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  1. Ps you can also change the dissolve time in slide view or in slide options. Not as easy as in timeline, but possible.
  2. Mike, have you maybe shrunk the size of that window? Put your mouse on the line above the timeline so that it changes to a double headed arrow and hold left mouse and drag upwards. Otherwise look for a vertical scroll bar on the right hand side. Or go into full screen timeline view, the little triangle next to the slide view/ timeline view buttons. You should then be able to see the dissolve times. Jill
  3. You need to make a separate exe for the menu. It can be 1 slide or several. In objects and animation / properties tab, use the action on mouse click and select run application or open file and then select the show you want to run. The menu exe will then run each show when you click on it and return when the show finishes. Jill
  4. Thank you for fixing so quickly, that works now. Jill
  5. Thanks for looking at this. Just done another test & seems that the transition runs for the duration of the first slide (whatever it's length) If the first slide duration is shorter than the 2nd slide transition then it doesn't play all the way through. Checked in 10.0.8 & it plays all the way through whatever the duration of slide 1. Something must have changed from 10.0.8 (or 9) to 10.0.10 & subsequent versions. Jill
  6. Thanks Igor, now works OK. See PM Jill
  7. Igor, see PM for link to download. Changing the file extension to MP4 worked. Thanks Jill
  8. I have just been sent an .m4v video file that I want to use in PTE The file does not show in the Filelist & it cannot be added to the Slide list via drag & drop from explorer. I can play the video in VLC Player & PTE can run it as an Application using action on mouse click. I need to trim the start of the video, but cannot do this with PTE. Jill
  9. Igor, this still isn't working in 10.0.11 build 6. Did you manage to recreate the problem? It only plays about 1 sec of the transition, then stops & repeats. I have tried on 2 computers Win7 & Win10, both the same. Jill
  10. Igor, please see PM for project & for the 'Black Flash' problem Jill
  11. Thanks, I will send tomorrow as it is on my main computer. Jill
  12. In 10.0.11 & 10.0.10 when you go to Slide options/Tranitions it is no longer playing the transition for the correct duration. Itt only plays for about 1 sec then repeats. In previous versions it worked correctly. EG. A transition of 10secs would play for 10secs in the small window. Now it only plays for about 1 sec The duration is correct in the main window, but wrong in the Slide Options/Transition window. Jill
  13. HI Igor, yes it is a black flash, but seems slightly longer than 1 sec. I have reduced the size of the image to 142kb - it is 1920x1080 & the flash is still very visible. I would have thought that with the background set to the image it would show that rather than black. We are running a competition online this week & I have made a short 2 slide seq to act as a timer of 1 minute to show between each entry from my Menu. As there are 82 entries I need to play this 82 times. I did not want the black flash to show. I am using run slideshow with return. I cannot really include this 'timer' within the main Menu. Jill
  14. I am sure I have done this in the past without problems. I have an exe with 2 slides, the first slide has zero transition time, so should come up immediately. However a black slide is always shown, then the first image appears. I have set both Project Options & Slide Options to have the background the same as the first image, but I still get a Black. How do I get rid of the black. I need to get this working for an online show in a couple of days. Using the latest 10.0.11 Jill
  15. Denis, this was a fault which has now been fixed. Download the latest version 10.0.11 Jill
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