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  1. Happy New Year Igor, the Wnsoft team, and all forum members, may the new year bring health and prosperity. All the best, Robert
  2. I am sad to hear of Lin's passing, he was such a help to me and many, many, others. I always thought of him as a friend. RIP Friend, Robert.
  3. Alex, thank you I will be using this for my great-grandson in a few months. Thank you so much, Robert.
  4. vbl2007, Thank you for sharing your talent, smithrg
  5. Thank you, for sharing your talent. Much appreciated, smithrg.
  6. Paiche59, thank you very much for sharing your talent. All the best, smithrg
  7. Thank you, Dave I think that did it.
  8. I am making/modifying an older show and I would like to add a page curl transition to the end of an MP4 video that is in my show. I have added this transition, but it only functions on the first of the MP4. Would someone be so kind as to tell me how I can make the page curl at the end? Thanks in advance, smithrg.
  9. JT49, thank you for the great style.
  10. Paul, thank you for sharing your talent with us. All the best, smithrg
  11. Paul, thank you for your talent & offering it for free. All the best, smithrg
  12. Tom thanks for this interesting transition. All the best, smithrg
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