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  1. Menus are very easy to make. Make a show, that has 'Wait for Keypress to show next Slide' This will keep the Menu on screen while individual shows are running. As mentioned previously, add Text or images for each show you wish to run. For each add an 'Action on Mouse Click' to 'Run Application or Open File' Make sure that all your shows are in the same folder as the Menu. The Menu has to be an exe file, but individual shows can be Exe or MP4 or another Program. Jill
  2. Master, linked video clips do not need to be parent/child. You would only use parent/child if you want the parent to move and the child to follow. Opacity is not inherited so you can't use it for that. Also you only need to use master, linked if you want the same video to run over multiple slides. It is the same video that is linked to itself over the multiple slides. Hope you have now got it working George, using keyframes to bring up the inset video at the point you want. If you are still stuck then send me the files and I can go through it with you. Jill
  3. George, I would adjust the video start/end times by using the pointers under the video . The Offset time is the time into that slide that you want your video to start playing. If your slide has a duration of 30 secs & you want this video to start playing after 20 secs, then set the offset to 00:20.00 The start time is the postion within that video that you want to start If your video is 10 sec long but you only want it start playing at 5 secs, then set the start time ether by dragging the left hand pointer to 5 secs or type 00:05.00 in the start time. Again if you want this video to finish before the normal end the set the end time by dragging the right hand pointer to where you wnat it to stop playing or type in the end time. The Duration of the video will be automatically calculated. Just make sure that the duration is long enough to be able to play all of the video. that you want Jill
  4. Hi George, I also had a similar problem recently, trying to add video with an offset. Thought it was me doing something silly. Like your settings, my video was also showing a duration of zero. Maybe there is a bug somewhere that Igor needs to look at. I ended up taking both videos out & starting again & it then worked. Can't remember the steps to reproduce it. Jill
  5. when you add a video the video soundtrack is automatically added with it, there is no need to do anything else. It is only if you wish to edit the video sound that you need to seperate them. Right click the video in the timeline & select seperate audio from video. This will show it as a sound file on the timeline, it also automatically mutes the sound from the video. You can then adjust the volume/trim etc as needed. Jill
  6. Maybe a quicker way would be to set it up for one slide. Link your sound to that slide, then copy & paste the slide however many times you need it. As the sound is linked it will automatically copy the sound along with the slide. You can then easily change the image on the slide to the one you want for each. I think this would be quicker than having to adjust timings & offsets for each. Jill
  7. Hi Jim, No, you can only link a sound clip to a single Slide. If you Link sounds to slides further down the project & then add a new slide the sounds will stay linked to their original slides. You need to Link each sound to the appropriate Slide manually. Then whenever you move tat Slide or adjust its timing the sound will stay in the same position relative to that Slide. Jill
  8. Linking the sound to a slide is very useful if you have it synced to that slide but then find you need to adjust the timing of any previous slides. The sound will still stay in perfect sync with that slide when it is moved. I have done it with many audio clips. If you have clips that overlap, when you link the first sound will cut off when the second starts & you will lose the crossfade. I link it temporary while copying then when pasted into the new project, unlink the sound to restore the crossfade. It only takes a few seconds to go through & link all the clips. The problem with DG's method is that you now only have 1 sound clip so cannot make any adjustments should you need to. Jill
  9. if you link the seperate audio files to slides then you can copy & paste all the slides & the audio will go with them. You can link audio on different tracks to the same slide. I have done this many times when I want to copy existing projects to a new one. Jill
  10. I had another AV which I made which featured pictures of all the Judges we have used in a Competition over the years. My Folder structure was in Years & each image was called Judges.jpg So I had 2014/Judges.jpg 2015/Judges.jpg etc Of course PTE couldn't make a Template or BIZ of this AV In this case I cannot rename the files as I need the Folder structure for all the other files that need to be kept together by Year. I would prefer if possible for a Prefix rather than suffix to be appended to the Duplicates. The File Path is already present in the .pte file so it should be easy to just amend to include more of the Path to make it unique instead of just the Filename. Hopefully this will be possible in a future version. Jill
  11. Normally I do put all files into one folder. In my latest project, it was a background image that was used on every slide. I was working on my laptop and had to copy the project to my desktop to give a talk over Zoom. I had no time to go through all 70 slides to find out which one was different. Still not sure how it happened as each slide was copied from the previous to make sure background and title text were I exactly the same place. If PTE could at least say which slides had duplicate folders it would help narrow down where to look. Jill
  12. I agree this is a problem, you cannot create a Template or a backup zip. If PTE could maybe just add the Folder name to distinguish that would help. I have just had the same problem, but only with 70 slides. Jill
  13. The best way is to record at a decent level in the first place!! I know this doesn't always happen, but once overloaded & the peaks are clipped then there is nothing you can do about it. It is the equivalent of blown out highlights in an image, once gone you can't recover. If your sound level is too low, then normalise can lift the clip evenly - all it does is add the same amount to the whole clip, keeping all the peaks & troughs. If only certain parts are low, then select each & lift those This can be done in something like Audacity fairly quickly. It is best to normalise to about -3db, -1db is the absolute limit Never take it to zero If PTE could include a VU meter in a future version that would be a big help Jill
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