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  1. A couple of observations recently while using PTE AV Studio 1. The icon that takes users to the lightbox is a tiny obscure triangle that is easily missed? There's lots of room to the left of the Slides and Timeline buttons for this option to also be applied to a button and labelled Lightbox 2. In the timeline window just to the left of the Mini player start icon is a set of drop down options and one of those is Export Soundtrack to File. Should this command be included via Project Options Audio. Who would look for that option there?
  2. I’ve had my old 5D converted since 2014. If it came to the end of its life today, I’d locate another 5D and have that converted to replace it. I have not found Infrared to be just a 5 minute wonder, because it opens up a whole new world. In the brightest, harshest sunlight, you can take images without that contrast issue you would have with normal light photography. The conversion process also means you can choose what light blocking filter to have fitted. Mine is the strongest to block out most visible light because I was after the powerful black and white images I recall with Infrared f
  3. Thanks Brad, but one satisfied person out of well over 100 isn't very good.
  4. If you open one image, or a blank into the object and animation screen, you can import multiple images there. It this what you mean?
  5. Download this Video from our Audio Visual section Here:
  6. This is a lengthy video, but if you expect to produce good video tutorials that viewers want to watch, you’re not going to achieve that in 5 minutes. All the secrets revealed to making great video tutorials, both the screen recording and production. Download Here
  7. You’re video is listed as private and cannot be viewed
  8. A good common sense answer that will work 100% of the time.
  9. I was looking at a pack of acoustic tiles recently on line. Not expensive, but not sure if what I do will continue and wondering if it is worth it. I’m really just trying to find projects while locked in the house. The Sun Danced was just a little bit different. Egg boxes? You’re really giving your age away there
  10. Madhatter Press Here: Eric Matyas Music Here: Audacity Software Here: Original The Sun Danced presentation Here: Download the video Here
  11. I should have said a new Microphone too, but no echo. https://youtu.be/TLuoi5vceOw
  12. A little reverb added that’s all
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