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  1. Paul, thank you for sharing your talent with us. All the best, smithrg
  2. Paul, thank you for your talent & offering it for free. All the best, smithrg
  3. Tom thanks for this interesting transition. All the best, smithrg
  4. Tom, thanks for sharing your talent with the forum. All the best, smithrg.
  5. Hi Paul, thank you for your gracious gift. Happy New Year, Robert
  6. Paul, thank you very much, and have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Robert
  7. Paul, thank you for this fantastic style. All the best, Smithrg.
  8. Paul, thank you very much for the fantastic gift. All the best, smithrg
  9. Paul, an amazing creation, thank you for the work you do and share. All the best, Robert
  10. Hi Paul, thank you for your generosity, love your work.
  11. Wanderlust, welcome to a fantastic program and forum community.
  12. I recently saw where a person was using post-it-notes to level the horizon from one slide to the next. I use a little program named Line Reader which I think is ideal for this situation. The primary use for it is to follow the line of whatever you are reading but, it has extras that you can add different shapes to your screen such as circles, ellipse, and rectangles. Whatever you use stays on top on screen and you can move around as needed. Below is the link to the program, which is $19.95 USD. http://www.iconico.com/lineReader/
  13. Stranger, very nice, thank you for your generosity! All the best, Robert
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