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  1. Thank you very much Paul. I will study these transitions.
  2. Thank you Paul, but would it be possible to get a zip file, wich is a standard compressed format for Windows ? RAR is a non standard format and I'm reluctant to install a non standard product on my PC.
  3. Exactly the same thing for me. Under PTE 10, when I import "Mega Transitions Pack.pteeff" nothing is added into the transiution window and there is not any new transition added to PTE. If I try to import the transition pack under PTE 9 I get an error message.
  4. I'm not a specialist but it seems possible.
  5. A VU-meter is very useful when we want to mix audio levels directly under PTE. Today I use Audacity in background when I want to adjust audio levels under PTE. May be it is not necessary to develop a specific one for PTE and it is just necessary to accept free plugins.
  6. Oups ! I didn'y know that we have just to click on the link to see the effect.
  7. It would be nice to put a short video to show us what is it.
  8. You will find a TIFF file from the Nikon Z6 http://bga.cga.free.fr/Poste/2001_Janvier/200207_084715.TIF This TIFF file is typical from all the Nikon DSLR. I remind everybody that using a tiff file on a DSLR is counterproductive, but it will be a good point to have PTE supporting this format. In my opinion, if we want to please to the Proshow users, this is not the main point. Proshow users generally incorporate in their projects full size images, from 24 to 100 Mo each. When proshow creates an exe file, Proshow creaye for each view JPG images at the appropriate size according to the defined screen project. It would be nice to have this option in PTE generations.
  9. Here a short video showing how to proceed, even ifg there is an other style used for a view.
  10. This style to create a reflect from an image The video is in french, but I presume that it is easy to follow for PTE users. REFLECT.zip
  11. Hi. After readinfg this topic, I created this style for miroring. The video is in french, but I presume that it is easy to follow for PTE users.
  12. Very nice job, Lin. This reminds me that I forgot to present this style on the french PTE forum. I plan to do so in the coming days.
  13. Happy ney year for all the team.
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