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  1. My experience is that you would never know it was cloud based, because it works faster than many other filters I’ve used. Is there an issue I’ve not noticed? It’s made no difference to me at all. Photoglory would not be less expensive to those who are users of Photoshop, because the Neural filters are a free addition.
  2. I don’t know if this has any interest, colour used here in Infrared, but it works just as well on standard Black and Whits too
  3. I have more on YouTube and my site, but I only posted the PTE ones here, that’s why you may notice some gaps in the numbers. I’ve discovered that they are actually quite tricky to make and keep short, with PTE ones being the hardest. I had a hunch, the short sharp videos may be popular, so thanks for the encouragement
  4. Try another sound file not created in audition. If it works as expected, you have your culprit
  5. Targa Here’s a radical idea. Make your own mind up, you can’t create AV via a committee. Whatever you ask, you’ll get some for it and some against. Create what you like and watch it yourself a dozen times (or more) before you publish it. You’ll soon get a feel for what works and what doesn’t.
  6. Just to give you some support JJ. I have NEVER had any need or desire to use global times in the O&A screen I adjust it to display the slide time I’m working on and that’s where it stays. I’m sure there will be times when it’s an advantage, but I’ve never had the need.
  7. Ernest. The images from your camera are around 4K in size, so you don’t really need to change their size at all really. Also forget PPI. If you take your 3965 * 2478 pixels and reduce PPI to 100, then your image size is 1322 pixels on the long side and it’s no wonder your seeing unacceptable results. If you must resize the images at all, ignore the Pixels Per Inch and adjust to 2304 * 1296. That gives you a HD size plus about 20%. If your computer can handle the images from your camera, don’t downsize them at all.
  8. Kieron I haven’t sharpened images for well over 10 years either in an Image editing program and certainly not in PTE. If you have known me over the years, you’ll know my emphasis has always been on image quality and I’ve been a bit obsessive about it. I moved to Mp4 videos later than many because I was concerned about quality. However, it’s hard to tell the difference and if there is a difference between exe and MP4, 99% of viewers won’t see it. In any case, image sharpness is far more affected by top notch image editing. Colour, clarity and contrast and in my experience many amateurs need to start there.
  9. I made a video on this subject before, but the idea to do so again was prompted by someone who asked the question and of course nothing stands still in the digital world, so I came back to this topic
  10. Thanks I’m glad the show is liked, because it’s pretty basic and old school in AV terms. What encourages me to pick up the gear and go out is the changeable conditions that I got here. I was aware that most sunflower pictures are against a vivid blue sky, but I only had a couple of hours at this farm. So, I had to accept the light as it was, but I thought I was lucky to get a different look with the cloudy sky. The rest of the images on the scenic rim, where again taking advantage of changeable conditions and light. These images also enabled me to get into ACR/LR masks. For those who have not looked at them yet, they are pretty good and worth investigation. I’m not a fan of the over used words game-changer, but you could apply it to masks.
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