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  1. Another stunning presentation, thankyou. Two questions please? Did you manager to visit when there were no tourists around, get up extra early, or had to remove people from your photos? Curious, Lake Ditrict & Tourists kind of go together? And in all your Shows I am captivated also by your choice of soundtrack. How do you manage to find such inspirational music? George
  2. Berny, Whilst I have no knowledge of the formats you mention, a Video Converter that I use occasionally, albeit for converting formats, is Movavi Video Converter. Just checked their website, made by NCH Software. May help. George
  3. Have just sent a message. Really appreciated.
  4. It must be me? Below is where I am clicking to download. The mouse icon on the screen turns into a hand showing that there is link. Certainly nothing in my Downloads Folder where all downloads go.
  5. Sorry, it must be me. I am obviously doing something wrong. I have been trying to download your recent new and exciting styles. Cannoy say that I have heard of yandex so just clicked on the download tab that seemed an alternative option. However I had expected the Style to then appear in my Downloads folder but there is nothing. Does it go somewhere else? Any suggestions please? George
  6. I am totally totally surprised that so far there have been no replies to this Forum Posting and the question asked. Thought it was an awsome Intro and Outro. Hopefully these can be posted as new Styles soon. George
  7. Rosemary, Brilliant, thankyou for the update. I have now started thinking more on a future family history project but one based more on a Timeline. George
  8. No idea if these are the matching instructions to that Family History Style. Checking to see if I had already got this Style I happened to note that in my Slides Style Folder was also a Word document. So just maybe, here are the instructions. FAMILY TREE PROTOTYPE STYLE Add a Blank Slide (16x9:1920x1080) and apply the style. Run in Preview or create an EXE. Choose a starting point. The Preview/EXE is Interactive. The "DOWN ARROWS" are active for the FIRST CHILD at each level. The "UP ARROWS" are active for the MALE at each level. The "UP ARROW
  9. Canico, I would say find a Photo Editing program that you find comfortable with and that fits your needs. Then I suggest that over the years you will slowly slowly be using it more and more. Remember to checkout Youtube for tutorials on how to do something, or even, finding the right photo editing program for you. George
  10. My initial suggestion would have probably be by using a Photo Edit program. Find a whatever landscape image is suitable for a background, but then either reduce the Opacity down of this background image or possibly even make it b&w. Then your above photo, perhaps with a border around, on the top layer. Whatever creative method you find will then avoid the black strips down the side. You could of course also do the same within PTE. Using a suitable landcsape background image and then add the image via Objects & Animation, perhaps even floating on. Two portrait images side
  11. Thankyou Dom. However, I have checked, and double checked and all appear to be okay. Thankyou again for your help and re-assurance, and of course, those fantastic Styles.. George
  12. Just double checked. Yes am using that version. George
  13. I have now actioned the suggestion. First I deleted the Photo Album category and closed the program down & restarted. Exactly the same message. I then thought I would check to see if any different if I re-started the computer, so again deleted the category, closed the program and re-started the computer but again the same message. This time though I did click on 'replace' but would have no idea as to whether the end result is any different from selecting the 'skip' tab or the 'replace' tab. I guess only time will tell. Incidentally I did initially see the message 'Styles & Themes
  14. Cannot see that anyone else has had the issue so assume it must be me, but request help on how to resolve. I have just actioned the import of the Photo Album Style but got the following error message. (Seems to be highlighting 'Photos Pile' Style on the left but it is installing the Photo Album.) Not sure what to do, I chose the 'skip' tab and got the same message for Style(s) 24, 26 & 30 of 32. Has something not been installed? George
  15. Claudio, I came across it when looking on youtube, wondering how to extract. It appears ok. I have used it already a few times and neither my Anti-Virus or Malwarebytes have flagged up a warning. https://www.unscreen.com/upload George
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