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  1. Great & original idea, perfectly build ! Thanks.
  2. Hi Bart, Welcome back! I do not have access to a pc right now (and for 6 more days) but here is the link to the online help about how to (export)/import styles : https://docs.pteavstudio.com/en-us/10.0/slide-styles/import?s[]=import&s[]=style I hope it helps !
  3. Great work, perfectly done. I like the environment you created (desk, blackborad, plant...) It's funny because I have been reworking for a few days on my old "magic book" project which is in the same spirit as your 3D popup book.
  4. Jill suggested a VIDEO capture of Google Earth. My method was made with 5 or 6 different IMAGE captures of Google Earth. And I animated those captures within PTE to create the illusion : zoom out and opacity from 100 to 0 of each individual image to make the next capture appears + several animations of other objects like clouds and plane + effects like camera shaking.
  5. Hi, I made a huge zoom out with PTE 11 years ago (from Manhattan to global view of Earth). I used several captures of Google Earth.
  6. Thank you Georges! I hope we will all be lucky enough to travel again... and shoot nice photos for our slideshows !
  7. Thanks a lot Aleina, you always have a nice and careful message for other members, that’s very kind of you!
  8. I am sorry Ray but I have no idea. I checked and had no issue. And some people downloaded this style since you posted your message. I have no access to my pc for 12 more days. But if you send me your email, I can send it to you when I’m back.
  9. Hi Maureen, Your slideshow made me definitely want to go to Venice when it's possible! Very high quality photographs and with a perfect soundtrack (One Upon In America is one of my favorite movie of all times!). Your wide shots really allow to see what the city looks like. But maybe for the next slideshow, you could include close shots on details to show things with more variety (some close shots on doors, statues, walls, railings ... ). In any case, thank you for sharing and congratulations for this really beautiful slideshow
  10. My pleasure. Those alternate versions are a nice addition. Thank you for asking for it.
  11. Thank you for your comments. Yes, this style is a hope to travel abroad again (soon). I have a travel planned in Patagonia planned in November for a solar eclipse. Fingers crossed.
  12. Hi Mary, as promised, I added in the package the alternate versions without B&W and sepia filters : https://gumroad.com/thedom?sort=newest#gXTHo Here is the demo of those alternate versions : And here captures of other textures included in the package :
  13. No problemo! I will make the modifications tomorrow and will add the styles in the package for everybody. I will let you know when it's done. Time to go to bed for me, it's already very late in my time zone.
  14. I transformed an old template of 2011 into a style and made a few minor modifications. The template is available on my website : http://gumroad.com/thedom Version of 2011 :
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