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  1. Hey Igor, I got on this as soon as this post came in today. Some quick results - I took an existing 2 minute show and rendered it out as a 4K/60p/+Motion video - the render took 14:32 on MacMini M1 and produced a 137.5MB file. It included a ProRes 422 title clip and some slides with metadata. Plays fine on my 4K DELL monitor. Published same show with the executable generator. Produced the output file almost instantaneously (maybe took 4 seconds) - it was 807MB but the playback was very jerky (during the 422 title clip) - that was using its default options. Seemed reasonable on t
  2. Ah, Igor....no rest for the wicked.....I am just rendering a test with Beta 20....You indicated you might try enabling Hardware-Assisted encoding for medium quality (M1 MacMini). Any further thoughts on this ???? This one is running about 4-5fps for 4K 60fps
  3. Nice progress. I installed it this morning and it initialized fine this time. A reminder (to all) to make sure you UnTick [x] Rosetta in Finder's Get Info .... mine was left checked from the previous beta testing so I had to un-check it to make sure I was running the native code. I had done a small project yesterday in 4K - about 13 mins of 24fps. This was 13 images, with a faux-frame slide style applied - each image about 1 minute with a 4 second cross fade - Christmas Kids display for the big TV to run on a loop. Yesterday it took a full hour to render (on the M1) ! Today t
  4. Absolutely nailed it - thank you Dave for catching that. As my experience grows with this (long time PS User), I'll get it figured out. Thanks to everyone who chimed in on this! The side benefit is that I also spent some detailed time exploring the Styles and Animation panels which was also beneficial.
  5. You guys were burning the proverbial midnight oil to answer that - thanks. However, unless I am setting the [-100] at the wrong place, the label is still shifting way left after I change it to longer text. Now I am on the Mac Beta version - and if you're on Win then maybe there is a difference. Here are my steps... I parked the word "Shorter" in the lower-left corner. This is one of 3 labels on the slide (it's called Text4 - so I have to make sure that is selected and that is the one I am applying the properties/animation to....) so I have the properties tab set it to Alignment:
  6. Thanks Dave - that seems to provide a static shift to some degree - but depending upon the length of the text it still slides off the left side.* I do want to these for image captions like Title and Photographer Name ... so in the case of the lower-left corner, I want it to lock there and grow towards the centre as the length of the text changes - but NOT 'swim' around. And conversely if I right-aligned one in the lower right corner, the right edge of the text should lock to the right side and grow to the centre is it lengthens. I guess you could describe it as needing to lock the jus
  7. I am having trouble setting up and anchoring the alignment of a Text field (or a Text Comment in a Style). I can place a Text field on the screen, at say the lower left corner, and move it so its left edge is a few millimetres inside the lower left corner; and I populate it with 7 characters, e.g. "Comment". I set the Alignment to LEFT. I can right-click on this field and mark it as with "Text Comment" (so I can put new text into it later using Apply Style ). I can then turn this into a Style and give it a name. When I invoke the Style I can see the text I initially entered int
  8. Tried 16 - directly from the DMG..... Still getting the '217' error in console. Dec 4 14:18:03 MacMini com.apple.xpc.launchd[1] (application.PTEAVStudio.18.23[9111]): Service exited with abnormal code: 217 Dec 4 14:18:18 MacMini com.apple.xpc.launchd[1]: Coalition Cache Hit: app<application.PTEAVStudio.18.23(501)> [10224] Dec 4 14:18:18 MacMini com.apple.xpc.launchd[1] (application.PTEAVStudio.18.23[9120]): Service exited with abnormal code: 217 Dec 4 14:18:25 MacMini com.apple.xpc.launchd[1]: Coalition Cache Hit: app<application.PTEAVStudio.18.23(501)> [10224]
  9. Ok - I got Beta 15 - exactly the same result. Runs with Rosetta from both the DMG and from within Applications. If Rosetta is OFF [ ] then it starts and terminates. Let me know if I can do anything else for you. jc
  10. It opens with Rosetta - tried it a couple of times. Reverted it back to native and it does not run. Here's another dump from console as I tried to open it....
  11. It opens with Rosetta - tried it a couple of times. Reverted it back to native and it does not run. Here's another dump from console as I tried to open it....
  12. g'morning (afternoon) Igor .... I'm having some trouble running the Universal Binary - won't run; quits immediately. Details.... I've downloaded it; and moved it to Applications When I start it, I get the usual 1st-time dialogue requesting to open it from WnSoft - granted Subsequent attempts to open it. result in it starting - showing a dot under it in the dock for half-a-second; and then terminating. I repeated the process by dumping it to the Trash; emptying the Trash; ReStarting the Mac; opening the DMG again and dragging it to Applications Same result. My
  13. Yes, it does support it, DELL U3219Q. But many apps have the ability to keep the full 4K but also increase the font size - sometimes with CMD-plus or CMD-minus or a Preferences option.
  14. I'm using PTE on a 32" 4K Monitor, macOS at the Default resolution, which is 3840x2160 - and I'd like this for the resolution of the images .... can we add a Preference to variably increase the font size as it's hard to read at this resolution ?
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