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  1. My experience is the reverse of yours Jill. From the earliest days of digital cameras I’ve only ever used card readers. That would be about 25 years now and I’ve never connected any of my cameras to my computer to download images. I’ve not had one failure in all that time, be that a card failure or lost images, but I always format the card in the camera and never allow software to remove images from the card as part of the download process. I also don’t allow images to build up on a card either, which means the cards are in and out of my camera probably a lot more than most peoples. I download the images I shoot every day with few exceptions. Then format the card ready for the next day out. I’m not sure what one persons experience amounts to, but with not one issue in all that time suggests I must be doing something right. I do buy good quality cards, but I have to admit my card reader was a cheap one that I used for many years. Only changed it recently when I needed to download the new type of Compact Flash cards.
  2. The posting method that seems to be the most popular is to output your presentation to an Mp4 video at 60p and post it to YouTube. You can link directly to that show from the forum. Example below
  3. I wouldn’t put money on this, but I think it’s an issue at the software/forum end. I’ve had the -200 issue on my own forum in the past and it was an issue with the forum software, or a server setting.
  4. I was a bit skeptical that Photoshop would cause this, but posted just for info, probably never happen again. ‘Many thanks
  5. I’m not sure if this will help someone, but a recent contact to me could not get the Themes & Styles button to work in PTE AV Studio. I made all the usual suggestions about a reboot and clean instal and also removing cache, but he said it had no affect. I’ve just been told that closing down Photoshop before installing PTE AV Studio has cured the problem, but something doesn’t seem right to me. However, I thought I’d post it for information.
  6. The trouble is that many newer users of the software assume it’s something they have done wrong or there is a setting somewhere that needs their attention. The result is they are sidetracked away from the creative side of making a presentation and spend time looking for an error or mistake, that’s not there to find. Thats not fun.
  7. I've had a question sent to me, which unless I am missing something, appears to be a small bug. The attached video demonstrates the issue https://www.mediafire.com/file/5d218xee1jmatjk/PTE_AV_Studio_Keyframe_Issue.mp4/file
  8. Tom. How can you use 10 different screen recorders to a sufficient level to then be able to accurately assess them against each other? It would take me an age to do that.
  9. Kieron. I made this a couple of weeks ago in this subject
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