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  1. Hello and welcome! Have a look here: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pte+av+studio+project Here you will also find transitions and styles. Sure it's a bit much at once, but if you take your time to look through it you'll find some useful stuff. Also here in the forum under Styles & Templates times by search. Have fun
  2. Tom, Thank you very much! Improved again, thumbs up. Greetings
  3. Thanks Tom, very nice and interesannt implemented.
  4. Thank you Paul for this wonderful style. With it, so much can be implemented. Again a new experience what the program can do, if someone understands this so and lives. Greetings
  5. Thanks Paul for providing these two styles. Looks very interresant. Greetings from the neighboring place.
  6. Very nicely done, also these rare pictures are very nicely selected. Greeting
  7. Great Paul and thanks for your effort and willingness to share this with us. There we are again quite inspired. Greetings
  8. Hello Paul, once again very well done. Also that there are several options for girls and boys has been very well solved by you. I thank you very much for the Teien of the style. Greetings
  9. Thank you for this beautiful slideshow. Since you can dream again and forget the everyday life. Greeting
  10. Thanks Paul very Nice. Happy new Year
  11. Thanks, Paul a super style. Greeting
  12. Beautiful and Fantastic, thank you Paul for sharing! Happy holidays and greetings
  13. Hello Paul! Also from me quite heartfelt thanks! Again, a year comes to an end, ok it's a bit chaotic this year 2020. But the more I'm happy to be here in the forum and such genaile with lifeblood provided great people who devote themselves here completely to your hobby and to let us take part in it. I can only say: Keep up the good work and you learn at least a little bit more often (even if there are here and there this language series, you always find a solution more often). Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2021. Thank you
  14. Hello "Aleina Show Thank you very much for providing your style. Stay Gesung and still beautiful Feitertage. Greetings
  15. The book looks very nice. Thank you for the beautiful views you can create with PTE. Greetings
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