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  1. Rosemary, If you refer to the Youtube Tutorials, then it is clicking the Settings and toggle around until you find Auto Translate and then select English (or whatever). If it is text, then I would normally use Google Translate ... https://translate.google.com/?sl=auto&tl=en&op=translate I have since found another translate site ... https://www.deepl.com/en/translator George
  2. Reflecting again on this Style/Template and just wish. Now I am pretty sure that this has been raised before. However whilst I am definitely not saying that ‘AleAle5025’ would want to, but, I just wish that if so desired PTE had a ‘Shop Window’ for such creative Styles/Templates to be purchased. Perhaps there would not be the demand, yet I know that a Video Editing program I also use does have quite a mixed assortment available, including templates, for Users to purchase. It thus gives the Creator some small reward for all their hard work and a Shop Window for those less creative or new
  3. I really like that. So pleasant on the eye. My only problem though when reflecting on your Show is that it is so good that I am in reflection mood. I look at pictures of our own children and the grandchildren, and then wonder just where have the years gone! Great animation and memories. George
  4. Magical. Truly Inspirational. George
  5. Thought it may be of interest to update this posting. I have actually just finished my current project and as a result of googling, I may just have found an alternative solution in removing the black borders from mobile phone portrait videos when adding to a 16 x 9 project. Co-incidentally, for me, it is with a program I already had installed. Movavi Video Converter. Admittedly I have so far only tested it out on a half dozen mobile phone portrait videos that originally had these black borders either side, but it seems to work, cropping before converting. The video that you then impo
  6. I would like to thank Seismic Guy for that original question. It just came at a time when I had a video file within my current Project that only as I had progressed, I then realised I wished to lower the audio level – but though not Mute it completely! Later I intend to add background track(s) and voice overs so obviously did not want the sound level on the video to be at a higher level. As a result of the question I looked more closely at my options. The only option I could see within PTE was to right click on ‘Audio Comment’ and then select ‘Unlink Audio Clip’ but in this case no
  7. In case you are unaware, this is The Dom's new website. https://gumroad.com/thedom George
  8. Paul, I have just sent you a message. George
  9. I keep looking at that screenshot and was expecting to see similar figures in my own project, but they are not. Both my Videos are showing 100% Zoom and the Pan setting for each is either plus or minus 68. However, then I noticed ‘Stranger2156’ corner handles in the screenshot were immediately around Image 2. In my screenshot below, you can see the corner handles are not. (Then I realised, the difference between a jpeg and my mp4.) Whilst I have described my videos as ‘portrait’, because that is the area that the viewer sees, I guess they are technically landscape with the viewing
  10. Thankyou. Now you actually mention about the video automatically being sized by PTE I do recall reading something of that years ago. Now it is starting to make sense. George
  11. Thanks for your comments although must admit I will have to keep reading them until the penny drops. At least it seems that there is not an easy solution that I have missed. Curious as to your comment though about a 'Stretched Video?' I haven't stretched the video in PTE, and just used the pan tool to move them into position. George
  12. Just an update. As a result of my 'trial and error' system, I have finally found the size of the width - 680px. That makes the total PTE width, assuming all calculations are correct, as, 480 + 480 + 680 = 1640. George
  13. Whilst I have a workable ‘trial and error’ solution, I am rather curious as to try and find a more definitive solution so that I can continue to use the concept in future projects. I am working on a 16:9 project and have imported TWO portrait style videos onto the same slide. I have placed them at either end, meaning that the only black border initially visible will be in the middle. My intention is to then put together a montage created in my Photo Editing program, and place it on a top layer covering that ‘black PTE middle’ so there will be no final viewable black area. But am stumped
  14. Thankyou for that advice. George
  15. Briiliant Paul, Thankyou. Something else I've learnt this year and it is only January. George
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