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  1. Bonjour, Tonton Bruno ! Merci pour le style et ces vidéos. Grâce à cela, j'ai enfin trouvé une fonction pour moi-même que j'étais presque désespéré d'utiliser. Et c'est si simple. Comment échanger facilement des photos. J'ai toujours regardé au mauvais endroit. C'est bien qu'il y ait autant d'aide ici. Merci encore. (Maintenant, les choses deviennent plus faciles pour moi !) Saluer Berny ____ Hello, Uncle Bruno! Thanks for the style and these videos. Thanks to this, I finally found a function for myself that I was almost desperate to use. And it's so simple. How to easily exchange photos. I always looked in the wrong place. It's good that there is so much help here. Thanks again. (Now things are getting easier for me!) Greet Berny
  2. Final apology was at work. But now you do. Yeah, I meant styles and transitions. I have several styles and want to bring order to my overview of styles and transitions. Unfortunately I did not succeed. For example, I have different TheDom styles in different folders and wanted to have a single TheDom folder. Thanks and greetings
  3. Hey, Can I get some help here? I have different templates and themes, but also crossfades that I want to sort better. How do I bring a template under the name New User Styles in e.g. Favorites? Thanks a lot! Greeting
  4. Hello, Paul, Thanks for your effort and helpfulness. Just tried it out and got my license back. Supi Greeting
  5. Hello! Does anyone else have a full version of ProShowGold 9? I was just trying something in my 9 Ver. yesterday, but now it is suddenly a trial and can't be activated with my (purchase) registration data. Thanks for your tips. Greetings
  6. Hi, Rosemary, In the timeline( under Objects and Animations I went to the beginning of the style and under Insert I chose Image(can be video). Then the image as described above by right clicking on the image one layer backwards. Then it should work. Maybe I did not make the right step as a beginner, but it led to the right result. Greeting
  7. It looks like that I must mark 2 pictures and then choose the theme "Star Wars". Unfortunately, it looks like after the credits of the script, that the next picture (after the credits) is my 2 picture as in the Screnshoot. Unfortunately I do not know whether I have explained this. Greeting
  8. Thanks for Information! Great
  9. Sorry, but with your LInk always comes: Page not found Greeting
  10. Hello, really great! I am curious how it goes on! Whether Modifiers - concept 1 or #2 class, or 3D Book" style - preview! Will the books also turn pages? Somebody is busy. What can be done with PTE AV Studio 10! This program is worth every Euro!(Work in video editing with Edius 9 and Boris Red which is very, very expensive and also very good) But what is being created here is really world class! I can only say: Thank you and keep up the good work. Stay healthy And sorry for my translation program... Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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