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  1. Hello, In PTE 10, menu "Add audio or voice", it seems to me that the action "Add voice comment" has no effect ... Should it be deleted ? ThanKs Chris
  2. Bonjour Il faut sélectionner la poignée et appuyer en même temps sur la touche Maj You have to select the handle and press the Shift key at the same time Chris
  3. Creations full of artistic qualities and a realization full of gratitude for Indian art and for a loved one... Chrispiand (translation google ...)
  4. Thanks MUR for theses démo with using ''PTE 9 modifiers" Chris
  5. Congratulations for this history work on well known military songs... Regards from France Chris
  6. Thanks Dave . All is right

  7. Congratulations to the grangpa


  8. Hi Tom with this plugin for Audacity I think it is more easy Regards Chris http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Nyquist_Effect_Plug-ins#Panning_.28random.29 Ramp Panning (panramp.ny) View | Download Author: David R.Sky Evenly pan your stereo audio, starting at one point in the stereo field and ending at another. -10 corresponds to 100% left, 0 to center and +10 to 100% right. Parameters: Start position: from [where -10 - +10, default -10] End position: from [where -10 - +10, default +10]
  9. Hello, After Lin exemples with butterflies, a question on vidéo chroma key and PTE. With a vidéo like attached document who have blue and green areas, is it possible to make this two areas imperceptibles with Chroma key option in PTE ? Best regards Chris
  10. Thank All is right now Best regards Chris
  11. HI Lin Thanks for all yours realizations. But I can't download the file http://www.lin-evans.org/butterfly/butterflypte.zip ....Error 404 ? What is the problem ? Thank again ! Chris
  12. Hy Tom This custom transition works perfectly on my PC with all pictures size. Thanks Chris
  13. Thanks Nobeefstu and all participants. After a second try to reinstall PTE, this time from a new download on webside Wnsoft the videoconverter works correctly. Thank you all. Chris
  14. Hello Thanks Lin but I don't make yourself understood (sorry for my english..) This problem appears with all video files even if I rename them and I have'nt any problem using an other PC. Regards Chris
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