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  1. The video master doesn't like changes after having prepared a set of slides and mates in one go. Why not do the offset right away so you don't have problems later. Is there such a need to change the offset later, after the bindings are made?
  2. Hi jkb, the transition time, as well as the video offset, does not affect the correct pairing of the video master and its smooth continuation. You need to follow the sequence of actions and the correct choice of pairing for subsequent slides. If you have done video pairing several times in the project, then they will all be displayed when selected, you must specify the correct option. Better to do everything in one go, it works.
  3. If we are talking only about downloading without specifying your email address, then you can see https://www.pcloud.com On a free account they give 10 GB. But there is one feature, the free account is deleted if there has been no activity for 6 months. Activity does not mean downloading files, but visiting an account.
  4. I have an account there, but as far as I know, without registration, links quickly die.
  5. Thanks everyone for the good feedback. Paul
  6. On my forum today exactly the same problem was voiced.
  7. Thanks Dom, i agree, the transparency has been reduced from 50% to 25%, the download link has been updated.
  8. Transitions pack 2, 12 transitions in total, 5 of which are made in two versions (for dark and light photos). Idea borrowed from YouTube demo video. All transitions are made exclusively by means of PTE using complex masks and solid color. Download P.S. Colored highlights can be disabled if desired. Select the transition -> edit and disable or delete the object at the very top of the video. Paul
  9. George, are you using the latest version 10.0.11 Build 8 ?
  10. The shadows within the frames are much more realistic and I love the lighting effects too.
  11. This would be the best solution to avoid confusion in applying / importing transitions.
  12. The link to the archive in the topic header has been replaced with ZIP. Paul
  13. The OK button in the slide options window should be pressed in two cases. When selecting a transition for the slide and to complete the import operation of the transition. In the second case, it is added to the slide at the same time as import. That is the whole problem. It seems to me that these two processes should not depend on one OK button. For example, after selecting an imported transition in Explorer, the import process should be finally completed. Or something else, developers know better. Honestly, such "little things" do not bother me much, but if there is an opportunity to improve the functionality, then you need to do it.
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