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  1. Thanks for the demo Lin, Valuable to others as well. Take care, Kieron
  2. Thanks Barry, Greatly appreciated. Kieron
  3. Issue solved! Corrupted files on my computer. Not on the transfer to other computers. I removed all remnants of PTE and reloaded everything. The four files now have correct times. Shout out to Igor! As most of you know he is very responsive to any concerns. Many thanks, Kieron
  4. Thanks Igor, File has been sent. Not a priority by any means. I know you have more pressing matters, and it plays fine. Kieron
  5. It seems to be as simple as one computer shows full duration and the other duration in the slide time. Curious why only 4 slides were different. Maybe a copy and paste at one time. I have been working on this project for 5 months and it is 40 minutes long. My journeys through the Forbidden Frontiers of Niger, Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir. Would not have been possible to show my audience without this wonderful program. Kieron
  6. Thanks Lin, The computer I made the show in, if I go to objects and animation it says full slide duration of 8 seconds. The transitions are 2 and the slide (AB) says 8 The transferred computer- full slide duration says 8 seconds. The transition are 2 and the slide says 6 I guess it is no big deal as everything works alright just confusing, I know it is something I am missing or do not understand. Kieron
  7. I am reading the times from the AB and checked on main, same thing. Just 4 slides?
  8. The slides in question have a transition into them of 2 seconds. This is the difference in the timings. If I add 2 seconds that would be the The check box for keep slide duration is the same for all slides, set to off. If I add it up it is correct.
  9. I have a new issue that has recently appeared. I build my shows on my desktop computer and transfer to my laptop for shows on a projector. No issues until today! I have a project that shows the overall correct time when transferred to PTE on the laptop or another computer. The exe plays fine with no errors. The issue is the time of 4 individual slides. Where the time should be 9 seconds it shows 7 but plays 9 and another time shows 6 and should be 8 plays 8. The same idea for the other 2. So to recap- the times are wrong individually but the overall time for the show is correct. I have deleted the old shows and reinstalled PTE. Changed the problem file names. It seems to be picking up something from an older shows timing on these 4 slides. I have isolated these 4 files and transferred to the laptop under a new show. Same issue, all the times for these four individual slides are incorrect, but the overall time is correct. I have transferred using reformatted usb sticks and used different ones. If I bring it into PTE from the file saved on the usb, it is fine on the computer it was made from. Incorrect on all others. Any ideas in how to find the corruption. Very frustrating, Kieron
  10. Follow up with fix for projector. The different HDMI cables makes no difference. Barry`s solution works every time. I have to remember after the projector has been connected to the laptop you must reboot. I passed this on to another person who was having the same issues when I contacted him for help. It worked for him also. Thanks again Barry, Kieron
  11. Very talented lady!! Inspirational!
  12. Thanks Barry, Good point about a reboot. I remember a program that I used a few years back that stopped all background programs from running. Can not find it now. Sometimes these only cause more issues. So for now I will remember to reboot and then play the show. Replaced HDMI cable with a new one as I have several. Issues have disappeared for now. Thanks for taking the time to help, Kieron
  13. I have a Canon WUX500 projector. I am having some issues with stuttering. Older laptop had a GTX 960 Nvidia card and it plays my shows smooth . Every once in awhile there will be some stuttering, usually only on complicated animations. Play again and no issues. I was using the projector only settings. This works better than cloned. Some forums suggested this setting. I upgraded to a new laptop with a GTX 1660 ti card. There is stuttering using projector only, but smooth with laptop and projector combined. I have deleted the card and reinstalled. I am using high end graphics settings on balanced. No difference between quality and performance settings.The laptops are Asus Gaming. Latest updates with windows 10 and Nvidia 441.87 Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Kieron
  14. Great job Igor! I picked up a few points that I was not aware of. Kieron
  15. Thank you Lin, for your ongoing generosity. I hope you are in good health. It was not that long ago you lost your ability to speak. You have come a long way back! We are fortunate you are still producing videos for our enjoyment. Kieron
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