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  1. Thanks for your generosity, always appreciated. Kieron
  2. Very interesting transition Tom. A great addition. Take care, Kieron
  3. I am also curious if you will be re-visiting and updating some of your older templates, like the Handwriting with fountain pen, typewriter, and the Travel one that used a calendar.? Thanks, Kieron
  4. Love this idea. The ability to change the scene to fit ones own project would be great. I have used your albums in the past and tried (although not very well) to use the book coming out of a book case or shelf in a bookstore from an area I travelled to in Ladakh as an opening sequence. I hope you expand this idea further, Kieron
  5. I have said this before, we are so fortunate to have you back Dom! Your creativity is beyond words. Kieron
  6. Sounds excellent, count me in. Kieron
  7. Looks really good Dom! Very realistic. Great detail in the book binding and cover. Will the ability to add/control more turning pages be available? Thanks, Kieron
  8. Thanks Tom, I have some friends that will find this very interesting. Take care and stay healthy, Kieron
  9. They are both excellent Aleina. You make it very difficult for people to choose. Sorry, I am not much help, Kieron
  10. What a treat to view this thread! Kieron
  11. Excellent work, love the subtle use of shadows! Kieron
  12. Great teaser and well done! Looking forward to more. Kieron
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