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  1. I really like this one. Great for similar pictures eg inside a church or building. I would certainly buy this series. Rosemary
  2. Dom, thank you so much. So simple. Now I know! Rosemary
  3. This is what I get when I click the link. It's what to do next that is the problem. Thanks for trying to help. Rosemary
  4. Thank you Wideangle. I had clicked on the link above the demo and get the unzip which I do. I can't see an option to download the files. Thanks for your patience. Rosemary
  5. These look great thank you. How do I download them? Rosemary
  6. Thank you Dave. I thought that I had tried that but I obviously I wasn't doing the correct thing. Works beautifully now. Rosemary
  7. Hi, I am trying to select a transition for a series of 10 slides in a show. Do I have to individually select the transition for each slide or is there a way to do this globally for these 10 slide transitions and then return to the default transition? Thanks, Rosemary
  8. I for one am looking forward to it! Looks great. Rosemary
  9. Thank you everyone. Some great advice given. Paul your "Deselect the container" worked like a charm. I have a similar Style for PSP but couldn't convert it for PTE. Now I don't have to worry. Rosemary
  10. Thank you Paul for this great style. My German is about on a power with my PTE ability so could someone please tell me where to put a background? I have tried putting it at the very bottom but it comes in as a child in frame 2. Thank you, Rosemary
  11. Thank you Tom. This transition is going to be very useful. Rosemary
  12. My suggestion for a name for the new section would be something like "Shows, Tips and Constructive Feedback" Rosemary
  13. I would love this feature. It could be a powerful learning tool. Constructive, non judgmental critique is always good. Rosemary
  14. The photo album style would be fantastic. Looking forward to the finished result. Rosemary
  15. I haven't managed to crash it yet! I am new so you can guess my commands are not always according to plan! Rosemary A
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