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  1. Jenny Also take a look in the thread called Text Object, where Barry Beckham has just posted a video about keyframes. Regards wideangle
  2. Jenny The file that Dave has uploaded is a Style so you need to import it into PT AV as a style before you can see what it does. The online user guide may be useful for you to browse, to get an idea of what both styles and keyframes are all about. Regards wideangle
  3. Eddie I was starting to type a similar thing, but Barry is quicker off the mark and has just beaten me to it!!! (Barry - could this form an idea for videos, aimed at new users, which are misc and random collections of short sharp snippets of How to Do’s in PT AV Studio, and even Photoshop?) Regards wideangle
  4. Thanks from me too, Paul - really like them! Regards wideangle
  5. I watched the demo video then imported all 10 transitions one by one without closing the window. I got very much the same result as Goddi, with multiple repetitions. (I don't have AVG so I didn't see that message). After closing PTE AV (10.0.11 build 8) and then checking the transitions, only 3 of the 10 were there. The rest had disappeared. I guess it's either a problem with the transitions or a bug in PTE AV. Regards wideangle
  6. Hi Paul These are all very different from the usual thing, and very entertaining. Many thanks as usual, for sharing. Regards wideangle
  7. Bert Yes, in the past I’ve done what Dom suggests, and it should work. It is a good idea to look at your PTE AV Preferences settings. That tells you where you are storing your styles and transitions etc. Regards wideangle
  8. I don’t have the style, but just a thought. Do you need to start the closing sequence with the same two photos you used at the end of the opening sequence? Regards wideangle
  9. Hi Rosemary When I click on the link I see a message which says "Couldn't preview the file", but underneath that is a blue button to click on labelled Download. (I don't see an Unzip file) Regards wideangle
  10. Rosemary Just click on the link that Paul has inserted above the video. Paul A great effect. Many thanks for your generosity - much appreciated. Regards wideangle
  11. Aleina Yes I agree with what you say but the limitation of using a style however is that after applying your main style to your slides you may then wish to tweak some of them by applying another style. As you know, you cannot apply one style on top of another because the second style removes the first one. Regards wideangle
  12. My idea of a template has always been a bit different from the way they are used in PT AV. In PT AV, if you want to do what nickp3 wants, where you would like to replace a set of files (photos) with a different set, then you could adopt Barry’s approach which involves doing work outside PT AV, or you could load the ‘template’ then go into Objects and Animation and replace each file individually (a slow process for 40 images). Other programs use templates with empty placeholders for the images. Rather than storing the original images, the template has empty positions where you can just drag new images in each time you use the template. You could also drag another image over the top if you didn’t like your first choice, and it would be replaced. I suspect that this is what nickp3 has in mind. To me, a template should be a skeleton framework ready to build a new creation, not a structure which holds a full set of images. PT AV uses templates more to create a backup of a project, which is not really necessary because that can be done with the ‘Backup in zip’ feature. Regards wideangle
  13. Hi Sanpier Once you understand the use of keyframes, it becomes easy. 3 lines of text.zip Regards wideangle
  14. Dom Very realistic and a great piece of work. Well done! Regards wideangle
  15. In 10.0.10 Build 8 and 10.0.11 Build 6 with Windows 10, the transitions behave correctly for me. They play for the displayed duration, and if you increase or decrease the duration, the transition slows down or speeds up accordingly. Regards wideangle
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