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  1. Here is a video from a friend of mine here in Australia who has only just started making PTE presentations and recording both inside and out.
  2. Well, I’ve been watching a couple of YouTubers over the past 12 months and they are getting some really good results outdoors and they don’t strike me as experts. I do appreciate that Recording live outdoors is a bit more difficult, but isn’t it really down to the quality of the mic.? I am sure with a different setup you can get better results than you show above, but as always it’s what amount of money are we willing to pay.
  3. Recording your voice is now much easier than it was when I started. See here. The microphones are not huge in price and are very good direct to USB and the PC The recordings don’t need much editing. I use Audacity and just edit for noise, reduction, although there isn’t much in the recordings at all. I add a bit of base, but it depends on the type of room you’re recording in. Even pro microphones can be connected to a PC easily with a small electronic unit, although I’ve not used one of those. I agree that a large block of text in an AV is a bit of a turn off
  4. JmG. No-one likes to hear their own voice that much You do get used to it after a while
  5. It sounds as though that might be a bit of overkill to double the time it takes for you to read the text, but I suppose it depends on the quantity. I’ve used scrolling text once, but I did wonder later what possessed me to do that when I could have recorded it myself and used the spoken word.
  6. I’ve made a video on this subject today. Just checking it and getting it up on YouTube and I’ll post it here later or tomorrow
  7. Already on it regarding the video. Just made a few notes about the subject.
  8. Eddie. You’ll need 4 Keyframes to do that. Set your first keyframe opacity to 0%. Set the next keyframe about 1-2s further along the time line at 100% Your third keyframe needs to be where you want the text to fade out and the opacity remains at 100%. Then the fourth keyframe about 1-2s further along the timeline set to 0% opacity. Very where these keyframes appear for affect.
  9. Is this being made a little more complicated than it is. You cannot make a vertical image fit a landscape slide show. This is a job for picture in picture that has been mentioned already above. If time permits tomorrow I’ll make a short video.
  10. www.mediafire.com allows download for anyone
  11. I’ve been unable to do much on my PC on this subject, so I cannot add anything to what Politer has said
  12. Well done Politer and Igor. I almost never posted that issue, thinking it was my PC rather than the software.
  13. I’ll do that, but to help matters I have also had a bit of a clear out of all my old style locations. So, I have a nice clean install now.
  14. On two occasions in the past week, while working on slide styles. The Slide Styles and Themes button stopped working. I Was able to access other options from the main screen via other buttons, but not slide styles and Themes. To cut a long story short, to get it working again I had to uninstall PTE AV Studio and do a fresh install. I have no idea or can give no indication why this should happen.
  15. Can you explain how it’s done for those of us who have never taken that route?
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