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  1. When I click on check for free updates, it says "You are using the latest version 10.0.6 Pro" I can see that 10.0.7 is released already 3 weeks ago. Why does PTE AV studio 10 Pro not update? Bert
  2. Have waited a long time for an Auto Update that worked smooth and easy. This one does. Bert
  3. Bert

    Image titles

    Great lin, That is exactly what I wanted. I use the program for a long time already but still can't remember all the possibilities. It is until I want to do something different and can not find it in the search function, I rely on you Thanks, Bert
  4. Is it possible to show automatically the name of the image in the finished PTE show. I could not find it, but thought I remembered having read about the possibility. Thanks, Bert
  5. John, Really appreciate this PDF. Thanks Bert
  6. Hi Barry, Since PTE 7, I always bought your Video, "What's New in PTE-X" disc. I was wondering when a disc for AV 10 was coming. I see now that you do it piecemeal on YouTube, 1 section at the time. Thanks for still teaching us all that"s new in PTE AV-10. Bert
  7. Igor, I posted this just when you went on vacation, hope it can be done in one of the coming upgrades.
  8. Great tutorial and new style. Thanks Barry.
  9. Igor, Having just upgraded to PTE AV 10, I had expected that I could organize the styles in subfolders as there are so many now that the list becomes unwieldy. Now that subfolders are not possible, I add my voice to introduce this useful possibility. Regards, Bert
  10. Bert

    Fit or Cover

    Thanks, Never saw that.
  11. Hi Igor When I import an image to the slide list, it always comes automatically in the "FIT" mode and because I have 95% of my images in the cover mode, I always have to go to the O&A screen or to the styles to change that. Is there a way that in PTE10 I can choose how I want to import the images in the slide list. I like to set it to always import as COVER Screen. Maybe this is possible already, but I never found that possibility in PTE9 Bert
  12. Hi, I have not tried PTE10 yet but this happens in PTE 9. I have a video that was taken in vertical format, but is positioned horizontal in the file list. When I bring it into the slide list it is there horizontal. When I right click on it in the slide list and click on "rotate clockwise", the video in the slide list does not rotate but the one in the file list rotates clockwise. When I bring that rotated one from the file list into the slide list, it still goes horizontal in the slide list. Any suggestion what is wrong? Thanks, Bert
  13. Hi Igor, Update, I realized that my Roku player has also an media player. I played all your files thru the USB stick and the Roku player on my TV. They all play O.K. Regards, Bert
  14. Hi Igor, I have an 10 year old HD TV, and had to buy a blue ray player with a media player inside 8 years ago to play my shows on my TV. I play my shows on my TV using a USB stick in the USB port of the Blue Ray player. I tested your shows, and the files, PTE 10-1080-30p-hw-NVENC, PTE10--1080-30p and PTE9-1080-30p all work O.K. with the PTE 10 files slightly smoother than the PTE9 file. Non of the 60p files work in PTE9 or PTE10. I am not ready to upgrade my TV or Blue Ray Player. If I do it will be a 4K TV with media player inside. Regards, Bert
  15. My Sony 10 years old can not play 60p video also. Always was happy with the 30p. Bert
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