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  1. The best way is to record at a decent level in the first place!! I know this doesn't always happen, but once overloaded & the peaks are clipped then there is nothing you can do about it. It is the equivalent of blown out highlights in an image, once gone you can't recover. If your sound level is too low, then normalise can lift the clip evenly - all it does is add the same amount to the whole clip, keeping all the peaks & troughs. If only certain parts are low, then select each & lift those This can be done in something like Audacity fairly quickly. It is be
  2. could be the way you are copying it - make sure you only select to the last character & not the whole line I have not had this problem & currently doing a lot of copy & paste. Jill
  3. I can still run old exe files on my Windows 10. It does come up with a warning & if you select More... Then you can choose 'Run Anyway' If you still have problems then right click & choose run as administrator Jill
  4. The Template Folder is only as large as all the files in your project. If what you are asking is for all files in a Project to be copied automatically then this is what a Template does. I use them all the time to save my Projects. The advantage is that you can open any Template from within PTE very quickly. Jill
  5. Copy the Slides to the new Project, then save that as a Template. All files associated with that Project will be placed in the Template Folder. PTE has always been able to do this. Jill
  6. Hi Matt, great pictures. The text is moving much too fast to read it. Moving text is much harder to read than still text It would be better to just put up a line at a time, leave it on long enough to read. You know what it says, but your audience only has one chance to read it and they will be looking at the video as well. Then put up the next line. Add a drop shadow - make the size of the shadow large so it adds a soft blur to the background of the text which helps it stand out against the image. Jill
  7. It will be something in your sound settings, not PTE. What program are you using to play MP3? Maybe that is taking over the sound. Right click on the speaker icon in the task bar and select playback devices and see what is set. You may have to enable the wlan speaker. Jill
  8. if you can play MP3 files then I don't see why you can't play the exe. Have you tried an MP4? Also can you hear sound when you play in Preview in PTE? Jill
  9. open a 2nd copy of PTE, trim your video in that & then replace the original with the trimmed version. personally I use O&A, unless it is a really long video & I only want a few seconds of it. But I always make an MP4 these days rather than exe Jill
  10. Thanks. Something else I have noticed is in O&A When Cloning a keyframe it used to set the new Cloned keyfram 0.5 sec after the original. Now the distance seems to be an arbitary number & varies depending on the screen time of the slide. This also happens in 10.14 I don't have earlier versions on this computer to check. Not really important as I never look at the numbers, but noticed it when giving demos to beginners - especially all the new Mac workers. Jill
  11. Igor, the problem of files remaing Bold & Blue occurs in Full screen view of filelist. Add slides, either by dragging from filelist, double clicking in Filelist, or from Full Screen view of Filelist. Those selected show Blue & Bold. Remove one or more slides from slidelist (or from full screen Slidelist) The name goes back to normal in the Filelist, but in Full screen Filelist it is still Blue & Bold. Coming out of Full screen & clicking on another Folder, then return to original Folder and full screen view & the filenames are now back to normal.
  12. Hi Igor, thanks I will try again with the new version tomorrow. Another problem we discovered tonight when giving a demo of PTE to both Mac & Windows users. If you add slides in slideview (or fullscreen Filelist) the filename now goes Bold & changes to a blue colour. The blue is not that easy to see in light mode, maybe red would be better. If you then delete all the slides in the slidelist, the filenames still remain Bold & Blue. You need to click on another folder folder then come back to the original folder for them to reset. Tried on both the Windows
  13. When installing PTE 10.5 b28 it no longer asks which previous version to copy setting from. So I have had to set it up from scratch. This is the first 10.5 beta I have downloaded. All previous versions of PTE ask which version to copy settings from. Will this be corrected in the final version? Jill
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