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  1. Not sure exactly what I was expecting when I saw "Balloon Transition", Tom, but these are really cool and will be great for travel slide shows. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Actually there are several styles in the "Basic" tab of styles which are "Ken Burns" styles. They are just not called by that name. There are 4 "Pan" styles and 2 "Zoom" styles (at the bottom). They do the same thing. The only thing you would want to be careful of is to either set the Project Options under Defaults for the slides to "Cover" or to set it in the O&A screen for individual slides if you haven't applied it to the entire project. The Ken Burns theme automatically sets the individual slides to "Cover" but the Basic styles do not. If you're using images that you have already
  3. Thanks Paul! Very nice. I am also curious about the other transitions (quarters, thirds, etc.) with the white lines. Are they available somewhere for sale or download?
  4. Thanks for pointing this out wideangle! I did not realize this. Probably because I don't usually apply styles or themes to noncontiguous slides.
  5. Rather than offering yet another explanation, I suggest you take the time to view this video. Also, for the Ken Burns theme, I have discovered that you DO NOT need 8 slides. It will work with any number. In addition, you can also chose a single slide, or multiple slides (not necessarily contiguous even) and go to "Styles and Themes", click the "Styles" button, choose "Basic" and then use any of Zoom In, Zoom Out, Pan Left, Pan Right, Pan Up, Pan Down (which is essentially what the Ken Burns effect is) and have even more control over which slides have which motion. The "Theme" is just a qui
  6. Nicely done, Maureen! You've captured some lovely light in those photographs and the presentation is very relaxing. Hopefully, you'll be able to capture some new travel photos again sometime in 2021. That is my hope too! Hope you are doing well!
  7. Great video for all the new people coming from other programs. I tried to explain using themes for somebody in another thread, but this is much easier for folks to comprehend.
  8. Easy, peasy! Select some number of slides, click on the "Styles and Themes" button at the bottom of the program. When the dialog opens, click the "Themes" button at the bottom. Choose "Main" in the left-hand column (it may be the only choice if you haven't added any themes of your own). Choose "Ken Burns effect". It says you need 8 slides, but it will actually work with fewer slides. You have options to "shuffle" the effects and/or modify some of the settings. You should be off and running. Maybe it could be documented better (although Igor added it in 2019) but the more descriptive yo
  9. There are several templates for such a thing around, though I am not sure about the mouse control. Since it would be on her website, I assume it would have to be an mp4 and I don't think you can do mouse control with that. Here are links to a few: https://www.pteavstudio.com/forums/topic/24081-art-show-wintage-style/ and here:https://www.pteavstudio.com/forums/topic/24058-art-show-style/. However, to allow mouse control, you might look into 360 degree photos such as you see on FB or other apps. You can use the mouse there to move around the image and thus use it to display several works o
  10. Beautiful photographs! Did you take them?
  11. I second that!! I couldn't have said it better.
  12. Aleina, Thank you so much for your very kind comments. Jim was a wonderful person and I miss him so much, especially during this holiday season.
  13. Paul, don't be such an ass. I hope that translates. It was only a thought. I have done enough work in PTE to be able to figure it out myself. It was just wishful thinking and I thanked the author for sharing his creation. If you are going to speak for him, try to be a little less combative.
  14. Thank you for your explanation and for sharing your style.
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