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  1. That would be another learning curve for this old brain!! Thanks Rosy. Rosemary
  2. Thank you jkb. I shall have to try that option. Wideangle, thank you. I must of missed putting your suggestion in my binder of PTE tips. That binder is getting quite fat! Rosemary
  3. My beef about DSLRs is that there is no option to shoot 16x9 hence having to crop etc. My cheaper P900 has that capability so why not the others? One would think that eg Nikon and Canon would provide this option. I am not an accomplished photographer but I sure would appreciate not having to crop to 16x9. Rosemary
  4. Thank you Barry for this very informative video. I like to save the pictures etc in one folder along with the show link and then when I reopen a show months or years later and see that dreaded window pop up " Some files from this show are missing. Would you like to search for them" all I have to do is point PTE in this case, towards the saved file. Rosemary
  5. Thank you so much. The zip option never occurred to me. I was so accustomed to Producer option to collect the files. The zip is easier. Rosemary
  6. Hi, Is there any way that I can save the pictures that I have used in a show? I like to put all recourses for a show in it's own folder including pictures used for future reference. Rosemary
  7. Hi Dom, Sorry to be so dumb but I have downloaded your handwriting style and am completely lost. I have made the project as requested but how and where do I select the letters? I am assuming that they do not download into "styles or themes" Any help would be much appreciated. Rosemary
  8. Thank you for this fun style. Has lots of possibilities. Rosemary
  9. Thank you Gogs. Now I can play! Stay safe over there in bonnie Scotland. Rosemary
  10. Thank you George. These links are a great help. Rosemary
  11. Gogs, would you mind sharing? My Russian and skills are not so good! Where do you get the translation from? Rosemary
  12. Thank you Paul. These look like fun. Rosemary
  13. Thank you once Paul. These are great. Rosemary
  14. Thanks again, Barry. I have already tried this method and it works well. I had wrongfully assumed that I could do everything in PTE. The whole process was rapidly becoming an obsession!! Now on to some more of your tutorials for which I sincerely thank you. I am finding quite a learning curve between PTE AV Studio and ProShow Producer. Rosemary
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