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  1. It couldn't be any easier, just click Save or Save As to give it a new name. This saves the .pte file which is all the instructions to build the Sequence. If you mean you want to save all the images, sounds etc as a complete thing then just Create A Template. This makes a Folder with all of the items needed including the .pte file. You can specify where this Folder will be placed in the Manage Templates option Jill
  2. Hi Tim, the various keys only work on the active screen. So you have to click on the zoom screen to mute your mic etc, then click back on your Menu screen to advance the slides etc. It is much easier if you can have the host controlling your mic while screen sharing. Trying to do both gets very messy. Jill
  3. I received an exe file from someone today & it was named 'showname updated.exe' I noticed that the Icon looked different & when I tried to play it, it tried to install the exe I downloaded the file again thinking it may be corrupt, but this time named it as 'showname.exe' without the 'updated' The Icon now looked normal & the show played as expected. I can only assume that having 'updated' in the file name made Windows think it was a Program rather than a file to be played? Just in case anyone else comes across anything similar Jill
  4. if it is an MP3 then check the bit rate - is it CBR or VBR If he has saved the file from Audition then make sure it is CBR - Constant Bit Rate I have had problems with VBR - Variable Bit Rate in the past Jill
  5. you need to click on the the Object in the bottom right hand pane to make it active. If you notice none of the Animation details are showing either. Jill
  6. Snapcam, check to see if there is a .lock file in the project folder. This is generated when a project is opened & sometimes isn't deleted if something goes wrong & PTE doesn't close correctly. if there then Delete the .lock file & see if this helps. Jill
  7. I am sure you have already checked these but - In Project Option/Advanced Tab is Synchronise Sountrack & Slides Ticked?? In Timeline view it will play from wherever the Red Play Bar is positioned. To play the sound from a particular slide the position the Play bar at that point. Jill
  8. Totally agree with you JRR I find the constant zooming that some people use horrible to watch, it makes me feel extremely nauseous & dizzy. You want the viewer to see the content of the images, not how clever you are using effects. When you feel a Zoom is neccessary it is often better to start close & then zoom out slowly to show the whole image. But only use it occasionally. Jill
  9. I use Global times when trying to fit to the the music, although now that we can see the waveform in O&A it is much easier. I have always used Global & rarely use Slide Times - each to their own Jill
  10. You can easily switch between global and slide times using the Tools menu at the bottom of the O&A window. Both are useful depending on what you are doing at the time. Jill
  11. Merry Christmas Igor & all at WnSoft. Thank you for all the work you do to make PTE such a wonderful program. Picture created in PTE from 4 separate images & text. Best Wishes Jill
  12. Laszlo, If you want the whole show to repeat then in Project Options/Control Tab Select Action after last slide - Repeat Show. In the latest versions of PTE you can repeat images, sounds, or video & it only adds the MB once in the exe no matter how many times you use them. Jill
  13. Slide option of Loop should work , I have just tried this. The slide will loop until you press the right arrow key on the keyboard to move it on to the next slide. Repeating the same image(s) in a project does not add volume to the exe Jill
  14. Hi Brian, Glad to hear that you are entering BIAFF. I have also put a couple of entries in & I know that other AV workers are also entering. Use the Publish to HD Video, but set the size to match your image size of 1400x1050 - Select Custom from the drop down Set it to 60p and leave everything else at the default. For those who don't know BIAFF is the British International Amateur Film Festival Get your entry in by today to qualify for Free entry for IAC members. See www.theiac.org.uk Jill
  15. The Bold is much easier to see in the light view of PTE rather than the dark view. Jill
  16. Ideally you shouldn't use an image again in the same AV, people will notice it. PTE already shows you which images are used by marking them in Bold But only those used as main images, anything added in O&A is not marked This is something that has been asked for in the past. Personally I don't have any trouble knowing which images i have used Jill
  17. Agree this could be useful as it does give different effects to just reducing the Opacity. Jill
  18. if you hold down shift the clips will all move together, but this only works for 1 track at a time. To be able to lock a group of clips together on different tracks would be very useful. Maybe CTRL Click to select those we want & then lock them so they would all move as a block. Jill
  19. have you set your Menu slide to wait for keypress? This will keep the Menu slide on screen until you either Esc or move on using the arrow keys on the keyboard If not then the Menu will finish before your AV ends Jill
  20. The results of the 26th Great Northern are now available to view from our website www.gnfestival.org.uk The online event was watched by around 175 people with most watching on all 3 days. Our audience came from Russia, Norway, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, The USA, Canda, Ireland and all 4 nations of the UK. Thank you to Igor for joining us and telling us some of his plans for PTE 11, we look forward to testing next year. Jill
  21. I often copy parts of one project to another, but I always open 2 instances of PTE. One with the original project that I want to copy slides from & a 2nd copy of PTE that I want to paste into. This 2nd copy may or may not already have slides & music present. As long as the sound files are linked to slides being copied I have never had any problems. Jill
  22. Audio ducking can only respond to what has happened & reduces the audio following to whatever level you select. However this works when editing a track. As mentioned above set your sound levels to the correct volume in the first place. Music should be at least 20db below the voice level to be clearly heard. Jill
  23. click on Tools - bottom right of the O&A window. It is one of the options Jill
  24. jkb


    what size are your image? What is your monitor resolution? Jill
  25. Send the WeTransfer to yourself, then post the link here or send to Igor in a PM Jill
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