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  1. Thanks Dom! Exactly what I was hoping for. I appreciate you making the changes.
  2. Thanks so much, Dom! Will look for them and purchase tomorrow.
  3. Hi Dom, Another great template! Before I purchase, just wondering how difficult it will be to remove the sepia or black and white effect on the photos before/during transition. I simply want the original color pictures at all times. Thanks! Mary
  4. Any chance of getting these transitions in a .zip file? I don't have anything that will open .rar files. Thanks!
  5. Hi Nick, There are a number of free templates here which include images. https://beckhamdigital.photo/templates/ There are also demos of the templates as well as an instruction video on how to use them. They are free but I'm sure Barry would appreciate a small donation if you choose to use them.
  6. Thanks for the tip Dom! I knew it was something easy that I missed. And yes, it was your pan style that I used for a series of shots I took with my phone. I really like that little bit of difference that your pan style provides! Thanks again for sharing it.
  7. Thanks Dave! Could you please tell me how to do that. I tried pasting the embed code but all I saw was the code. What am I missing? Thanks in advance!
  8. Very cool! Thank you so much for sharing! Although I am not into creating children's photography or shows, I enjoy watching your animations.
  9. Thanks JRR for your comments. I agree with your suggestion on the text. I was just in a hurry to complete something for my friends and keep the file size small because my internet upload connection was very slow at the time.
  10. The temperature was 100 degrees F, we have had no rain for several months and there is lots of dried vegetation. Some idiot was apparently dragging loose chains on his vehicle or trailer which sparked and resulted in this scary fire on the hillside across from my house the other night. Thankfully, a great team of firefighters from a number of different agencies was able to put it out before any serious damage was done. I did not spend too much time on this show syncing music or whatever but thanks to the amazing capabilities of PTE AV I was able to quickly get something together for friends and family on my Facebook page. Hope you enjoy it and be thankful if you don't live where such wildfires are a fact of life in the summertime. I know there's a way to directly embed the Youtube video but I can't figure it out. If someone could enlighten me, I would appreciate it!
  11. Hi Dom, I much prefer the styles in your second video. I had comments much the same as others here after watching the first video, but you seem to have addressed most of them. My only comment on this last one would be the background movement in the 3rd sequence (with the polaroids with the text labels) is that I find the movement of that background annoying. I find moving the background slowly up or down or sideways less distracting. These styles are a great step up from your "photospile" template offered a few weeks ago. I hope we will have the option to use our own background -- even a blurred image would be nice too. You really have an incredible imagination and the skill to be able to translate your ideas into finished works of art. Mary
  12. Aleina, I like the basic book style and would find a template or set of styles very useful. I can't help you with the animation stuff. It is cute and I'm sure many would be interested in it but I probably would not use it in my shows as I do mostly only travel and landscapes. Thanks for sharing it and I hope you will publish a book style. Mary
  13. Bruno, Thanks very much for the tutorial. The various text effects were interesting and I was especially intrigued by the map with the moving route. Even though I understand no French, it was still easy to follow.
  14. Thanks Tom! Nicely done!
  15. Thanks for the explanation, Dom. I understand perfectly now about the size needed for the total 16:9 viewing screen. I'm also happy to hear about selecting page colors, textures, etc. Please look at your private messages to see another idea I have sent you. Mary
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