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  1. Thanks slide24x36 The web site is still correct and updated, sadly to confirm that the 40th edition (March 2020) had to be cancelled due to COVID19. Let's hope to be able to resume in 2021.
  2. Thank you both, Barry & Bruno, for your encouragements towards recording my voice over the image, rather than displaying too much text. I will definitely try again!
  3. Barry: the spoken word is a solution, especially if you can speak at not too fast a pace, which you do so well in your videos. But I do not like my recorded voice! Jill: indeed, I tend to be (too) quick when I read a text that I know; it takes longer to decipher somebody else's text and then make some sense of it.
  4. Thanks a lot, Barry, for this new tutorial focused on one item in PTE-AV-Studio; It will be a great help for my own presentation to my user's group at the photo club. Concerning the time that it takes to read a caption or scrolling text, I have been advised to measure the time it takes me to read my own text and then double that time for the reader. Would you agree that this can be a good starting point?
  5. Many thanks, Barry, for spending the time to create yet another tutorial and offering the related styles. That should help anyone faced with the chanllenge of using portraits on a horizontal screen.
  6. Hi Canico (1) With PTE directly The quickest way to use a vertical photo among a horizontal slideshow is what you often see on TV for the news, when a smartphone has filmed an event in a vertical frame: Make a background with the initial image stretched to fill the whole width, either globally or only horizontally. Also blur that background 10% to 50% or so. Make sure the main strong horizontal lines coincide (horizon, road edge, ...). (2) With Photoshop or other advanced photo editing software As you can see, I used the "Edit / Fill" feature, with the o
  7. Thank you, Gary, for the explanation. The servers for GrosFichiers are in Switzerland and in France, where most of their clients reside I presume. Actually the link you got indicates that you will be allowed up to 50 GBytes per each transfer (after a donation), and that if you donate 5 €, 10€ or 20 € you will have no publicity for 1, 2 or 6 months respectively.
  8. Just do a "Donation" like I have, after many months of use, and then the space will increase (I believe). https://www.grosfichiers.com/en/FAQ.html
  9. I read "The maximum size per sending is 50 GB, for up to 300 files at a time. The files remain on the company servers during 14 days maximum." I have actually sent large video files of 40 GB a few times. I have once made a small contribution to the web site, which may very well have increased my allowable usage to the 50 GB maximum value.
  10. <<GrosFichiers is a free service for businesses and individuals to send at once up to 50 GB files to one or several recipients through a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. GrosFichiers acts as intermediary between the sender and recipients. Each recipient receive by email a link to download the files, which are stored on our servers until then.>>
  11. You can send the files once to your own e-mail address (or a dedicated secondary address). Then you are given a DOWNLOAD LINK that you can forward to anyone, without going through GrosFichiers. For instance, for the sake of demonstration, here is an old URL: https://www.grosfichiers.com/dKgrqvxsFgu (but the link is no longer valid).
  12. I tend to prefer using https://www.grosfichiers.com/en/ because it allows (for free) larger files than WeTransfer. Moreover the files are not in the USA, which provides some better level of privacy. ("Gros Fichiers" means "Large Files" in French, and the web site is also www.grosfichiers.ch, that is Switzerland).
  13. Good idea indeed, so that I can quickly understand why I have several versions of similar projects (intended to different audiences, different durations, alternative musics, ...). Not that easy to squeeze the info into a modifiled project title.
  14. The TEXT ZOOM value is directly related to the NUMBER of lines in your text, and it changes for each line that you add (or substract). Choose 100% and the text will fill the frame from top to bottom (in height). Have you tried to read the on-line user manual: https://docs.pteavstudio.com/en-us/10.0/how_to_v10/add_text?s[]=font&s[]=size <<Note also that one line of Text in the above example = 15% Zoom. Two lines of Text = 30% Zoom; three lines of Text = 45% etc. This relationship will continue until the size of the “bounding box” is altered via a mouse action.>>
  15. Quick fix. Thanks Igor for this problem solving.
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