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  1. Hi Ian I have no experience with BOX.COM, but can advise using the free service of www.grosfichiers.ch (4 GB max) or www.WeTransfer.com (2 GB max), provided the short retention period (1 or 2 weeks) is long enough to allow downloading by your correpondants.
  2. "We can support TIFF:" (...) and 8 bits as well as 16 bits coding, I believe.
  3. From 1999, I have native TIF images taken with my first digital camera, the Olympus C2020Z. I can send you a few of those (1600 x 1200 pixels).
  4. Hi Igor I shoot my photos in RAW format and can convert them to TIFF to give you some samples, if that is useful; Please tell me. Please specify the Colour space you wish: ProPhoto (my native full gamut colour space), Adbobe-RGB, or sRGB. 8bits or 16 bits per channel?
  5. Hello Rosemary If you have a version of Adobe/Lightroom available, you could finalise your project with PTE and then open the resulting *.MP4 file with Lightroom and select the frame to be used as thumbnail, as briefly described in the other topic: 22663-choice-of-video-vignette/.
  6. Jill, too bad that my simple explanation does not apply. I just made a test by opening (with PTE-10, under MS/Windows 10) my latest project ("A"), saved it as "bis-A", closed PTE. On opening, PTE brought up the "bis-A" file, as expected. Second test, opening an older project ("B") from the oldest file listed with "open recent project", saved as another "Bis-B" project, which after close / open PTE came up correctly. Third test, PTE closed, clicked on "C.PTE" in the Windows/Explorer to directly launch PTE with that file. No change, closed PTE, opened PTE that shows this "C" file. Saved project as "Bis-C", closed PTE ; PTE opens with "Bis-C" as expected. Note that my list of "recent projects" contains 36 files, since I have edited a PTE configuration file. Saving these 3 "bis" files has pushed the three oldest projects out of sight, as expected. In the Settings > Preferences > Project > Project File, I have opted to "load last saved project on startup", which is the default I believe. My recent projects are now logically listed by PTE as: 1="Bis-C", 2="C", 3="Bis-B", 4="B", 5="bis-A", 6="A", etc. The last is N° 36. I have then deleted, with Windows/Explorer, the three newly created "bis" files that have the "*.PTE" extension. Started PTE that now shows only 33 "recent projects" and no mention of the three missing "bis" ones. Clever.
  7. Hi Jill Do you have only one single instance of PTE running? There would be a reason if you have several PTE projects open at the same time, per my experience.
  8. Hi Denis How do you edit the video metadata to have MS/Windows show the selected frame? That is what I would like to do. The same applies to the TV menu to select a video from a USB key.
  9. Igor, To be able to actually CHOOSE which frame is selected for the thumbnail is already a request for a future version. Depending on the way that I generate an MP4 file (with or without Hardware Accceleration) a different image is chosen. Indeed, the first frame is often a BLACK screen and that should not be the default thumbnail. https://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/topic/22663-choice-of-video-vignette/
  10. Many Thanks, Dave, for your reactivity and the inclusion of "dB" within the article. I did not expect such care for the keyword I tried initially. Great stuff and thanks again.
  11. Indeed the search with a trailing "*" works fine. Good to know. Actually I had searched for "dB" initially, with no success, since that is nowhere mentioned as such.
  12. Thank you, Dave G, for the link to the English manual. It is quite unfortunate that the SEARCH engine is too coarse to find the keyword "decibel", while "decibels" (with the plural) returns two "hits" and the required information. Maybe there is a setting I have not seen for "partial match" during the search ?
  13. Frans If you read French, the manual by Jean-Charles Pizolatto is free to download and it gives the answer page 88 of 196 (paragraph "5.8.3 Les points clés audio"): <<Le choix, % ou décibels se fait dans Paramètres / Préférences / Ligne de temps>> https://files.wnsoft.com/pteavstudio/user-guides/10.0/Guide-technique-de-PTE-AV-Studio-10-FR.pdf
  14. And do not forget to put the objects in the right order. Just select an object and then right-click to "ORDER" and then choose from the four options "Bring to Front, Send to Back, Forward one, Back one". The text should be in Front of the image to be visible.
  15. If you move the image, or resize it, you will see that the text goes along the same changes, which can be sometime desired. To give it independence, so that you can move the text separately from any animation of the image itself, you need to first click outside the image before you hit the "Text" button. With the present situation, you should "Cut" the text (with "CTRL X" for instance), then click outside the image (in the grey margin around it, for instance) and then "Paste" the text (with "CTRL V" for instance) back into your view. You will then notice, in the bottom right of you screen, that the Text no longer belongs to the image, and that they are both at the same hierarchical Level.
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