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  1. Gary The action must have a save to desktop command included with it. As far as I’m aware, it doesn’t do that as a default. Once you get into actions, it’s not a big deal to re-record one that you need, especially for a project like the one you described.
  2. Thanks for your lesson on digital images, but there is no need for that. By the way, I like the way you create montages in Photoshop. My apologies, I was not trying to lecture you on digital techniques, but I didn’t understand what point you were trying to make and even now I’m not sure I do, unless it’s the one below. Who will go to this trouble? The question one may ask is: How many PTE users will apply your techniques? Who cares and how long is a piece of string? They are not my techniques, just standard Photoshop/Elements options that can be applied to AV and I think they are far better than what could be achieved with twin projectors. Is your point that the old method is better or just different. You have called this topic "The Third Image". I don't see much correlation between your externally created montages and the so called "Third Image". If you really can’t see how we can combine two images to create a third and how that fits in with the old style AV third image? I’m not sure how to respond to that. It almost seems like you’re being a little argumentative, but I know you would never do that. In my opinion, this kind of image automatically appears when blending together images, and such a (virtual) image can look good, or perhaps not so good. In my example, Alpha-Blending does a rather bad job. In this situation, if there were "Screen" at hand in PTE, I could create a nice Third Image on the screen/monitor, on the fly, without doing any unnecessary work in an external image editor. Perhaps you have just hit the nail on its head here. Do you really consider work done outside of PTE unnecessary. You seem to be indicating it’s all too much trouble and no-one will go to to those lengths anyway and you could be right. Is it politically incorrect to say that PTE AV Studio is terrific software, but when we use it in conjunction with an image editor our creative possibilities become much greater. As I said above, I like your montages, and I know a lot of fine AV productions that use similar techniques. But there is disadvantage, as well. The montages are static. Wouldn't it be fine to have blending options in PTE which could be applied to animated images? What’s the point of considering blend modes and animation in PTE. You’ve already suggested in your first paragraph that few will go to this trouble, so who would go even further and animate blended images in PTE. Just because we animate something, doesn’t make it better. Perhaps my bad English led you to believe I would not welcome any creative tools Igor and his team could put in the software. On the contrary, but I don’t think it a wild exaggeration to say, many PS users don’t even use blend modes, so logic would suggest that would be far fewer would use them in PTE. Surely we have bigger fish to fry than blend modes and my original thought of how much image editing capability is practical in presentation software is not an unreasonable comment, is it?
  3. It. I’m still not following what point your trying to make. What we can do now in the digital world, leaves the third image creations we had with film and twin projectors far behind. We can now use any blend mode we want that takes us as close as we can get to what we’re looking for. If the image is too dark or light, then edit one part of the two merged images to make adjustments, or merge the two images into the physical third and adjust that. Do this starting wit Raw images and smart objects and you have more control and options than you shake a stick at, no comparison to the midway fade we had with twin projectors
  4. I forgot the part about seperating landscape and portrait and temporarily is probably the easiest way. for the batch process, go to File>Scripts>Image Processor and you can add an action down at the bottom of the window. By the time you source software to do this, learn how to use it, have a few false starts it may be easier to just create two actions, separate the images, run the actions and amalgamate them back together
  5. What photographic effects are you referring to and how are they significantly better than what we have digitally? I’m not following you here
  6. Once you have the dimensions to crop to, won’t a photoshop action do it? Create an action for one, then apply that to a batch and do a whole folder of images while you make the coffee
  7. Something doesn't seem right here and having time on my hands I've created a small batch of images saved with different colour spaces. I have a slide show through PTE 8 to see if I could replicate increased saturation. I can't
  8. You don’t, but it’s also not an irrational question to wonder about.
  9. But, then we want text styles like stroke and bevel, plus textures available for backgrounds and images. At what point does presentation software become an image editor and would that extra complexity drive away the majority of users who just want something simple? If that line exists and where it might be is a tough call.
  10. The only problem with that is where does PTE’s move towards an image editor end. We don’t want it to become a Jack of all Trades, but master of none.
  11. This video may be some help. PTE AV Studio can do all you describe and slide styles will help. One thing to remember. PSG had all these wonderful features, yet they couldn’t remain a viable business.
  12. The Third image is the term used in film days to describe the image we saw when one photo faded into another. For a brief moment, midway between the two, we saw a third image. This is visually appealing and easier to create these days with Photoshop.
  13. I did look for a reason on my account and couldn’t find anything. Perhaps it wasn’t taken down at all and it was just a mistake on my part. Can’t rule that out. I did try Vimeo once and they wanted me to pay to put up my videos, so I told them to go forth and multiply.
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