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  1. Where can I find the Beta Mac versions to view.
  2. Which of the Publish options is best for use with Zoom software, I am conscious that the MP4 choice produces a very large file.
  3. I will be available as a beta tester. I run on an Apple Mac with Catalina. My very old windows XP runs PTE 9 on licence so the sooner I can swap over the better. Mike Reed.
  4. Thanks guys. Just a case of memory failure and a simple solution from you.
  5. Hi Dave I would do but my windows machine is so old and only used for AV's that it is not connected to the net. My main work horse is an Apple Mac. Although the dissolve time is set in the project options the actual time above each image does not show the normal grey where the seconds are shown. The dissolve seems to happen but I have no way of changing it which I usually do by dragging it or out. Mike
  6. I am using V9 and seem to have lost the dissolve time bar in the time line. Is this to be expected and if not how do I get it back?
  7. I have just experienced problems with programmes made with V10 - 64 bit not being recognised by my computer running 32 bit. Is there any solution other than to revert to making the programme in V 9
  8. This is very basic as am I. I want to have a helicopter fly out of an image. I have the sky background and the helicopter as a separate image but how to do it has beaten me.
  9. Thanks Dave and Tom I will give it a go.
  10. I know the answer is there somewhere but my searches show nothing of any help. I have added an enhanced video to my av but wish to edit out some unusable frames. Just how do I do it. Thanks Mike Reed
  11. Igor That was last year how,s it going for a release in 2019? I am getting desperate.
  12. Thank you Dave and Jill. Like all these things when you think about it the solution is so easy. Thank heavens for the Forum.
  13. Dave I have done both but it still does not work. I am using PTE 9. I have even tried ticking apply to all slides but to no avail. Not too sure what you meant by use COMMENT
  14. Mainly descriptive and as the font I am using is well down the list (mistral)it is a pain to have to start at Aerial each time. The text is not on every slide but enough to be a nuisance.
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