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  1. SeismicGuy When you click on 'Import Style' make sure that the file you choose to import has the extension ' .ptestyle '. Any other filetype is not a style, and obviously will not do anything. Regards wideangle
  2. Hi thedom Referring to my problem on my laptop, mentioned above, I did a Backup in Zip and transferred the test project to my desktop. On the desktop it ran perfectly correctly, so I guess the issue must be with something related to my laptop, which I will have to investigate later. Thanks. Regards wideangle
  3. Surely this is a no-brainer, or am I missing something here? It's not rocket science to say that the aspect ratio of a show is logically going to be dictated and guided by the device on which it is going to be viewed, rather than the device which produced the original images. Creating a show in anything other than 16x9 seems to be a backward step to me. (Just my opinion!) Regards wideangle
  4. Hi Rosemary I’ve just tracked down a conversation we had many moons ago about using Backup in Zip (see below) [Posted January 8 Hi Rosemary The Backup in Zip is extremely useful generally. I do a Backup in Zip for every project I create. It is a very quick way to create a security backup of your work, as, in one click, it collects together copies of all the files you have used in that project, and zips them together. It’s also handy for transferring a project from, say, a desktop to a laptop. Regards wideangle]
  5. Another great effect, Paul. Thank you. You continue to keep my grandchildren amused. Regards wideangle
  6. Hi TheDom I've just been trying this - very impressive! However, I seem to be seeing a couple of little hiccups. First, should there be another font to install (for the ink droplets)? Secondly, I tried to create a simple headline which seemed to be OK. When I previewed it, the writing began to appear, but parts of the letters had small gaps in them to start with. I'm not sure what's happening there at the moment - using PT AV Studio Pro 10.0.14. Regards wideangle
  7. Ok, but that’s water under the bridge, as they say. Get to grips with PTE AV and you won’t regret it! Regards wideangle
  8. Hi Doug The best advice I can give to you is to forget about MOTV completely. You seem to be trying to do things in PTE AV Studio by following methods you used in MOTV, and they don’t work. You are just ending up being confused and frustrated, which is not a good start! For example, you say that to create a multi-image slide in MOTV you first start by putting all the images in the slide list then go from there. That is not how you do things in PTE. All you do is start with a single slide in the slide list (think of it as a container). You then go into O&A and add your images
  9. Hi Doug You now seem to have grasped the gist of what Styles and Themes are all about. Yes you can apply a Style then go into the Objects and Animations window to tweak it and modify its effect. (It’s also useful just to go into O&A to get an idea of how a Style works). If you modify a Style to suit your needs, you could maybe take it one stage further and define a new Style to include your modifications. Regards wideangle
  10. Paul As usual, many, many thanks. Regards wideangle
  11. Paul Your observation about the slide thumbnail showing a frame from a video is not foolproof. If the video started with zero opacity, no video frame would be displayed. I agree that the O&A window should probably be the window for making the main editing decisions, but that wasn't quite what seismicguy wanted. Regards wideangle
  12. I get what seismicguy is saying, in that he wants a quick, visual way of checking along the slide list to pick out slides that are just videos. ( My crude way is just to look at the duration of slides along the slide list, because my video slide durations tend to be pretty obvious by being numbers like 12.271 etc rather than nice round figures!) The problem with looking at the filetype in the status bar is that you have to click on each slide in turn to display the information, which rather defeats the object of wanting it to be quick. Ditto if you need to rename each slide that contain
  13. As Tom says, you can use Preferences->Toolbars, and tick Filename under the Status Bar settings. When you are working on your project, the status bar will display at the bottom of the screen and indicate whether the file is mp4, jpg etc etc. Customising all the toolbars is very flexible, with many options, and that is why you may think "My screen doesn't look like that" when you are watching various tutorials on PT AV Studio! Regards wideangle
  14. Hi SeismicGuy I get what you are saying, but with unfamiliar software, even intuitive programs are not so intuitive until you start to find your way around them. The more you do that, the more intuitive they become! To really get into this software, and see what it can do, and how to do it, I would certainly recommend spending half an hour here and there to watch some of the free Barry Beckham videos, which you can find under: Tutorials and Video Lessons->PT AV Studio-Tutorials Regards wideangle
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