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  1. Yes Paul, but you are a champion ! I didn't know that the blur control was inherited by the children. Thank you, I learned something !
  2. I tried this morning and it took me less than 15 minutes from scratch, but I am an advanced user. For a beginner, it is something difficult but there are several tutos explaining how to achieve it.
  3. Thanks Paul. Really a great style ! I already used it on my last PTE Show !
  4. Very impressive ! Congratulations !
  5. Recording at home with a USB micro is easy. The dificulties comes ouside for video recording.
  6. I confirm ! And on a technical point of view, I never found the perfect way to record and edit it, but it is still better than displaying a text on the screen.
  7. Excellent, Barry ! A very pedagogical lesson !
  8. Thank you Berny, Tauratinzwe and thedom. If I have time, I'll put some minor updates next week.
  9. I posted a style called "Showroom" in December 2018 on the french forum Diapositif.net Here is the demonstration for version 1. And here is the style. SHOW-ROOM.ptestyle And 3 videos explaining (in french) how to modify the style in a project.
  10. Very intersting ! Thank you very much !
  11. hello. It would be nice to have a new field in the "Properties" tab, called something like "User's comments". When we build a complex project it will be very useful. Often when I take back a project made several years ago, I find frames or images which seem useless and I spend a long time trying to remember why it is there.
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