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  1. Thank you for this style. It is very unusual and will come in handy for intros. Rosemary
  2. Mary, I loved part 2 as well. My only wish/critique would be 5 secs. per slide rather than 3. Would give these old eyes more time to appreciate the lovely scenery! Are you an ex ProShow user? The reason I ask is that the default with Producer is 3 sec. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Rosemary
  3. I loved this show. I loved the photography and the movement within the show. Very well done and thanks for sharing. Rosemary
  4. Thank you Paul for sharing this great work with us. These will be most useful. Rosemary
  5. A very powerful show. Beautifully done. Thank you for sharing. Rosemary
  6. Hi George, These must be the instructions for Family Tree slide style. I can follow the instructions and it works. Thank you. Rosemary
  7. Thank you so much. I have printed them and will have a go. Great idea for Mother-in-law's wake. Rosemary
  8. Thanks Gary, I hope someone comes to the rescue! Rosemary
  9. Gary, Do you happen to have the instructions for this style or does it work in PTE Av 10? I could use it if only I could figure out how to! Rosemary
  10. Thank you for your generous gift once again. Rosemary
  11. Thank you for sharing your show. I enjoyed it. The photography is excellent. I would like to see some place names eg St. Mark's Square, Rialto Bridge etc. I like the text so as when I look at the show again in a few years, I know the name of the building etc. Something to do with getting older Rosemary
  12. Thank you for the modifications Dom. I really appreciate your efforts. Rosemary
  13. Thank you Dom. This will be so useful for travel intos when we are allowed to travel again. Great job. Rosemary
  14. Dom could I please have a copy of the new styles too? I am not proficient enough to remove filters!! Rosemary
  15. Thank you Dom for this style. I have had great fun trying out this slide style. I can think of many uses for it. I particularly like the many options available with the style. Great job. Rosemary
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