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  1. this is a very low resolution these days. Your images won't look as good as they could do, but if the audience are used to those standards then they will no doubt not notice! Good luck with the show Jill
  2. you really need to know the resolution of the projector & make your images that size. Also try to make sure that the projector & computer resolution match You also need a computer with good graphics PTE does a great job of upsizing, but I find if it has to downsize large images they can look a bit oversharpened. We often project onto a very large 26 foot wide screen. I think the projector that is used is full HD 1920x1080 But I have shown exe files made at 1024x768 and they still look great when filling the screen. Both exe & MP4 play equally well, but make sure that the program used to play MP4's is set up correctly to display them fullscreen without any of the interface showing. Depending on the operating system & any anti virus installed you may be better off with MP4. exe files can sometimes be rejected by antivirus. You really are better with your own laptop that you know will play your shows well if at all possible. Relying on unknown equipment can only cause problems. Also check the sound system to mkae sure your shows can be heard at their best as well as seen. If they only have the laptop speakers or tiny little speakers it is never going to sound like you intend. Ideally get there in plenty of time to test everything out before the audience start arriving. There is nothing worse than still trying to set up with the audience already waiting. Jill
  3. yes use the Change image button & select the new file. You can also change it from O&A properties tab. All your original settings remain for the new image Jill
  4. Daryl, you don't need to loop a slide to make it stay on screen. That is what wait for key press does. The buttons on your slide can go to any other slide. You would then have a button on the other slides to come back to your main slide. These do not have to be visible. Use a frame on a portion of the screen, say bottom left that you know where it is and add the action on mouse click to it. If any of these other slides also need to stay on screen longer than their set time, then set these to wait for key press. You can build quite complex menus in this way should you need to. The other easier option is to have each of your shows as separate exe or MP4 files and call them from a main menu exe. Jill
  5. I too have created menus with links to other slides, but always use the wait for key press. The only time I have used loop is when I have music attached to a slide and I don't know how long that slide will be needed on screen. It could be longer than the music. I have used this to be able to have something playing before the show starts and the audience is coming in. For all other times I just use wait for key press and it works fine. If you had a name of timeline, maybe PTE doesn't like that. I now can't remember what the name I had was that caused the problem, but it was something that PTE itself was using. Jill
  6. I have tried this with your file & agree that when you click on the button it goes to the start of the show. I change the name of the slide from IMG_6319 to startshow & it works fine So the problem could be the underscore in the name. Make sure you change the Name in Slide Options I see you are using PTE V10.0 I am using 10.5 but that shouldn't make any difference Question? Why are you looping the slides? If you wish the slide to stay on screen until you are ready to move on, then set the slide options to wait for key press. The slide will stay on screen until you press the right arrow key then it will move to the next slide. No need for a button & Go To Jill
  7. what is the name of the slide you are trying to go to?? I seem to remember a bug a long time ago where it was the 'name' that PTE didn't like But I thought this was fixed Jill
  8. Sorry JT it was not meant to be. From your explanation above I can now see what you are trying to do. Normally I wouldn't run background music when talking. I would set up my project to have manual contol - wait for key press - with no music, then maybe have a section with synced sound running automatically, then go back to manual control with no music. At present I can't see a way of acheiving what you want to do in PTE. But I can see some problems with what you are asking for. What happens if your talk lasts a long time, maybe due to questions from the audience. Your first piece of music could run out, unless it is much longer than you would normally need, or do you loop it?. At the point you arrive at your change over, the first piece may not blend harmoniously with the second. I know PTE is very good at doing a crossfade, but if the 2 pieces are very different it can still sound bad. I am sure you chose your music with care, but it could still cause problems. The only way I can see at the moment is to use a separate physical volume control and to manually fade one down & the next up. I am not familiar with foobar so maybe this is what you are doing. Jill
  9. each show should be standalone. if the sound runs through from one to another it could be difficult for the audience to know which sound belongs to which. It also would not give them time to appreciate what they have just watched before moving onto the next. Also for competitions, we would never want the sound to continue across shows - each show is judged separately. Maybe for a manual performance that is just entertainment, you may want it, but could this not be controlled using the volume on your output? Fade one down then the next up. JIll
  10. Are you sure you have downloaded & installed the latest version?
  11. click on the first keyframe & shift click on the last keyframe you want The should all show as highlighted You can then drag with your mouse to move them. The keyframes can be on the same or on several Objects Jill
  12. What would be more useful would be VU meters so we can 'see' the volume of each track & the overall volume. Increasing volume abovve 100% can often lead to 'clipping' and distortion so is not advised. Also it would be very useful to quickly 'Mute' or 'Solo' each track to check the volume. I will often open another audio editor to be able to see the VU meters whilst playing the sound in PTE, just so I can check the levels. For digital sound you need it to be around -3db to avoid distortion and clipping. Peaks can go up to -1db but should never reach zero. Jill
  13. never been aware of this. I have only updated firmware very occasionally, but did it by plugging in a USB cable to the camera Jill
  14. Tom, I agree that being able to change video speed via keyframes would be very useful. But for other Speed Modifiers the way we could adjust them in V8 & earlier was so much easier. We could also create our own user Speed Template. I just find the graph so much easier to visualise the effect than the current way of having to type in numbers Being able to group or split the speed over the keyframes was also much easier. Hopefully Igor can bring this back in V11 Jill
  15. The way we used to be able to set Speed in earlier versions of PTE was so much simpler with the Graph. We could link & separate keyframes & being visual was much easier to understand what would happen. Having to use numbers I find more difficult. Jill
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