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  1. Sorry Barry, I missed your previous tutorial that answers my questions. Thank you, Kieron
  2. Beautiful as per your standard Barry! At around the 2:40 time frame can you elaborate the technique used in this transition. There are similar ones through out. I know you have always stressed the use of the third image. I would love to view a tutorial on how you put this together and your choice of images from your vast collection. Take care, Kieron
  3. I would not be a PTE user without your help Lin. I am always grateful and think of you often Best wishes and good luck. Kieron
  4. Thanks for posting this Tom. I found the information enlightening and it may alleviate the issues that I have at times. Take care, Kieron
  5. Thank you for sharing your talent! Kieron
  6. Beautiful photos, would love to see them projected on a large screen. Thanks for sharing, Kieron
  7. I am following this with interest as I have had the same issues in the past. Kieron
  8. I really enjoyed this Bert. You have some beautiful images. Take care, Kieron
  9. Thanks Tom, lots of possibilities with the right images.
  10. Looking forward to it Tom, Nice effect. Thanks for your generosity, Kieron
  11. This is the biggest reason why I promote the software. Issues are handled asap. Keep up the great work Igor and team. A happy customer, Kieron
  12. Thanks for sharing Tom, always appreciated. Kieron
  13. Perhaps if your presentations were to audiences of up to 300+ people in large auditoriums, the work of changing all of your images might be overwhelming. My presentations are 30 to 40 minutes long with over 100+ images. To change 20 images for a show, I would have no problem using 16x9. Fortunately the program has the choice of what format you want to use, I really do not see why anyone would care. (Just my opinion)
  14. Thanks Barry, I really appreciate it. Kieron
  15. I am still old school and use the format the image was captured in of 3x2. I have found that certain images lose important information when cropping to 16x9. Many will work with a little work in photoshop with content aware. etc. Too many years shooting slides. I do like the look of 16x9. Kieron
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