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  1. Yes, Igor, it definitely should. But it didn't. Sorry.
  2. Installing the latest update via the automatic update changed many of my preferences (like double-clicking a slide in the slide list to open O&A editor, clicking the X in the upper right corner to return to the main window). I had to search through the settings menu to find all the changes to set things back to the way I like them. First time it's happened. Can't remember if I've just always downloaded the new .exe and installed myself or if I ever used the auto update from within PTE before without problems. In any case, an unexpected annoyance!
  3. Hi Paul, You can also open your slide in the O&A editor and on the "Properties" tab in the bottom "Common" section under "Fit mode" select "Cover" without the need for zooming your slide. If by chance all of the slides in your project are 4:3 and you want them all to fit 16:9, you can go to your "Project Options" under the "Default" tab and tick the "Cover" box and apply it to all slides in your project. Here's a simple style that will cover a 16:9 screen with any size aspect ratio file (4:3 or 3:2 or whatever) and then apply the sepia filter. If you don't like the exact placement of any of the individual slides, you can still modify them in the O&A editor with either "Image Crop" on the Properties tab or Pan or Framing on the Animation tab. You have lots of options. Mary Sepia Cover.ptestyle
  4. Gary, Wondering if the issue is not a function of the particular TV. Most TVs have something that resembles a "Format" setting where it can be changed from "Normal" to "Stretch" to "Fill" or whatever. Typically this comes into play if you are watching a non-HD TV show which will display as a 4:3 square in the middle of the screen. You can change the format to fill the screen in a number of ways. Stretch makes people look sort of fat. Fill (if I remember correctly), cuts off the tops and bottoms of the display. Can't remember what the other options are or do. I have run into this in my RV because I have an HD-TV but only a "standard" satellite dish. If I watch programs from my over-the-air antenna, which are typically broadcast in HD, I don't need any adjustments but if I watch a program via my DIRECTV box, I have to fiddle with the format of the TV to see programs in the most pleasing manner for me. Same thing happens with standard DVDs. Perhaps you could have someone load your show and fiddle with the "Format" settings to see if they have any effect. Just a thought.
  5. Happy New Year to you, Igor, and your great looking -- and extremely talented team! Thanks for the latest version and for all the hard work put in to make the final release product something you can be proud of and something we can use that is pretty much without bugs and functions as advertised. This is so different from many other software program updates released to the public long before they are really ready for general distribution. And to all of my fellow forum members, Happy New Year to you too! I look forward to everyone's continued participation here and the sharing of so much information and the many valuable styles, templates and tutorials. 2019 was not the best year for me and I know it was difficult for several others here. I hope that 2020 will be a better year for all of us.
  6. mhwarner


    Very nice! Thank you for sharing!
  7. Lovely show and very relaxing to watch! You have a such a great eye for composition. Loved the various reflections, especially the one with ice at the edges in the late afternoon light. Thank you again for sharing!
  8. What a lovely collection of images! I was really moved by the exquisite lightening in some of them. And of course, the scenery is spectacular. You have put it all together with your usual attention to the details, fades and movement of the images. Would love to hear a bit more about the actual locations. I am never disappointed when I download your shows and they are always "Keepers". Hope you and yours are doing well.
  9. Nicely done! I really liked the opening you have created. These are some of my favorite places as well. Living in the US Southwest provides us so many photographic opportunities.
  10. Thanks to Igor and team for resolving all the issues we discovered along the way! Many other photo processing / presentation software companies tend to release half-baked software and then let the general public users find any problems which may or may not get fixed in due course. It is so refresing to have Igor and his team work through 36 Betas and 4 release candidates to get everything working just right before an actual software release. I am sure I speak for those of us forum members who have gone through this iteration process in saying "Congratulations on a job well done -- and thanks for listening to us!
  11. Gary, Thanks for the Route Generator link. I too like to add maps to my videos and have created some with PowerDirector or in PTE with Photoshop layers and masks -- a bit of a pain. I always put a map on the back of the photobooks I create. FYI, there is another app that you might find interesting: Geo Photo for creating maps if your camera has GPS or you take snaps with a phone to store locations. Mary
  12. Nicely done, Gary! And it appears that your efforts with this show in Beta 10 have been instrumental in helping Igor and his team in solving quite a few issues with this new version. We are adventuresome too, but some of those roads would have put my heart in my mouth. Loved the hairy cows and I especially liked the steam train segment. Your map was wonderfully done. Mind sharing exactly how you did it? Looks like another trip of a lifetime for you two (and it seems like you've got quite a few under your belt now). I am envious! Thanks so much for sharing!
  13. Hi Igor, SUCCESS! In PreBeta 33 it appears that all of the issues I had previously encountered have been resolved. Drag and drop is very smooth, no blinking triangles either in scrolling the slide window left and right or in scrolling in the file window. Also no blinking triangles when viewing a slide in O&A to which I had applied the style attached at the top of this thread. I have even switched between several different large folders in the same project, including one with 3,378 files, without any difficulties. You folks have done a wonderful job in resolving these issues. Thanks! Mary
  14. In Beta 32 I do not experience any of the problems discussed above NO MATTER WHAT SIZE THE FOLDER -- if I switch to table view. This includes, viewing in the O&A window or scrolling back and forth in the slides window. As soon as I switch to thumbnail view the flashing rectangles begin again. I did not experience any problems, even in thumbnail view with the style or the flashing rectangles in a folder of 133 items which did include some canon raw files. I guess the problem lies somewhere in the creation of thumbnails for folders with lots of files.
  15. Style is attached to 3rd post at the top of this thread. Called Collage 4F. Same response as video and screenshots of task manager.
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