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  1. Thanks Aleina, I had fun putting it together. Best regards, Lin
  2. Done using RGBA Alpha Channel Video, Chroma Key Extracction Video, And Video Masking With Video Matt etc,. Used ParticleIllusion To Create RGBA Alpha Channel For Bubbles In Champagne Glass. Used David Fitzpatrick's CaptionsAlive Pro To Create Alpha Channel Text And Video Matt. Done With PTE 9 But Would Have Been Easier With PTE AV Studio Because I Wouldn't Have Needed To Change Uncompressed AVI To WMV Format. Just A Fun Experiment Folks - Plenty To Like About PTE. Best regards, Lin
  3. Hi Rosemary, Go ahead and join YouTube so you can post shows when you have questions. I'm linking the file that Richard put on dropbox below. Just download and install this file. Open PTE and put in an image into the slides. Click on "Slide Options" then at the bottom left "Manage Transitions." Choose "Import Transitions" and navigate to your downloaded "Curved Star.pteeff" and choose it. You should then find it among the available transitions. Best regards, Lin Curved Star.pteeff
  4. Hi Rosemary, Do you have any videos on YouTube or Vimeo? If so, just copy the code and paste it in an answer here and it will embed the video.. Best regards, Lin
  5. Hi Rosemary, If you could provide a short sample - just a single slide or two video with this ending transition, I'm sure we can create a simple duplicate in terms of a slide style to end with. Normally, there is no transition at the end of a show - just a blank slide, but it would be easy to create a style which you could apply to the last slide or to a blank slide but we would need to see a sample. Best regards, Lin
  6. Works perfectly !!! Thanks Igor and development team !!!! Best regards, Lin
  7. LOL - Barry's the "Mate" with the British "Bloke's" accent !!! Actually, he does such a great job of speaking that about anyone who speaks English can easily understand him. I can't speak well at all after my stroke - one never misses the water until the well goes dry they say. Even when I could speak normally (for me), my voice wasn't well suited for making tutorials. I've always been amazed with the fact that Barry doesn't need any "fillers" (uh, ummm, etc.) and doesn't stumble over his words like the majority of us. Best regards, Lin
  8. Hi Pascal, Sorry we've gotten far sidetracked from your post. The particle idea and execution is excellent and a great feature to have with PTE. I think it's an ideal way to add this feature in the way of styles and will be very much used and appreciated, Hopefully this type feature will eventually become a part of future PTE releases. Until then your idea is fantastic and should be promoted. If you post some examples I'll see to it that any future postings stay on track and not get hijacked by other interests! Best regards, Lin
  9. But Inova, what you show in the link (Handwritten Text) was not done by Proshow. It's not a native Proshow feature. You see, I've been a Proshow user since Proshow was first introduced. I was a beta tester for the very first software called "Proshow" before Proshow Gold and long before Proshow Producer. I'm very well aware of the capabilities and limitations of the software. Like many of the users of Producer, PTE users also enjoy the capability of using David Fitzpatrick's software as well as BluffTitler and other software which neither Producer nor Gold could use such as ParticleIllusion because neither could use the RGB Alpha Channel which PTE has been able to use for many years. As Dave G has mentioned. The developers of PTE plan to introduce additional text effect with future versions of PTE but even now you can create amazing text animations with this program with a little study and more understanding of what is possible. Some of the things you could work on are understanding that you have misconceptions about how PTE works. It has had the ability to run continuous animated GIF's since version 5 many years ago. Not only can you run the animated GIF files continuously, you have control over the actual construct of the animated GIF. You don't have that with Producer. When the same image is used more than once there is no additional memory penalty over the first image. Likewise for videos. With PTE you can seamlessly run an entire video while still images are sequencing. Unlike Producer, there is no break and re-start of the video with each new still image. Take your time and learn the possibilities and avoid jumping to invalid conclusions which you have done now in several cases. Best regards, Lin
  10. Inova, You mean like this? Lin
  11. PTE does not loop videos, but PTE plays animated GIF files as "endless" as any software anywhere - once again - you have much yet to learn about PTE Inova. There are many ways to create text animations with PTE. Look at the samples which have been posted. Perhaps the animated text in the samples is not the type of animations you are looking for, but show me any other software which can do what PTE can with text please! Below a few samples of text animation with PTE... Done entirely with PTE - no other software. Best regards, Lin
  12. Hi Pascal, The little example was done with David Fitzpatrick's Highlighter Pro which is the software used to create the effect in Proshow examples on YouTube and Vimeo which you may have seen. There is no way to create these effects directly in Proshow Producer. Highlighter Pro uses a sequence of bmp files which are created in paths created by the user by clicking with the mouse. Once the user has decided how many dots and where to place them, there are options to increase the number, spread them out, change their size on each or all paths, and how long they are displayed, etc., Then these bmp files are converted to non-compressed avi videos. It can be seen and downloaded and evaluated on the link below. Highlighter Pro comes in a three-pack with two other nice software packages CaptionsAive Pro and VisiSketch Pro for a very reasonable price. Best regards, Lin https://mediadigitronics.com/
  13. It could be done this way also, but then that also requires other software than PTE... Best regards, Lin
  14. Hi Inova, There is no penalty in PTE for repeating an image or a video for that matter. I've created shows with over 36,200 individual videos running simultaneously and they work fine in either exe or video format. You can download one on Slideshow club which has a 14,480 videos playing on four zooming, rotating icosahedrons each with 3620 individual video screens playing videos simultaneously. The particle generation doesn't make PTE even break a sweat. You need to quit thinking as if you were using Producer. PTE works differently. I explained that to you on another thread but I don't think you have wrapped you mind around the differences. There is NO PENALTY for using the same image on any number of layers. It's only coded once. Look at the sample on slideshow club and ask yourself how it's possible to have 14,480 simultaneous videos playing on zooming rotating objects. If each took only 100K how much RAM do you think it would take to display 32,600? Do the math... I'm not understanding your sample which isn't a particle generation but just a repeating sequence image? To use this concept as a particle generator with the same type effect, you would need to first create the image to be repeated then create 800 layers and their respective keyframes. Best regards, Lin
  15. It's possible that a reluctance to use Save For The Web stems from the warning given when trying to save larger file sizes this way. I'm not certain whether this warning is universal for all versions of Photoshop or only for older versions, but if one attempts to save for the web with CS5 and is using a 24 mp image at 3:2 aspect ratio (6000x4000 pixels) the following warning is produced: Perhaps those using higher megapixel cameras are put off by this and reluctant to use this? Just guessing... Best regards, Lin
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