jmG-06100 thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately I do not have Lightroom or any of the Adobe products. Hopefully in a future edition of PTE this will be an option. Regards, Rosemary
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