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  1. As you probably know, PS will allow you to display only your 3 rated images, which makes is easy to copy and paste them to a new folder. If you work on copies it’s much more convenient as you get creative through the process and may want to edit or even remove images from your original selection. You never have any fear of making a mistake and losing an image. Its pretty much accepted by most experienced AV enthusiasts that working on copies and keeping everything for our show in one folder is a good way to work. No point in trying to re-invent the wheel
  2. I wondered why my iPad never recognised my sign in this morning. All good now
  3. A bright red colour beaming out from the grey should be enough to alert even a beginner that perhaps the software is telling us something important. I suppose my clumsy point was that there are no rules and it’s the end result that counts.
  4. Oh yes I do stumble over words and my wife has often said I should post some bloopers, but I’m not sure everyone is ready for my cursing
  5. Tom. No, I’m not offended, but this thread has amused me quite a bit and I can use a bit of amusement right now, so thanks for that. An Aussie accent? I don’t think so The Aussies here pick up in an instant that I’m not born and bred from these parts and ask me where I’m from. The Brits living here also pick up my accent instantly and many will guess pretty close what part of the UK I’m from. For the American market I could make sure I use the words awesome and cool into every sentence, but then that infuriates me. I have been told by some ladies that they take me to bed some nights on their laptop (tutorials) and fall asleep at the sound of my voice. I’m not sure if I should be flattered, or offended that I send them to sleep
  6. In another thread Andreas reported an issue regarding text. See below https://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/topic/22782-inserted-blank-scene-shows-textwithsize/?tab=comments#comment-146489 I think he may have stumbled on a bug in the software, but I'm not sure. I tried to recreate the fault and I managed to get what Andreas reported. It appears after a blank slide is created and then one of the Caption Styles is selected. When you click into the text field to change text. Then the TextWithSize appears. Really the slide style should be applied to ONE image and when you select an image it works correctly. So, it may be user error rather than a bug.
  7. Take a look at your image editors ability to batch process file types. It should be quick and easy to copy and change a large number of images from tiff to jpg. Certainly quicker than programming the software to read tiffs
  8. I just ran your video through Photoshop's Motion window and output it as you can see below. For reasons I don't know, it seems to clear the problem. Try it Here
  9. I've had a query regarding a small section of video (see below) that plays OK in VLC, but not in PTE AV Studio (latest version) It runs fast, then staggers and seems to jump back a little. I tried making a 60p video through PTE, but the issue is still there. Any ideas please Movie clip Here The video was shot in June via a Nikon D5200 camera.
  10. Yes you have a point there. I did say I hadn’t thought this through. With an increasing video world, it could throw up more problems than it solves. ‘I’ll give it more thought
  11. I have posted 3 sets of videos on YouTube linked to my website. The videos can be viewed right there on my web page. No downloading necessary, but there's also a link to download the videos if you wish. NB. Although these videos were recorded using PicturesToExe 9, it's the techniques which are important. PTE AV Studio users should have little difficulty following these videos. Basic Animation & Slide Styles - 18 Videos Advanced Animation & Custom Transitions - 19 Videos Creative Audio Visual Techniques - 16 Videos
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