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  1. Hello Sheila, The easiest way to do this is to use the Excel generator which allows you to select the start and end colour of a particle. Simply modify the min and max values of the Red, Green and Blue components in the "Start color" and "Final color" sections. The Excel macro will calculate the colour for all particles. Good luck, Pascal.
  2. Yes indeed Georges, this style is directly inspired by the "Panoramic in perspective" style that I have made available on the DiaporaShop website. These two styles are built in a similar way. Pascal.
  3. Thanks for sharing, a nice style for summer holiday photos.
  4. Jean-Cyprien, Gogs, thank you for your feedback. Pascal.
  5. Very impressive, a remarkable work of 3D animation. Congratulations ! Pascal.
  6. Yes indeed, with some images (especially landscapes with a pronounced perspective) the distortion produces a cinematic drone movement effect. Pascal.
  7. Bert, Berny and Rosemary, thank you for your feedback. Pascal.
  8. Hello all, Here are twelve styles for PTE AV Studio that produce a zoom out effect with distortion applied to one part of the image (top and/or bottom, left and/or right). The distortion gives the impression of movement in the image. Only works with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The effect works well with images that have a perspective effect. Here is a demonstration video and a video showing two distortion effects on a grid. Pascal. (DS) Zoom out distortion.ptestyle Zoom out grid.mp4
  9. Hello Rosemary, I am not surprised that you spent time doing this style because against all appearances it is not simple. Especially to get a "radar" effect for the appearance of the image in the white circle. Barry's videos are a great help to progress in learning PTE AV Studio. Good continuation for the rest of the study. Pascal.
  10. Hi Rosemary Not as simple as it seems Here is my version, the style is compatible with PTE version 9. I hope it will suit you. Best regards, Pascal. Title - pool.ptestyle
  11. Hello Rosemary, Thank you for your comment. Indeed, this style was designed with the idea of being used for an intro. Pascal.
  12. Hi all, Here is a style that produces the stitching of an image with a title using stop motion animation effect. The demonstration video uses the same style with 4 different images. Style is compatible with PTE version 9. https://youtu.be/EW2nOJTw8gI Best regards, Pascal. Stop motion animation.ptestyle
  13. Thanks thedom, Very, very good tip. Pascal.
  14. Thank you for these transition effects, Just one remark : The rendering of the Zoom in transition can be substantially improved by placing the images of slide 2 placed in the corners symmetrically according to the adjacent images. Original image placement : With symmetrical placement : For images placed in the corners, check the "Show front side" box on the Properties tab and set a 180-degree rotation on the Y-axis in the Animation tab. Best regards, Pascal.
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