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  1. Thank you Berny, Tauratinzwe and thedom. If I have time, I'll put some minor updates next week.
  2. I posted a style called "Showroom" in December 2018 on the french forum Diapositif.net Here is the demonstration for version 1. And here is the style. SHOW-ROOM.ptestyle And 3 videos explaining (in french) how to modify the style in a project.
  3. Very intersting ! Thank you very much !
  4. hello. It would be nice to have a new field in the "Properties" tab, called something like "User's comments". When we build a complex project it will be very useful. Often when I take back a project made several years ago, I find frames or images which seem useless and I spend a long time trying to remember why it is there.
  5. This is the draft for the monoslide version. http://bga.cga.free.fr/Poste/2001_Janvier/Photo Album MonoSlide.zip I don't know when I will achieve it, because from now I have no use of this style, so feel free to modify and transform it as you want !
  6. Hi, sanpier. You will find the style in this topic:
  7. After a fast checking, my model is feasible in only one slide. I'll work on it but it will take several days more, maybe one week because it is not my priority. Aleina, in my future one slide model there are duplicated frames, but each photo and each texte is unique and selectable with the mouse. I plan to share my work (not only the style, but the initail project) in about one week. I can also send you my project as it is if you can't wait, because I noticed you work better and faster than me !
  8. Hi Aleina. My album is in multiple slides. It is almost achieved but I have some work to adjust bindings. It is possible to make something similar with only one slide, but you have to separate odd and even pages and synchronise their movements. You will find here attached a project made in 2011with only one slide. http://bga.cga.free.fr/Poste/2001_Janvier/LIVRE_MULTIPAGES_Goya.zip
  9. This is the way I usualy work. I prepare a view with a duration of 3 seconds and only one keypoint at the begining and an other at the end to perform a simple animation. Then I duplicate the view and move the keypoint from the end to the begining, and I crate a new keypoint at the end for the next simple animation.
  10. Congratulation Igor, for you and all your staff !
  11. Thank you for the sharing, Manuel. I'll try to remember this animation which can be very useful.
  12. Thank you for your comments. Now this project runs fine as a style. I'll start to work on the shadows during the coming days.
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