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  1. Finally finally got it licked. "Place your mouse cursor carefully on the tiny dot in the very center of the object (your book page or cover). Hold down the shift key and when you see the cursor change, keep holding down the shift key and drag the little dot so it perfectly overlaps the tiny dot on the far left of the bounding square. " Thankyou again. George
  2. Sorry to return to this topic. Whilst I now have the left hand side of my Album/ and then the right when flipped starting and ending on the same axis, the page does not actually flip on that axis, like when you open a book. I attach another screenshot taken during the turn. Here the spine is along the 'B' axis but as you can hopefully see as the page flips over, it first moves to the right before ending on the 'B' axis. Sorry, suggestions again please. George
  3. Thankyou Lin. Got there. Even increased the size of the page and got it to flip on the same axis. So simple when you know how. Many Thanks. Stay Safe. George
  4. My ultimate hope was to try and create a landscape type photo album similar to the ‘3D Book Testing’ example posting a few weeks back within the Slideshows Section on this Forum. That was my intention but have got stuck at just the first base. Must admit, I did think that this part was going to be the easiest part!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have even reduced the size of the Album to try and help me determine what I am doing wrong. It is probably staring me in the face but so far, I cannot see it. I would therefore appreciate any help please. I am, side by side, watching one of Barry’s old Tutorials (3D Book start I see made for P2E9), but instead of a more portrait album, was going for a landscape size. Image, album 01, (below) in my mind shows the front of the Album, and the album image 02, I thought, should show the page open, having rotated on that ‘C’ axis … but it has not. At the moment I cannot see any obvious setting as to why it does not rotate on the Album spine, on the left. George
  5. Lowell, In the last few days I too have completed a project that took several months to put together and around 20 minutes to render to MP4. At the very beginning and like as already been mentioned, I created a new file structure within a Folder as originally, well for me anyway, recommended by one of Barry's tutorials. That way a copy of the images to be used are in the folder together with any editing completed that can be revisited at anytime in the future should you wish to change your project. However, as this was NOT an afternoon project, there were numerous saves made along the way and when it came to the final conversion to MP4, it was in this folder that the program automatically saved. I then have everything still together for archiving. Regardless of using a Mac or Windows, surely when you save whatever, you tell the program where to save? If that is the right place for you, then that is all that matters. George
  6. Ian An interesting post as I am undertaking a similar project. Our eldest grand-daughter will be 18 years old later this year, and am probably about three quarters along the way. Following on from DaveGee’s suggestion, I was actually looking at those recommended videos and would also recommend that you do not stop at the one suggested. I started going through them last night and subsequent ones also go into the same issue but from a slightly different aspect and thus suggestion. Then if not done already, check out Barry’s website as you can download some of those slide styles and make a donation towards the tutorial(s) and slide style. An alternative suggestion that I have used for some of my images is to put together a montage (using masks) using my Photo Editing program of loads of the photos from one year. Although not relative to your post, another maybe obvious suggestion but sometimes overlooked is to make sure you do regular saves of the project as you progress. And this time for the very first time, probably because I have used so many images of my grand-daughter and slides in the project I have started to action a nightly back-up of my P2E folder …. Just in case the worse happens and my computer dies. One further suggestion for once your project is finally completed and this comes from experience. Many years back I did put together, albeit using a different program, an audio visual of the same grand-daughter as it so happens and her first two years. With the benefit of hindsight, it was too long and had too many swirly effects linking the images. The problem though is that mindful at the time of a filling hard drive on my computer I just deleted the folder to make space and so am now unable to easily make any amendments. At that time I don’t recall that external hard drives were around. George Herts
  7. Lin, Once again a big thankyou. So easy when you know how. George
  8. Without actually trying to do it at this stage, at the back of my mind I have been wondering if and how to adjust somebody else’s Slide Styles – eg perhaps change timing or aspect ratio. I cannot see any reference in the Manual on how to amend Styles although I seem to recall a similar question on the Forum recently, but entering ‘How to adjust a Slide Style’ in the Search box gives me 17,783 results over 712 pages. Suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. Thankyou DG for your posting. Like the PTE Archive last week which gave a link to Styles for which I had missed the original posting, here is another site that I had missed. I now wonder what else out there is that I have missed? I will certainly be visiting the Diapora Shop. George
  10. I realise that it was over a month ago that this ‘3D Book Testing’ topic was originally posted on to the Forum. Just wanted to say to ‘stranger2156’ that I just loved that ‘3D Old Album’. I just felt that each photo had an amazing story to tell. For me, brilliant and has given us an idea on presentation for some old B&W family photos that I have hidden away in a folder on the computer somewhere. But then for something completely different was the ‘3D Book Motion’. Again for me, Great! George
  11. Xenofex2


    Admittedly it is only on reflection that I am somewhat surprised that there has not been more comment about this posting. Or, is it like me, the original point has been missed? To be honest, I had instead been looking at this posting to see if anyone was going to respond to that last sentence. ‘Wouldn't it be fine if users could find and have a preview of all styles published in this forum in just one place?’ I had actually believed from interpreting the odd comment on other postings to the forum in the last month that such a service was coming. However, I keep looking at the Forum each day in the hope of such an announcement with hope ... ah well, perhaps tomorrow! I was therefore just going to add a comment when I ‘again re-read’ that original message and finally noticed the link in the original posting – The PTE Archive - Depository for Styles and Transitions. Wow. What a find! Admittedly a ‘now and again’ User of PTE I still have had the program for years, upgrading each time, but have never ever seen any mention of this link. So from me, a big thankyou to Tom for the PTE Archive and to jt49 for the pointer. I just cannot believe that I never knew of it’s existence before. Wonder how many others are also not aware? Brilliant. Thankyou again. George
  12. Although it seems not to be an issue, following a search on the Forum for a Slide Style, I have somehow changed the default program that 'opens' Slide Styles to VLC and cannot find a way to return them to the default setting. Thought I had found the answer when changed the program to PTE AV Studio but that looks wrong. A screenshot of my Slide Styles folder is attached. George
  13. Lin, Now I have used P2E, occasionally, for many years but just want to say a special thankyou for this very helpful demo and explanation. It has definitely helped me and I have just used it to motivate and have now put together a short ‘Happy Birthday’ video that I will be able to send to our grand-daughter on her 18th birthday next year – brilliant, no last minute panic. Now I can see if I can try to put together a longer looking back 'over her years' memory project. Thankyou again Lin. Keep up the good work and my Best Wishes for the New Year. George
  14. Many many thanks for the comments. Some food for thought! George
  15. Although I cannot see or recall recent comment on the Forum, having just upgraded I was wondering whether there has been any change to the administration and ability to organise one's Slide Styles? Folders? Sub Folders? etc etc. George
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