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  1. The trouble is that many newer users of the software assume it’s something they have done wrong or there is a setting somewhere that needs their attention. The result is they are sidetracked away from the creative side of making a presentation and spend time looking for an error or mistake, that’s not there to find. Thats not fun.
  2. I've had a question sent to me, which unless I am missing something, appears to be a small bug. The attached video demonstrates the issue https://www.mediafire.com/file/5d218xee1jmatjk/PTE_AV_Studio_Keyframe_Issue.mp4/file
  3. Tom. How can you use 10 different screen recorders to a sufficient level to then be able to accurately assess them against each other? It would take me an age to do that.
  4. Kieron. I made this a couple of weeks ago in this subject
  5. How many audio clips are you referring to and what length would they be in total?
  6. It’s called Audio editing and Crossfade
  7. If the usability of the software was as popular among users as it’s suggested, it would still be around.
  8. Perhaps the pleasure in creating something special is the fact that we like to do it ourselves. I don’t see how you can have sophisticated software with the appeal that keeps it popular, without a learning curve to go with it. Personally, I don’t like to hand over a creative subject to a computer, but I have no problem with software that offers that automation to those who want it. However, there is something in that old saying that Jack of all trades tend to be masters of none.
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