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  1. Hi Ian, first question, do the images really have to be in date order? It is usually better to group images according to content and colour as long as they still tell the story. If the images are high Resolution then it may be possible to enlarge the vertical ones and do a slow pan up or down the image, to keep everything the same aspect ratio. But too many pans can be distracting. If you wish to show the whole of the vertical images then as you suggest, placing them side by side can work. Use a suitable full frame image, either slightly blurred or desaturated as a background. This could be the same image throughout the AV to keep continuity, or you could use the preceding image. Don't put the vertical ones full height, just reduce them slightly and maybe add a very thin border and shadow to make them stand out above the background. You could either bring two images up together, Or bring up one then the other. You could also change the background to that of the following image, so that it will easily transition into that. The main aim is to keep the images flowing and avoid distractions. If you live anywhere within travelling distance of Manchester (UK), then we run 1to1 workshops before our regular meetings at Wilmslow Guild AV Group. You are more than welcome to come along. See http://www.wilmslowguildav.org.uk for details. Or see http://www.avnews.org.uk for other AV events. Jill
  2. You don't need to go back to PTE9, just publish as an MP4 in PTE10. Sometimes MP4 are bigger than the exe & sometimes a lot smaller. It depends on the content. Download the free VLC Player onto your XP laptop & the MP4 should run without problems. If running your shows from a Menu then use 'Run Application or Open File' & as long as VLC is the default player for MP4 files it will open & play. Jill
  3. If you do this in Timeline, then yes it will overlap the first slide. If they have the same duration then it will appear that it has overwritten the first slide In slide view you can position the cursor on the white part just before the first slide (or just after the last) & PTE will insert the blank in the correct place. Jill
  4. A beginner doesn't, I have just had this exact case. Someone sent in an AV and when I played it I could see that the transitions were jumping rather than flowing smoothly. They sent me a picture of the timeline and I could immediately see the problem with all the red overlaps. As they were brand new to PTE they hadn't realised what the red was. When you know it is easy, but when you don't know it isn't. Jill
  5. because inserting in Timeline depends where you put the pointer & can make slides overlap if the gap between slides is not big enough to insert a new one. Yes I know that you can then adjust the positions but a newcomer to PTE may not realise that there is an overlap - as in this case? I always insert, move or delete in Slide view and use Timeline for adjusting slide duration & transition times. Jill
  6. Good question, I keep trying to get other groups to hold a judging but so far no one else has said yes. If we could get more, then North Wales could be considered as a separate country. Also if Northern Ireland could hold one, that also could be another country. Jill
  7. Thanks, away for a couple of days, will try that next week. Jill
  8. North Wales is the UK judging, Klaus knows that we are just waiting for confirmation of the date. Jill
  9. Hi Ian, No not you specifically, the post was directed at anyone who enters competitions. We get some very large file sizes for shows that only last a few minutes & not many slides. I know about the dpi/ppi But saving at 72dpi vastly reduces the file size compared to 300dpi I do Save for web in Photoshop at around 60 to 80% and have no problems when the images are projected on a large screen. This keeps each image around a few hundred K rather than several mb - makes a big difference to the final file size. I usually build my AV with the full size images until I am happy with it, then resize each image to crop as I need it. Jill
  10. A plea! If you are making a show with larger images and intend entering competitions, please remember that these large shows will take much longer to upload and download. Also the poor competition secretary will have many to process and if everyone sends big files, they need a lot more storage space. Individual image files do not have to be big for projection. Even on a big screen you still only need 72dpi. Most competitions run on 1920x1080 or 1600x1200 projectors. Some smaller clubs are still using 1024x768 So please resize your images if entering competitions or festivals. Thanks, Jill
  11. I have just connected an external USB3 Hard Drive, I click on the Drive Letter from the Menu bar to select the Drive. This shows the folders & images in the File List, but the Drive does not show in the File Tree. (left most Panel) Am sure I have done this before & not had any problems, what am I missing?? Using PTE10.6 Jill
  12. This is a great competition and if you can get along to a judging then do. It is surprising just how inventive folks can be, trying to keep it short and be easily understood in many different languages. The UK judging will be in North Wales early June. Details will be posted on www.avnews.org.uk once the date is confirmed. Jill
  13. You can easily switch between the standard and pro versions to see the difference. In settings, preferences, just select the version. If all you want to do is basic slide shows, with some pans or zooms, and any image effects - colour, blur etc you do in your normal image editor, then the standard version is fine. If you want to do more elaborate shows and control the sound volume with key points on the timeline, then go for the pro. But you can always upgrade to the pro later for just the difference in price. Hope this helps. Jill
  14. No, only 1 instance. I do open more than 1 if I am copying from 1 project to another, but normally only 1
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