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  1. + 1 but I remember in past many post/s the feature Text Editor after Pte 9 (on my computer) now not in Pte 10, I think a bit contradiction
  2. + 1 and second chance light dark
  3. + 1 Yes my interesting, and already wrote on argument or the rudimentary Text Editor PTE 10 and previous version
  4. No problem on Beta 3 Win 8.1 Pro and 2 GB and not "acceleration" card
  5. Question (Pte 10) If import any file video with sound, this is not visible track when I detach (Menu/Comment audio/…) it and for separate editing. Regards Ghulya photographer since 1969
  6. No thanks because this "features" was programmed, if I remember, for the current Pte 10 version in an old post you wrote Regards Ghulya photographer since 1969 Ps. See FotoMagico 5 for Mac (!) https://boinx.com/fotomagico/highlights/#snippets
  7. In Pte 10 Beta 3 not 9 (Help online, my case Italian, isn't uplodated to new Pte 10 and not images in new dark interface) Mono “rail” because again Pte not have (see Wings/M.object) more track video + images. Problema already previous Pte (in my test as 9.0- 8.0.-7.5…): possible mix at same time only in O&A that again I tested an video at x point/timeline add still image after: first Opacity 0 and 100% as any video editor transition movie + still photo
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