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  1. We missed you Lin, all the best with the upcoming surgery. Bert
  2. Thanks Paiche59, Very nice styles and found some use for them already. Bert
  3. Dan, beautiful quality audio visuals that show how good medium format film was. You did a lot of work with the digitizing and making these AV's. I liked the way you incorporated the old westerns in your "Monument Valley" show. Thanks for showing. Bert
  4. Judy and MUR, Thanks for your appreciation.
  5. Over the last 20 years, my wife and I have traveled 16 times to S.O. Asia, a part of the world we like very much. While staying home in 2020, I took a look at the images I had made over the years. During one of our trips to Vietnam, we went to Tay Ninh, (about 88 KM from Ho Chi Minh City), to see the Main Temple of the Cao Dai Religion. See the show at: https://youtu.be/Z1H4pEMwCKE Enjoy, Bert
  6. Maybe you should post it in "Sideshow Club".
  7. I use 16x9 because then they can be watched on HD TV's when it is a MP4. I have also some of the same shows made in 16x10 when they are going to be projected at my camera club in EXE. As a ratio I like 16x10 better, and even bought a new HD computer monitor in that ratio a few months ago. (Was hard to find). Bert
  8. Great style Paul with lots of uses for different shows. Thanks, and for all your other work. Bert
  9. Very nice show Barry, You're lucky to live near such beautiful creatures. Thanks for posting, Bert
  10. Igor thanks for your wishes, I wish you and your team all the best for 2021. Bert
  11. Great video Barry, you made me look for my old Nikon D300 camera and see how it can be converted. Thanks, Bert
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