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  1. Can you send me the website able to 'extract' animation from the background? Thanks Claudio
  2. George, another advice on GIFs. I do not know if you produce your own GIFs. The problem is that Whatsapp does not allow the transmission of self-made GIFs, but only of preset ones. You may escape the problem generating an mp4 video containing the GIF , and then send it via Whatsapp Claudio
  3. George I had the same problem, and these are my conclusions Whtsapp has a limit size of 65 MB First, select the format. I normally use 1280x720, which corresponds to 1920x1080, but will result lighter Then I make a first trial producing an mp3 file with the quality set to “high” and the speed set to “30 p” If the result is within 65 MB, it is Ok, and you could send it via Whatsapp. If the result exceeds 65 MB, decrease the quality (eg to medium, or even to low) and try again. Hope this will help Saluti Claudio
  4. Hallo, By chance, I met this interesting video on Hands effects for Proshow producers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWHqj6yLuQo I found relatively easy to reproduce such effects on PTE, but I found a problem with the most interesting one to me, relevant to the magnifying lens effect. My problem is that I can easily produce a circular mask and a PNG image for the magnifying lens. The two images perfectly overlap each other, but I do not find any means to link them together in order to move them (pan or zoom) contemporarily on the animation panel. What I want is to move in synchronism the mask and the lens, but not moving also the content of the mask, which should be kept still. The mask container will move both the mask and the content of the mask. The father child solution seems not to work, so I have to move them separately, managing each key frame for either of the two. Do you think there is a method to link lens and mask in order to move them together as if they were a single image? In this case the lens would scroll over the main background image and show the content of the mask, which is the same background image, but enlarged. Could you help for such implementation? Thanks and saluti Claudio Lens.zip
  5. Merci Jean Cyprien, I will try and I hope to succeed!
  6. Hi, I have not been active for a while and now I have some difficulties even with basics. My first question is: Is it possible to insert a new slide with all the images and their relevant parameters (pan, zoom, rotate,….) taken from the last keyframe of the previous slide? Or is it necessary to set manually all the parameters in the first keyframe of the new slide? Thanks for help Claudio
  7. Thanks Igor, well done! Claudio
  8. Igor, Answering to my specific question on exe file limit with PTE, Dave wrote me The limit in Version 9 is 2Gb and is (I think) a Windows 32 Bit limit. Igor recently promised to TRY to increase it in the next version. Later on, on my new question on whether the limit was still there, and not being sure whether on Windows 32 or 64, he wrote Since version 9.0.14 the file size limit is 3.9 Gb. Then he suggested to contact directly you Can you please clarify if at present the limit for an exe file in PTE is 2 or 3.9 GB, and what is, if any, the difference when using Windows 32 or 64? Thanks for help Claudio PS. This is my discussion in Beckham forum http://www.beckhamforum.com.au/forum/topic/1016-exe-files-limit/
  9. Thanks Lin, always clear and complete as usual! I have Photoshop CC and I will try again according to your suggestions. For the wings I understand the effective difficulties and I appreciate the artistic effects that you achieved. Thanks again Saluti Claudio
  10. Excellent realization Lin and thanks for sharing the video I have two questions: 1. How could you make the earth revolving smoothly? I tried with GIF images, but it is always step by step. 2. The wings movement is beautiful. Why did you not try to put the wings fixed on Angel bodies, rather than looking them like a separate object? Thanks again Saluti Claudio
  11. Thanks Lin, I will study it carefully Saluti Claudio
  12. Lin, I have been reconsidering the issue and I am a little bit puzzled again. With a 32 bit system I could, in principle, have an address capability of 2exp32, corresponding to 4 294 967 296, which just above 4 GB, well above 2 GB (practically the double). So it seems to me that a 32 bit system could allow a maximum of 4 GB, whether a limit of 2 Gb should be given by a 31 bit system. I am a little bit confused with 31 and 32. Could you please clarify where am I wrong? Thanks again Claudio
  13. Thanks Lin. I just wanted to know what was the reason for a 2 GBytes limitation. I think you gave me a reasonable explanation which I was not aware of . So the limitation is not due to a specific sw but to a specific operating system. I am aware of the techniques for reducing the size, but I was stimulated by a friend who uses a different sw for slideshows and was curious to know wheather such limitation was also present in PTE. Now I fully understand the problem Thanks again Saluti Claudio
  14. I have a simple question. Is there a limit, in PTE, for the generation of a 4k exe file? I know of other system where the limit of 2 Giga Bytes can not be exceeded. What is, if any the limit for PTE? Thanks for your help Saluti Claudio
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