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  1. AhHa ... thanks - that was NOT what I was expecting - which explains why it didn't do what I thought it 'might'. Thanks for the input.
  2. Can anyone explain how "Transparent to Selection" works ? See the option on the Properties tab of [Object & Animation] I am thinking if you have 2 layers), then if on the top layer you enable this option AND somehow indicate a colour, that colour will become transparent, allowing the under-slide to show through - sort of like a chroma key. nb Chroma key is not enabled for static images, only videos. jc
  3. Hi Igor - just following up on the meta tags development issue. jc
  4. Thanks Igor - your last post nailed it - that was the problem .... so we are off and running. jc
  5. My colleague, Randy, is working on the Win version and he again tried to load in the project after updating to 10.5.3. He's getting the same error as before - which is the screenshot attached. I was able to UnZip the archive on my VM Win machine and open and inspect the PTE file with BBEDIT - and I can see those filenames embedded in [SLIDE3], [SLIDE4] .... etc Am I doing something wrong on the Mac when I create the backup ? Same WeTransfer download, as above, if you need it again.
  6. Igor - thanks for that. Didn't seem to make a difference. I also updated my VM to the most recent level I could, which is Win 10 PRO 20H2 - and no improvement after trying it a bunch of different ways. It might even be conflicting with something I, alone, have in my Parallels. But let's mark this as CLOSED. It's such a niche situation - and it's only because I don't have a real Win machine to do some testing for my colleague - so I wouldn't want you to spend any more time on it. However, see my other issue which is continuing to cause us a problem. thanks, jc
  7. As I was trying to research how to transfer a project .zip file from my Mac M1 to a Windows user, I decided to install PTE on Windows 10 ver 1803 on my Intel MacPro 6,1 so I could play with PTE under Windows (and experiment transferring projects back-and-forth) as I no longer have any real Wintel hardware except for Parallels on my macPro. Installation was fine - but every time I started PTE it would run for a few seconds (displaying the Activate / Continue With Trial box; then it would freeze and then about 15 seconds later it would crash and disappear. I tried with 10.5.3 and Beta 10.5.4. I re-installed Parallels Tools and installed Parallels 17. I am running on Win 10 #1803 which is about 18 months old because updates to Win for me after that broke something else - so I want to stay at that level. That being said, is there anything I can send / diagnose or whatever to assist you in figuring out why it freezes/crashes at this point. All the rest of my apps on that Win installation are running fine on this version of Windows; Firefox is fine; internet and network access is fine. (Yeah, I appreciate this is a very *dumb* and niche and potentially very low priority problem) - but it's the only way at present I can play with the back-and-forth. thoughts ? jc
  8. I created a project on my Mac M1 and tried to provide it to a Win user by creating a "Backup in .zip". Opening it on Win 10, all the image files were 'missing' (and appeared to reference Mac-style file names). Here is a link to the project .zip file - about 810MB - so it's a WeTransfer link that will be available till about Sept 4th. https://we.tl/t-gJDKY9gvuc I do recall this as a compatibility issue some months ago (and I have searched the forum for it and can't find it) - but I had thought this was resolved. If not, what is the recommended way to share a project+image files from Mac to Win ??? August 2021. Please see my next note about PTE on Mac/Parallels as I tried to resolve this. Separate issue.
  9. Igor - it's now Aug 30th and I haven't been able to reproduce the problem, either, since first reporting it. So, please close this issue. If it occurs again, I'll be more careful to conserve the problem project and send it to you - but since the 11th of August I've pushed PTE very hard and haven't seen it again (despite all that, one did really balloon to over 150GB one night ..... strange gremlins). jc
  10. thanks for confirming that. appreciated
  11. thanks - got it - I was hung up on doing it on the first slide - but as you suggested, it works fine.
  12. I did just finish a project I was working on for about a week - and I've archived it to a .zip. I even moved it over to my MacPro from my Mini to test re-opening and rendering it...but my question is "How are Styles and Themes used in a project encoded in the .zip". Are they rendered/reduced to an atomic 'animation' such that the original Style/Theme is no longer editable or is the Theme/Style (esp if a custom or 3rd party) somehow embedded in the .pte file. The relevance here is that after completing a project I want to put it all away with everything that was used to build it so I could revise it if necessary. The original files on the drive system might get deleted or moved - so having them in the archive is important ... but what else is in there - and how is it stored ?
  13. Hi Igor-just 8am here in Toronto...I was working on 'the project' till 2 last night so I have not had time to work on them em leak problem....trying to get the project to a first draft.....fortunately the problem has not affected me. I will try and put the test case together for you this morning and send it along....and follow up on your suggestions. jc
  14. I left one running overnight - and it grew....so I think I can send this one along in the next day or so.
  15. I can't seem to get the Chroma key to work in 10.5.2. If have a slide which is a video - say 10 seconds I add a second video which is the (green) chroma screened on top and set the colour. but I am not able to get any transparency to the lower level. Do I have some child/parent relationship problem? The videos are of slightly different length which I planned to fix after seeing the transparency.
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