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  1. In the latest version 10.0.14, everything is the same. It would be logical to disable the Convert / Trim Video Clip line in the large file list window if this is only supported in the small window. P.S. As far as I understand, in previous versions this circumstance did not bother anyone, to convert and crop video (if necessary) only in a small window of the file list. Paul
  2. I also noticed that there is no Release Kandidate 2 in the program's help for the second release. Written simply by PTE AV Studio 10.5 Pro Paul
  3. Apparently I was looking at 10.0.14 Now I checked it again, in version 10.5 - the result is the same as in your screenshot.
  4. In the Windows version, this works, with the input of the value, the keyframe immediately moves.
  5. Thanks Tauratinzwe, vbl2007 for your comments! The concept of 'more natural' is purely subjective. I positioned the pen the way I was taught in my spelling class at school. )) Paul
  6. I don’t think that anyone on this forum will be interested in a handwritten font with Cyrillic, I’m posting it just to demonstrate the capabilities of the program. )) I got interested in handwriting after I got acquainted with the work of Handwriting Text from our colleague thedom. At first I wanted to use the technique from this work, but later I came to the conclusion that it is very limited in terms of practical application. I had to create a new concept, flexible enough, which can already be seen in the presented demo video. Paul
  7. On the issue of highlighting the added files to the presentation ... the proposed solution (as before, highlighting only the first indexed file in each slide) does not solve the issue on the merits. Be able to have a complete overview of the files added to the presentation, both indexed and all others. Otherwise it doesn't make much sense, just change the color. As for the color, the blue is not very noticeable, I would prefer bright red or green. Paul
  8. When I delete slides, the selection in bold blue is immediately removed in the file list. PTE for Windows 10.5 Build 28.
  9. In my opinion, there is no need to create new themes for any comments to each new beta release, in particular, for Windows. For Windows Beta 10.5 there is a separate topic in the general discussion section, where you can leave any comments or feedback. And for Mac Beta versions there is a whole section. Paul
  10. Hi John, As far as I understood the problem you described, the solution proposed by Dave might well be useful to you. In a bundle of containers (see picture), you have the ability to have a constant text size for all images in a slide or presentation. At the same time, you can change the scale of the pictures there. You just need to copy the main container and change the text with the picture there. If necessary, and the scale of pictures, with adjusting the positioning of the text. Paul
  11. The marker in the main window is useful for visualizing the position of the slider and video progress in the player in timeline mode. In the O&A window, the red line should provide a more subtle interaction with the mouse cursor. What does the marker at the ends of the red line give me (to which I still need to move with the mouse cursor), if I need to get exactly in the center of the marker so that the line does not move. Instead, I can calmly grab the line itself (along its entire height) and start smoothly sweeping from the chosen place. Paul
  12. I have already noted in another topic that the red line of the player's slider (both in the main window and in Ou0026A) does not respond to mouse movements if the cursor is placed directly on the line. For several days of working on a new project, I became convinced that this leads to great inconvenience. For example, I cannot start moving from the place where the red line is installed. You should always click next to it, in which case the line moves to another position. Or, say, if you accidentally hit the line while broaching, you also cannot move it. From the user's point of view, this 'fre
  13. In my first post in this thread, I wrote that I am not worried about the motionlessness of the red line if the mouse cursor is positioned directly on it. In fact, I now see certain inconveniences in this. Apparently in older versions, I did not pay attention to such 'little things', because there was no such problem. It's really inconvenient when you accidentally hit the line with your mouse and you can't move it.
  14. You cannot embrace the immensity. © This style has certain limitations for applying to multiple lines. But it is quite suitable for other purposes.
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