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  1. Thanks Kieron, I was excited about perhaps using the new fan action to create the Quicktime mov with Alpha channel, but at least until now, I can't install Photoshop CC latest version on my system. If I get that resolved, perhaps I'll make another video and demonstrate better how that works with PTE. Best regards, Lin
  2. Hi Tom, I suppose one "could" do it that way, but since the image was created by the PanosFX action in the first place, it's just much easier I think to do it with the action. There are three separate actions which create three types of fan. Two of them are amenable to this template. Dave created an action which as I remember took the individual fan blades as output from Photoshop in the layers to files and assembled them into the animation. There was some problem with accessing them which I think Igor has corrected by using one of his forum backups, but I haven't been able to find the action yet or I would have included it in the tutorial. Best regards, Lin
  3. Hi Folks, This is an older subject revisited because Panos has recently updated his Fan Action so that it can output an animated fan in Photoshop CC by way of exporting to a Quicktime mov format video with alpha channel. This movie, or several can be dropped right in PTE AV Studio 10 and it plays perfectly. It can be placed over a still image or another video and the Quicktime video can be moved, keyframed, sized, positioned, etc., very easily with PTE AV Studio 10. However, not everyone has Photoshop CC but you can still use your version of Photoshop or Elements to output a static fan. This static fan can then be output from even older versions of Photoshop as individual fan blades which can then either be plugged into my template or with Dave G's style, used to create the animation of opening and closing in PTE AV Studio 10. This video shows you how to do that once you have followed Panos' instructions to create the static fan. Also I have links to my template as well as a zipped rtf text file (open with any text editor) which verbally explains the process. Those who don't speak English can use Google Translate and translate into their native language. I think everyone will be able to follow along O.K. First the links to the zipped rtf file and the tempate. Hopefully Dave will also provide a link to his style which also makes it even easier to do. Lin http://www.lin-evans.org/panos/fan template rtf.zip Then the link to the template http://www.lin-evans.org/panos/fan template.zip
  4. Gary, DPI mean absolutely NOTHING unless you're printing the image. A 72 dpi image or a 300 dpi image are identical except for the "tag" that is used by printing devices. This has absolutely NOTHING AT ALL to do with image quality or the appearance of an image. The only relevant thing is the image pixel dimensions. It the pixel dimensions are different, then the appearance might be different, but this "dpi" tag is totally irrelevant. Best regards, Lin
  5. Bob, When you add text, look just above the text block that says "text" and you'll see a white bar. Double click this bar and chose any color you wish for your text. Lin
  6. There is no other way to say this: Adobe does not have the interest of their customer base in mind! Because the Quicktime MOV video with alpha channel that Photoshop puts out works perfectly with PTE AV Studio 10/10 Pro, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase Adobe CC and pay the monthly fee. My system is top of the line with a very fast Intel i7 processor, 32 Gigabytes of RAM an nVidia 1660 ti video card with 6 Gigabytes of RAM and a 4K Samsung display. It all works perfectly. So after giving them my credit card information and purchasing the monthly CC and latest version of Photoshop I went to download and install it. Imagine my surprise when I received a message telling me that my "system" would not run Photoshop. With some deeper digging, I discovered that unless one has Windows 7 - 64 bit or the latest version Windows 10, Photoshop will not install. That means people with Windows 8 or 8.1 which I use, simply can't install the latest Photoshop. Several revisions ago, Photoshop CC worked perfectly with Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.0. People who were on the CC payment plan, however, discovered that if they were running Windows 8 they could NOT updated their CC version even though Adobe continued to take their money. It's not that the latest CC versions won't "run" on Windows 8 because they will. It's because Adobe will not allow the user to install the latest versions on systems running 8.0 or 8.1 or older Windows version 10. They have effectively decided that they would simply skip versions of 8 and that users of 10 would have to updated to the latest version if they want Photoshop to install. Adobe is well aware of this and will do NOTHING to correct it. I simply cancelled my subscription and that's it. I refuse to be forced into a different operating system just to run the Creative Cloud latest Photoshop version when multiple users who were running Win 7/64 could get it to run when it was already installed and they upgraded to Windows 8 or 8.1. There is PLENTY of chatter on the various forums about this. Sorry Adobe, I don't need you, there are plenty of other options which run just fine on my Win 8.1 system On the other hand, you have alienated a statistically significant size of your user base. Good luck! Lin
  7. As in my PM - damned Photoshop CC won't install on my Win 8.1 system. I bought then cancelled a subscription. It installs on Win 7 64 bit and on the later but not earlier versions of Win 10. I give up. I'm not changing the operating system just to run a subscription based Adobe product. It's too bad, I like the idea of being able to create a Quicktime Alpha channel MOV, but I just won't jump through hoops for a company which elected to simply "skip" two versions of Windows. People who have installed it on Win 7 say it's not that it won't "run" on Win 8 or 8.1, it will. Adobe just won't install it on either. Best regards, Lin
  8. Several years ago, PanosFX created a Photoshop action which created any of three fan designs which users could use to place their own images on. theDom and I decided to create templates to allow animation of these fans with PicturesToExe. Dave G also created a neat style and we had fun outputting separate PNG blades with transparency from Photoshop then combining these fan blades into an animated opening and closing. It was a bit tedious because when a user created a new fan and used Photoshop to output the individual fan blades, to use them with either the style or templates required either renaming each blade or replacing all 19 blades one at a time in the template. However, the output was fun and we could then put the animated fan in PTE under a controlling frame and control it as desired. Fast forward to now. Panos has created a new Photoshop action which lets the user not only output their choice of image on the fans, but output the fans to a Quicktime MOV format alpha channel Video which performs the very action that we created with PTE years ago. It's quick and easy and a fun thing. I don't have a later version of Photoshop so I wrote to Panos and asked if he would mind linking me to a single small video output by Photoshop so I could test it with PTE. Panos sent me one this morning and it works PERFECTLY with PTE. The Quicktime MOV video with Alpha Channel transparency can just be dropped under a controlling frame in PTE and voila! Thanks Panos and thanks Igor - PTE works perfectly with this Quicktime transparency video from Photoshop! Best regards, Lin
  9. Bob, Here are 14,480 individual tiny video screens simultaneously playing videos while the icosahedrons rotate and zoom and the Earth rotates in the background. All accomplished with PTE AV Studio 10. It's a totally amazing product which can do incredible animations. Some of the recent converts from Producer such as Paul and Aleina have shown how quickly they were able to adapt to the PTE way of doing things with their beautiful animations, etc. Best regards, Lin
  10. Hi Bob, Let me make you a little video tutorial. You don't put them into the slide list as "layers" you put one in the slide list or a blank slide them add them in Objects and Animations. Give me a half hour and I'll show you exactly how it's done. You can do amazing animations with PTE - I'll also demonstrate one of the styles used to animate and solve a Rubik's cube. As soon as I get it finished, I'll upload to YouTube and edit this post so you'll find it right here.. Best regards, Lin
  11. It sounds like perhaps you have png files defaulted to open in some other program. Right click on one and choose "properties" then see what it says and let me know. We really have no problems at all opening png files with transparency so something's not quite right here. What version of Windows are you running? Try this png file with transparency and see if it has the same flower icon: Best regards, Lin
  12. The good thing - if there can be a good thing right now - is that the old and thoroughly tested malaria drug hydroxychloroquine coupled with zinc sulfate and azithromycin has proven effective when given early on in the development of the disease. Though there have not been time for exhaustive studies, there are over 1000 patients who are definitely improved and have not needed to be hospitalized with the five day protocol. Although there are the typical skeptics who downplay and complain, there has not been a single death among those treated with this drug cocktail. It's been approved by the FDA and may be the salvation needed. This is also being used by a healthy number of doctors and nurses and other hospital employees as a prophylactic to avoid contracting Covid-19. Other combinations of drugs are being evaluated and tested with various efficacy. Best regards, Lin
  13. Love it Tom - actually, it was a golf cap he wore and he forgot to take it off for the National Anthem - LOL. He began wearing it because he had long hair and wanted to keep it out of his face then continued because it had become a part of his identity. Dave always considered himself a miler and set an NCAA record which I think may still stand. He took up running because as a child he was weak and his doctor told him to take up a sport like running. His finish in that 800 meter final at the Olympics was something else wasn't it? Excellent job with both the graphics and the video! Good suggestion to Never Give Up... Soon this virus pandemic will be over and folks can get back to their routines... Best regards, Lin
  14. Hi Bob, PTE can use any PNG file which has had the background made transparent. Take your original image into your image editor such as Photoshop and make the background transparent. Load this file into PTE and you will have an object with transparency surrounding it. No need for a mask to do this. If you have Photoshop just open your file and get the image size. Then select all and copy this file. Then click on "File" "New" and make it RGB Color with Transparent Background and the same dimensions as revealed for your original. Paste your copied file to this new image and use the eraser tool to erase all background except what you want to show. Save the creation as a PNG file and open it in PTE. The background will be transparent allowing any image it's placed on to be seen through the transparency portion. No need to make the image a "child" just go to the Objects and Animations screen and add this image and move it to the top layer. If you have problems doing this, let me know and I'll make you a little video tutorial... Best regards, Lin
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