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  1. Hello Gary I have no problem at all with PTE when reading and importing the videos (*.MOV) recorded on my Olympus E-M1 cameras, when set to 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) at 29.967 fps.
  2. Hi! Yes, the same thing happens with me too, with version 10.0.13 Build 4. Identical behaviour with the beta version 10.0.14 Build 1. Best Rgds. j-marc G.
  3. Dave Indeed, that's the safe option when one does not know which version of MS/Windows is going to be used. I went straight from Windows7 to Windows10, so that I never had the worry. The only inconvenience is that the generated Zip file provides TWO files that need to reside together in the same folder when in use. j-m G.
  4. There might be a problem if Windows8 is used, in which case you should: "Publish / Safe executable file for internet" , instead of "Publish / Executable file for PC".
  5. Also, for as many slides as you want, go to: Slide Options / Main / Run external application Note that all these features are available with the "Pro" (DeLuxe) option only (I think).
  6. Hello AceCo (1) If you're running your slideshow directly from your computer (with the EXE file): Project Option / Action after the last slide = Repeat show (2) From an MP4 file: Create your slideshow, say "Show20.mp4" Create a stub show (high level) with a basic slideshow, which will call the "Show20" and repeat: Project Option / Advanced / Run application or Slideshow: "Show20.mp4".
  7. I would like a third option after "Publish" ("HD and 4K video" in my case): "Show in Explorer" (i.e. open the output folder), as well as the current two options "Play" and "Close". My output file is normally on my hard disk, but I quite often copy it immediately to a USB key to view the video full size on my TV (or send the file to friends).
  8. Thanks slide24x36 The web site is still correct and updated, sadly to confirm that the 40th edition (March 2020) had to be cancelled due to COVID19. Let's hope to be able to resume in 2021.
  9. Thank you both, Barry & Bruno, for your encouragements towards recording my voice over the image, rather than displaying too much text. I will definitely try again!
  10. Barry: the spoken word is a solution, especially if you can speak at not too fast a pace, which you do so well in your videos. But I do not like my recorded voice! Jill: indeed, I tend to be (too) quick when I read a text that I know; it takes longer to decipher somebody else's text and then make some sense of it.
  11. Thanks a lot, Barry, for this new tutorial focused on one item in PTE-AV-Studio; It will be a great help for my own presentation to my user's group at the photo club. Concerning the time that it takes to read a caption or scrolling text, I have been advised to measure the time it takes me to read my own text and then double that time for the reader. Would you agree that this can be a good starting point?
  12. Many thanks, Barry, for spending the time to create yet another tutorial and offering the related styles. That should help anyone faced with the chanllenge of using portraits on a horizontal screen.
  13. Hi Canico (1) With PTE directly The quickest way to use a vertical photo among a horizontal slideshow is what you often see on TV for the news, when a smartphone has filmed an event in a vertical frame: Make a background with the initial image stretched to fill the whole width, either globally or only horizontally. Also blur that background 10% to 50% or so. Make sure the main strong horizontal lines coincide (horizon, road edge, ...). (2) With Photoshop or other advanced photo editing software As you can see, I used the "Edit / Fill" feature, with the o
  14. Thank you, Gary, for the explanation. The servers for GrosFichiers are in Switzerland and in France, where most of their clients reside I presume. Actually the link you got indicates that you will be allowed up to 50 GBytes per each transfer (after a donation), and that if you donate 5 €, 10€ or 20 € you will have no publicity for 1, 2 or 6 months respectively.
  15. Just do a "Donation" like I have, after many months of use, and then the space will increase (I believe). https://www.grosfichiers.com/en/FAQ.html
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