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  1. Thank you so much for these and your generosity. I really appreciate these. Rosemary
  2. AleAle5025Thank you for the further instructions. I have successfully replaced the covers. Rosemary
  3. Thank you! I shall have an attempt at doing this. Rosemary
  4. AleAle5025 is there any way to change the text on the cover and spine of the book? If so how? Rosemary
  5. AleAle5025 Thank you for this great and very useful style. So realistic. I shall put it to great use. Rosemary
  6. Thank you Paiche59. I can see myself using these regularly for scenic pictures. Rosemary
  7. WoW VBL2007 is there any end to your talent! These styles are fantastic, unusual and original. Thank you so much for sharing. I appreciate your generosity. Rosemary
  8. Hi Rosy, That was fun and lovely to hear Burl Ives once again. Great job with the video. I hope you are feeling better soon and the "Buzzin of the Bees lift your spirits. Rosemary
  9. Thank you Igor. That will be a great help with transition organization. Rosemary
  10. Congratulations on making this show. I love the albums and the individual picture displays. My favourite album is the first one showing the increasing page volume on the left whilst decreasing on the right as the pages turn. I enjoyed the show very much. Rosemary
  11. Thank you VBL2007 This is most generous of you. The transitions are free ones offered by Bad Dancer and I just wanted to rename the category from its Russian name to "Bad Dancer's Brush Transitions". The individual transitions are pretty obvious ie Brush numbers.
  12. Thank you Igor. I had tried to rename one of our Russian friend's transition categorys but failed. (My Russian is non existent!) As there are a lot of transitions in the category, I shall await version 11.0. Rosemary
  13. Is it possible to rename a Transition Category in PTE AV Studio? Thank you, Rosemary
  14. Thank you jt49 for this fun slidestyle. Rosemary
  15. Thank you! I had looked for the Tekct and missed it! I need to work on my Russian some more. I have lots of uses for these styles. Rosemary
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