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  1. All that you appear to want is there within this software. You just need to give yourself a little time with it. And you’ll not look back. You could select a Ken Burns style yourself from those already in the software or make one yourself in seconds. Then select the styles, (pan left, right, zoom in, zoom out etc) into a theme and you have the random animation your looking for.
  2. I experienced a little of that distortion with VLC recently with a screen capture video I made. I thought it may have been a fault that had crept into the stitching of several takes. So, I re-created the video, but the distortion was the same. I tried the same video on YouTube and it was fine, so I tried the one on my PC through media player and it was OK there too. Not tried it since on VLC, so not sure if the issues are still there or not
  3. Jill. Here’s the thing. I keep it permanently on and we both appear to be able to create presentations OK. So is KFSD something vital, or DANGEROUS? No of course not. Do I think the default is set the wrong way around? Yes
  4. If the speed modifiers don’t appear to work, you may have done what I have done myself dozens of times. That is to mistakenly apply the modifier to the wrong keyframe, applying it to the second keyframe in a two keyframe animation. I know this software pretty well, but I still fall into this trap regularly
  5. Go to Settings > Table view of File List or hit Ctrl+1
  6. A couple of observations recently while using PTE AV Studio 1. The icon that takes users to the lightbox is a tiny obscure triangle that is easily missed? There's lots of room to the left of the Slides and Timeline buttons for this option to also be applied to a button and labelled Lightbox 2. In the timeline window just to the left of the Mini player start icon is a set of drop down options and one of those is Export Soundtrack to File. Should this command be included via Project Options Audio. Who would look for that option there?
  7. I’ve had my old 5D converted since 2014. If it came to the end of its life today, I’d locate another 5D and have that converted to replace it. I have not found Infrared to be just a 5 minute wonder, because it opens up a whole new world. In the brightest, harshest sunlight, you can take images without that contrast issue you would have with normal light photography. The conversion process also means you can choose what light blocking filter to have fitted. Mine is the strongest to block out most visible light because I was after the powerful black and white images I recall with Infrared f
  8. Thanks Brad, but one satisfied person out of well over 100 isn't very good.
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