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  1. Great, glad to be loyal to your proposal
  2. Hi Mary, Thank you for your interest in this new project. You raise a point that has been very difficult for me to make. I wanted the style to be able to display two pages (left and right) with landscape and portrait pictures in a 16:9 format screen, with size of pictures optimized to its maximum. More and more smartphones takes (good) photos in 16:9. I took this in consideration. Pictures format are very different : from 4:3 to 16:9 via 3:2 In this style, landscape pictures are displayed without beeing cropped. And portrait pictures have to be cropped to 8:9 (half of 16:9) because that's the proportion of the leaf I choose. It gives the ability to display 16:9 pictures in "full screen" (on both pages). May be I was wrong but the 8:9 proportion seemed to be the best compromise. If I understand correctly, you would like the leaf to be 3:2 ? If I would choose this format, the photo album would be very wide in order to display right and left pages in the 16:9 screen format, leaving a lot of unused space at top and bottom of the screen. And for portrait pictures, there would be large borders on the side. In this case, the best option might be to display only one page at a time. What do you think ? Anyway, to be honest, I should rebuild my project half from scratch. If there is a lot of requests for this, I would make an other style in the future. But I have good news for you about the background pages. The style already give the option to choose your own background page for EACH picture. Here are examples with black and white pages (with 3:2 pictures) I will release the package with a lot of background pages. But of course, you will have the ability to choose or even create your own background pages with a photo editor (like Photoshop Elements), leaving a very wide place for personnalisation and creativity. It's the same for the cover of the photo album and for the ground. A lot of textures will be included in the package but you will be able to choose your own. This way, for the photo album cover, you can choose your own picture.
  3. Thank you for taking time to answer in details. Actually, there was a misunderstanding on my side I think. I thought you were talking about the ability to apply same front/back display or percentage of opacity to all children of a master object by applying those parameters only to master object. As you certainly know, it is possible but only for blur parameter right now. Yes, what you explain is possible for all parameters of the « Properties » tab. It will apply the parameters to all selected objects. What I would like is the same for all parameters of the « animation » tab. I didn’t know it was already possible for « opacity » parameter.
  4. Welcome in the community sanpier. Honestly, I am quite sure you will not regret it. And you will even become more and more addictive, thanks to this community too.
  5. Here is a personal suggestion. 1. A text of question for this poll. Do you want to create a new section in the forum to post you work in progress and receive constructive reviews/help to finish your project ? 2. Variants of answers. I don't think it's necessary Why not, but I'm not sure I will visit it Yes, I fully support this project ! Why doesn't it exist yet ?! What's PTE AV Studio ? ;-) 3. Suggested name for this new section of the forum. I suggest "Work in progress - reviews/help wanted" In my opinion, it would be not a section for tips (but it's only MY opinion).
  6. I very rarely use blur for master objects because in my experience, this causes display anomalies if you individually change blur parameter of one of the child objects. I prefer to apply blur indivisually to keep full control. I didn't konw for front/back display and for transparency (=opacity?). I tried but didn't succeed to make it work. Can you give me more details please ? Thanks. In my opinion, the suggestion would be particularly useful for "speed animation" parameters too. 85/5000
  7. Yes, it would be useful and a nice feature. Right now, I think the only option is to modify the X and Y rotation of the master object. Unless you have something else in mind ? I will leave instructions about how to do it easily for beginners. Thanks Lin.
  8. Thank you very much to the 4 of you for your comments, to have feedback really helps to step back and is very usefull. I agree, I will not leave the bouncing for every page. You’re right, I will only keep it for a few pages. Thanks. Paul, I agree. The style will not be linear. I find it a little bit boring too. It is just a demo of the still sequence of turning pages, this is not at all final result. As I mentioned in a previous message, the style will mix different angles and movements of camera. You can watch the idea in the first video I released. I still have a lot of work and testing to conceive what would the best equilibrium between the sequences with different point of views (mix between still and animated). And I will also put in the package individual sequences in order for the end user to compose his own animation with his favorite points of views (like I did with my « flap » style)
  9. When I watched this demo this morning, I noticed two things I want to fix : - the global shadow on back of left page when page turns is not correctly synchronised, there is something wrong. - th closing of the book at the end is too abrupt. I will start smoothly the change of point of view THEN start to close the book a couple of seconds later. It's at the SAME TIME for the moment and it looks too brutal.
  10. You can already apply same "properties" options to multiple objects (example: show only front side) It would be sooo convenient and such a big time saver to be able to apply same "animation" options to multiple objects. Example: - same blur or same brightness to objects - add a key frame with same time to objects!
  11. I agree, it would very nice to have a grid like this. and may be a « dynamic » grid that can be applied to a specific object and which adopts automatically the same rotation parameters. I will post a screenshot later.
  12. I totally agree, we need this thing !
  13. I totally support this idea, it would be very rewarding and instructive for everybody and not only for those who present their work. We learn a lot from each other.
  14. Here is the first complete demo. It’s a very classic presentation. The complete photo album package of styles will include also more dynamic sequences. Other demos of this concept very soon... The photo album will give you the ability to present as many pictures as you need. Do not hesitate to leave me feedback please. Thanks.
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