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  1. If you need to do tests, then simply do File/new to open up a new project. You will be asked if you wish to save the current project - click do not save. When finished with the test just close the window with the red X, again select do not save. No need for any extra buttons or options. I have been using PTE for about 16 years, regularly do tests & demonstrations & have needed any other options to close. Jill
  2. I have done this in the past. If you save your PTE show as a template, this will store all of the files used in one folder. I can't remember exactly how I did it but there is an option in Photoshop to print all of the images in a sort of grid on one or more pages. You can also print as a PDF. May not be exactly what you want but it could be a start. Jill
  3. Just right click and unlink, then left click on the new slide you wish to link to and right click on the audio again Jill
  4. Best wishes to all the team, stay safe Jill
  5. Used files have the file name in bold you may see this easier in the light mode. Jill
  6. Hi Ken, You cannot select multiple clips at once, but if you edit one clip to say shorten it & you need to move all the others up to it Then hold down shift while you drag & all the clips to the right will move along, keeping the synchronisation between them. To attach clips to a specific slide, then click on the slide and right click the audio clip & select link to slide x Good luck with the house move, I moved 3 years ago & still have boxes unpacked with no idea what is in them!! Too busy with other things to get round to sorting them. Jill
  7. If you have the pro version, it is very easy to trim and edit the audio in PTE timeline. If you are doing this in an external editor, then to replace the file go to project options audio tab. Double click the file in the list and navigate to the file you want to replace it with. Jill
  8. Just set it to how many seconds fade you want. Not at the computer at the moment to check, but I think even in the standard version if you overlap two clips in the timeline it will produce an automatic cross-fade. Jill
  9. This is not available in the standard version, only in the Pro version. I had to switch versions to discover this. You can only adjust the volume of the whole sound clip in the Audio tab in the standard version, you can't do it in the Timeline view. With the Trial version & Pro version you can switch between standard & pro in Settings/Preferences If you have purchased the standard version & wish to upgrade to the Pro, then you only have to pay the difference. Jill
  10. If you overlap the two pieces PTE will do a perfect cross-fade. Or put one above the other. With standard version you have to do the fade in, out, in the audio tab. Also to adjust the overall volume of the clip. With the pro version you can adjust the volume dynamically in the timeline view. You can also easily split a track into many parts with the pro version. These two options alone make the pro version worth it. Jill
  11. Paul, a menu is a small exe file that will run other shows or programs. The shows can be exe or video files or you can open another program such as Photoshop, Word etc. They are used when running competitions or by presenters giving talks etc. A TV cannot run this sort of menu as it is an exe file. Jill
  12. R2dee2, add, delete or move your slides in slide view not timeline, it is much easier. You can then use timeline view to fit the slides to the music. You can also use the full screen file list view to quickly select multiple slides in the order you want. Double click on the individual ones you want or single click on one then ctrl click on others and press add (bottom of screen) Jill
  13. The demo is a fully working version & you can easily switch between the standard & pro versions to see the differences. As far as I know there is no restriction on the length of an MP4 other than the capacity of your system. I have recently made a 2 hour show in 2 parts, called from a Menu. Making a Menu to run shows is also very easy. Select a Slide for the Menu, set it to 'Wait for Key Press' In Objects & Animation add Text, image, or button with the name of the show you wish to run. Then under action on mouse click select 'Run Slideshow' or 'Run Application' & navigate to the show you wish to run. With 'Run Slideshow' then both the Menu & called show must be made with exactl the same version of PTE. Jill
  14. Mike, if you have made your show in PTE 10, but need a 32bit exe then just open the PTE project in V9 and create the exe in that. As long as you haven't used any of the new slide style options then the .pte file should open in V9 Or as suggested above make an MP4. If the shows contains heavy animation and/or video then it is better to make an MP4 especially if entering into competitions. Jill
  15. A template is not a workaround. PTE uses a default template for new projects. By creating your own for new projects, then you will always have everything as you want, with no need to go to project options. All you do is file/new and give it a name then or wait until you save to name it. Quick and easy. Jill
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