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  1. Dom, What a find inside your Photo Album. I recently decided to copy over guides I see for Styles (on your website it is by clicking on the link underneath the video) plus any tips from the Forum, into a special Styles Tips Folder - a helpful reminder of best usage for me as time passes. It though has been as a result of looking at TheDoms website and clicking on the 'Photo Album Style' I found your gem of a suggestion ... a link to a website for ideas & inspiration and a huge amount of free textures. An added bonus for my Photo Album. Thankyou. George
  2. Sorry, but I am both pleased and disappointed. Pleased and really interested and thought really well done at the magnifying glass panning over the text. But then disappointed as it seems that one cannot just download the Style but first have to install yet another zip program? Admittedly I do not download a lot so have never come across 'yadi'. Probably me being over cautious but do have reservations about installing another zip program, and one I have never heard of. George
  3. Aleina Thankyou for that reply. It has reminded us look at your website. Wow. Thankyou. George
  4. Aleina, I am a bit late to this topic as our internet at home was down. I would though like to add my own comments/suggestions. Currently I am looking through years old photos of the Grandchildren trying to select photos to use in ‘The Magic Room’ template. I have actually just completed one project for our son’s children, and really pleased with the outcome, am now re-visiting the template for the children of our daughter. I have though already selected more potential photos than I could use, so perhaps I am someone who could/might be able to use the template. I really like it. As a possible result of all this, I am looking at your project from a completely different viewpoint. For whom is it aimed? I think it could only be used once because of the animations, eg, I could not use it for images from a year say, then Volume Two for the following year etc as it would be too samey? Whilst others have commented on the animation which was okay for the age period of photos that I would use, my thoughts were on the text. I can only guess as to what each say, but as a Grandparent I would not know what the child’s height/weight etc was at a certain time so would then potentially have difficulty trying to think of something for that particular text box. Okay one can delete the text and there is a lot of it, but then find the actual and then empty text box to also delete. Just some initial thoughts. I do though like it. Answers I guess really depend on whether this is just a personal project or ……? George
  5. Dom, I agree with the other comments. For me the last two felt like I was on a boat that was rocking side to side. Must admit that I am definitely not a sailor so perhaps not surprised to hear that I had to stop watching. Now I do not know if this is a good idea or not. I tried to imagine where and how I would use the Style. Different places visited perhaps? So I know one could add text to the image before adding but just wondered whether I would also like a caption ability within PTE for each image. Just a thought. George
  6. Although the YouTube english translation could be better, Bruno's Tutorial is certainly not just on 'scrolling text' and has definitely given me not only some new ideas, but to remind us to certainly develop my limited ability so far with the use of Masks. I am definitely watching this again. Thankyou Bruno. George
  7. I am not a frequenter of Youtube so thankyou Dom for that last comment - I never knew that subtitles were even available. So thankyou Dom and now will look forward to watching Bruno's tutorial. One never stops learning. George
  8. Yes, I am okay with that. It was just everything around it is missing, eg the Room and other images that made up the Magic Room. George
  9. The ‘Magic Room’ posting seems to have disappeared along with the follow up video tutorial help guide to install. Like magic perhaps? I did actually download the zip file that came with the posting, but today, after importing and on opening PTE with the intention of starting on my own ‘Magic Room’, PTE is first looking for some 108 files whereas it seems within the zip are only the numbered 1 – 46 grey photo images. Is it just me? George
  10. Dave, Thankyou. Most certainly not a name I recognise. Above link 'could not be found' but appears that is a 2483 Model and looking at Amazon the 2495 Model https://www.amazon.co.uk/iiyama-XUB2495WSU-B1-ProLite-Adjustable-Monitor/dp/B079HR17ZB/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?ie=UTF8&aaxitk=Gly-zTlhO5K4ddQ9aIqPpg&hsa_cr_id=7908640600502&ref_=sb_s_sparkle looks ideal, and no negative reviews!!!!!!!!! George
  11. With my now oldish but it has been very reliable Asus Desktop Monitor (4:3 – Screen length 45cms x Height 41 cms) and now developing stars (probably pixel damage) when looking at a black image on screen, it is about time I came up todate and got a 16:9 Monitor. My trouble though is that here in the UK it is probably a choice between PC World or Amazon. PC World stores though are closed so I cannot go to view and compare and then talk it over with a Salesman whereas Amazon just lump all the reviews together and whatever monitor I look at, as is normal, there are negative reviews. (Sound/Bleed ??/Screen etc – quite often I have no idea what they are talking about but just know it is something negative). I am really confused. All I want is a Monitor to go with a Desktop PC running Windows 10. I want it with in built speakers - less clutter. I am long time retired so not work related. I do not play games or will watch a film on it. Used I guess mainly for Photo & Video editing. PTE. I am probably sitting around 70 cms from the screen. At those looked at so far probably around the £100 - £200 area. I would therefore just appreciate any tips, comments or suggestions please. What should I be looking for? Does it matter if the Monitor has been out for a few years? Just anything or I really will be seeing stars. George
  12. Thankyou for that information. Now that you are back I do regularly check your website and have already purchased some of your Styles. George
  13. Jill, But at least, in principle, you agree what I suggest will work. If I start then off in that direction and so gaining confidence, I can adjust movement etc as I progress to avoid too much repition. At least I am looking in the right direction. Thankyou, George
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