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  1. The way we used to be able to set Speed in earlier versions of PTE was so much simpler with the Graph. We could link & separate keyframes & being visual was much easier to understand what would happen. Having to use numbers I find more difficult. Jill
  2. I once had an SD card damaged by a card reader and lost all of the photos on it. Since then I have always connected the camera. Jill
  3. connect the camera to the computer via a USB cable. I never use a card reader & always connect via USB for all my devices Jill
  4. Thanks Jean-Cyprien I knew I could copy & Paste the whole PTE file and amend in excel, but never realised I could do it for 1 Object and copy & paste directly from O&A. This could be very useful Even after using PTE for many years you learn something new all the time Jill
  5. Yes & maybe Blur. Also it would be great if we could move a group of Objects all at the same time. I often find, especially when making Menus that I want to shift a group of Text Items to make spce for another. To be able to shift them by selecting & changing the Pan values with the mouse would be really useful. Jill
  6. Brilliant, thanks very much Igor. Look forward to V11 Jill
  7. In Timeline view, position the play head at the point you want. Then as you drag & drop an audio clip, you will see a red line appear. Position the red line next to the play bar & it will drop at that point. You may need to expand the Timeline up to get near, you can always fine tune it afterwards. Jill
  8. Hi Tony, I am sure you are aware that in Windows there are hidden files and folders, which can't be seen unless you turn them on. Is there something similar in Mac? Jill
  9. The other big difference is that the Toast starts with the transition in from the previous slide. Arrows start with the slide already visible. I never use the arrows & always right click in mini preview or will use Toast if I want to see the Transition in. Also I never use the left mouse click to pause but always use the Spacebar which works in all modes. We all work in different ways, so good to have options. Jill
  10. I think most people will have already downloaded the Free Trial version before they buy. You then purchace the Key & just insert it into the Free trial version. When you download the Trial it clearly asks you which version you want, Windows or Mac. The Windows version allows you to switch between Studio & Pro to decide which you want. It is all straightforward & similar to other products that you would download. I think you are trying to make it a lot more complicated than it is Gary. Jill
  11. Most website downloads are like this, you fill in your information, then chose the version platform you require. I don't think there is anything confusing about the way WnSoft works Jill
  12. Gary, as the price is the same for both Mac & Windows you do not need two separate 'Buy Now' links. I would think it will be at the download stage when you chose Mac or Windows. As only the Pro version is available for Mac it doesn't need to say. Jill
  13. your friend will need to download the Mac version. Only the Pro version is available for Mac. The Windows version is available in both studio & Pro versions. The PTE Project file .pte is cross compatible so can easily be transfered between Mac & Windows. Jill
  14. PTE is an excellent product, very easy to use but also extremely powerful. You won't regret buying it. Jill
  15. If you hold down shift when you drag a clip then all the following clips to the right will also move keeping their relationship to each other. Jill
  16. If you wish to align several one lines of text then set the centre to -100 & make sure that Text justification is set to Left. Set up your first line & then copy & paste to get subsequent lines. To scroll it across the screen, you use keyframes. 1st keyframe is the start point, 2nd keyframe is the end point. The longer the distance between the keyframes the longer it will take to scroll. Give it about 10 secs I have never changed the sharper/smoother setting & have no problems with movement. I have been using PTE for more than 15 years. It may appear slightly jerky when viewing in O&A but should be smooth in the final exe. Depends on the speed of your computer. Jill
  17. if you click on Help/About it will tell you the version. you need the pro version to have the volume editing any several other features. Jill
  18. Hold down shift and drag the centre to where you want it. Jill
  19. yes your approach will work fine Jill
  20. Menus are very easy to make. Make a show, that has 'Wait for Keypress to show next Slide' This will keep the Menu on screen while individual shows are running. As mentioned previously, add Text or images for each show you wish to run. For each add an 'Action on Mouse Click' to 'Run Application or Open File' Make sure that all your shows are in the same folder as the Menu. The Menu has to be an exe file, but individual shows can be Exe or MP4 or another Program. Jill
  21. Master, linked video clips do not need to be parent/child. You would only use parent/child if you want the parent to move and the child to follow. Opacity is not inherited so you can't use it for that. Also you only need to use master, linked if you want the same video to run over multiple slides. It is the same video that is linked to itself over the multiple slides. Hope you have now got it working George, using keyframes to bring up the inset video at the point you want. If you are still stuck then send me the files and I can go through it with you. Jill
  22. George, I would adjust the video start/end times by using the pointers under the video . The Offset time is the time into that slide that you want your video to start playing. If your slide has a duration of 30 secs & you want this video to start playing after 20 secs, then set the offset to 00:20.00 The start time is the postion within that video that you want to start If your video is 10 sec long but you only want it start playing at 5 secs, then set the start time ether by dragging the left hand pointer to 5 secs or type 00:05.00 in the start time. Again if you want this video to finish before the normal end the set the end time by dragging the right hand pointer to where you wnat it to stop playing or type in the end time. The Duration of the video will be automatically calculated. Just make sure that the duration is long enough to be able to play all of the video. that you want Jill
  23. Hi George, I also had a similar problem recently, trying to add video with an offset. Thought it was me doing something silly. Like your settings, my video was also showing a duration of zero. Maybe there is a bug somewhere that Igor needs to look at. I ended up taking both videos out & starting again & it then worked. Can't remember the steps to reproduce it. Jill
  24. when you add a video the video soundtrack is automatically added with it, there is no need to do anything else. It is only if you wish to edit the video sound that you need to seperate them. Right click the video in the timeline & select seperate audio from video. This will show it as a sound file on the timeline, it also automatically mutes the sound from the video. You can then adjust the volume/trim etc as needed. Jill
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