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  1. Well, Mark, that was something we got used to doing after installing on Windows PCs. I've not done it much after installs under the Mac OSs, they're much better at sorting themselves out. But it only takes a couple of minutes, and you know everything should be ok. See you Friday at Wilmslow? Take care and keep safe, Mark. Eric
  2. Igor The restart did it. Something to remember, perhaps. Restart after new installs. Thanks Eric
  3. All three types of show (.exe, .ptshow, and .mp4) run from the menu slide, but they don't return to it; instead they just exit. Also, in the Beta 25 the slide images aren't visible in either slides or timeline view. Eric
  4. Thanks, Igor; I wasn't sure if I was doing something silly! Look forward to the finished product.
  5. Hi Igor I've tried to set up a simple menu to run three kinds of files: 1. Show for Mac (ptshow) 2. Executable file for PC (exe) 3. HD and 4K Video file (mp4) The menu runs and works fine for ptshow and exe files (using the Run Slideshow with Return option). During making of the menu, I try to use Run Application or Open File option to run the mp4 video, but when I go to where the files are stored, all files are greyed out. For menus it would be good if we could run the mp4s. Excellent work in a short space of time, though, well done. Eric
  6. Mine is also running normally on Beta 12 under the updated Operating System, OS 11.0.1 'Big Sur' . At least with regard to those issues. Any problems show up, I'll let you know.
  7. Totally agree with Jill; I, too, record an entire script in one take and then split it (this I normally do in Audacity, but it would be much faster with a keystroke in PTE). Eric
  8. Tried opening .pte files made on Windows machine using the MacBook Pro - works fine, excellent work, Igor. I then created (very small) sequence on Mac and transferred as zipped file to Windows machine - once again, opens without any problems. And the colour picker is working brilliantly on my system. Thank you for all this, looking very good so far. Eric
  9. Thanks for that, Igor - I rebooted the system and everything is working fine now!
  10. Hello Igor Copy and Paste of slides in both Timeline view and also Slides view are not working. It's the first time I've tried it in this version, Copy slide is available, but Paste slide is greyed out. Otherwise, it seems to be coming along nicely. Eric
  11. I would like to help with Beta testing the Mac version. I have a MacBook Pro notebook - the latest (late 2019) 16-inch version with 16 GB RAM and an AMD Radeon Pro 5500M (4 GB) and an i9 processor.. I'm running macOS Catalina version 10.15.5 (but will be upgrading once the next OS is ready). I already have the Pro licence for the Windows version of PTE AV Studio 10. Hope to hear from you in the near future Eric
  12. No problem, Jill - I'll be there early as usual depending on traffic. Eric
  13. Jill, Blend mode 'Add' is in the third group (the lighten blend modes) - it's listed as Linear Dodge (Add) in my version (not sure if older versions just listed it as Linear Dodge). It's actually the strongest of the lighten blend modes, being a stronger version of Screen, just as Linear Burn is a stronger version of Multiply. The modes you mention are the most useful for most purposes, though I also find myself using Color and Luminosity on occasion, as well as Difference if I'm trying to align images accurately within Photoshop. Eric
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