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  1. You can move clips together on one track by holding down the shift key. I agree that being able to group clips on several tracks together & locking them to a slide would be very useful. Jill
  2. Sometimes if you have just added the images to the folfer you need to click onto a different folder & then click back again. Your image above looks correct. Click on the thumbnail for the image to show in the preview pane. Jill
  3. Saving the show as a Template will do exactly what you want. It also has the advantage in that all of your shows will be in one place - a Templates folder. Plus all of your shows can be accessed directly from PTE without the need to go searching and unzipping. You can easily copy the Template folders to another PC and they will be available within PTE on that computer also. Not sure about it but I would assume they will also work with the Mac version in the same way. I create a Template for all of my shows.
  4. Agreed Mark, I think this has been asked for before. It would be so much quicker if we could just click on the Slide to set the centre position. Jill
  5. you can't normalise in PTE, use something like Audacity to do that. With PTE you will just have to adjust the volume of teh individual tracks. Jill
  6. Hi Mike, use VLC Player it works with all video files. As per our conversation on Sunday If you need help in setting it up to display full screen & automatically return to the Menu then contact me Jill
  7. if we are able to use .ptshow files with windows then I don't see why not. The .pte file can be read by Windows & Mac so even if they don't work straight off it would be just a case of Publishing the Menu again on the other system I have sent & recevied Windows Menu exe files to/from others & they work as long as the path is not included (and all the shows have the same name on both computers)
  8. if you need any more help then we can have a quick tutorial after Wilmslow on Friday
  9. Mark, if it works in the same way as the Windows version then for Run Slideshow the menu & all shows must be made with exactly the same version of PTE. ie if your Menu is made with Mac beta24 then all of your shows will have to be, I never use Run Slideshow as for a competition or running an evening's programme I can get shows made with many different versions. I always use Run Application or Open File but I see from Eric's comments above that doesn't work yet on Mac. Again with Windows you only need the actual show name in double quotes eg "show1.ptshow" as long as all sho
  10. I agree, PTE is so flexible that you can do anything if you think about it. If I want to copy the parameters of a keyframe, I just copy that Object to another slide & then delete any other keyframes that I do not want. I can then change the Object (image) to another in the Properties tab I find it quick & easy. Jill
  11. Maybe I am misunderstanding your requests, but if you Clone a keyframe it copies all the settings. To copy a layer - Object - to another slide is easy, right click copy then move to the slide you want & paste. If you then change the file in the properties tab all of the setting will be transferred to the new object. PTE is very easy once you get used to it Jill
  12. Files used are marked in Bold. This only applies to those added directly to the Slide List. Those added via O&A do not show the Bold tag. Jill
  13. Move your files, then next time you open your project is will say there are missing files. Click on locate missing files & navigate to the new folder. If all the files were originally in the same folder & are now in the folder PTE will find them all in one go. If the originals were in different foilders then you may have to locate more than one. Try it first by just moving a few if you wish. You need to be using PTE 9 or 10 for this to work. This works for Windows, I asume it is also present in the Mac version. Jill
  14. Making all of your slides the same duration becomes extremely boring and predictable to watch. Unless of course you are presenting them as individual single images and not as a whole AV playing in time to the music. It is a standard windows function to Ctrl+A to select all slides, then you can deselect the ones you don't want by Ctrl click on them. Or click on the first then shift click on the last to just select a section. For audio on a video to completely mute it do that in O&A. To adjust the volume right click on the video in timeline and select seperate audio. Then use keyfr
  15. Mark, you can do it all in PTE Make the ones you want to last as a Master video on the first slide. Then add the same video to subsequent slides but make it a Linked video. See properties tab for the video in O&A. If the video is shorter than the total length of the slide show, then just make it a master video again when it's duration runs out. This is what I did to the clouds in the 'Suddenly' AV we showed last Friday. Jill
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