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  1. A friend has some AV's produced on V10.xxx but the AV's wont play on his elderly WinXP laptop, although AV's he created some years ago - way before V10 still play. The error message he gets when trying to run the latest .exe files is - 'This is not a a valid W32 application'. I am assuming this is because his latest AV's, made in V10, are not compatible with Win XP(32bit) . I did suggest he needs a new laptop! Notwithstanding my suggestion might there be some other explanations that may help?
  2. Eureka. Many thanks for such a prompt answer. I now I have a way forward! I've been using P2e for over 10 years and didn't know you could do that cut, paste and edit trick with a spreadsheet and p2e objects. PS I've just tried this using LibreOffice Calc and its works OK should anyone be interested.
  3. I have a project I am working on where I am looking into animating a lot of objects >200 in one frame. Each object would have a unique start and finish cordinate. Animating this number of pobjects via the standard animation window is a very long task and I wondered if anyone had built any (or knew of any) tools that might simplify this task, if not I'll go to Plan B!
  4. Hi can anyone help. I am one of those people who do not use Excel, only LibreOffice which doesn't support VBA macros. I really could do with a spreadsheet like the pteinfo function. Has anyone any suggestions? Thanks in anticipation, Mike
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