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  1. chanfi22, petitsaxo thanks for your comments. Paul
  2. Thanks Igor! Of course, I keep forgetting to post archives in ZIP here on the forum.
  3. Based on the concept proposed by Tom (tom95521), I prepared 3 transitions for Album. Two for closing and opening covers, and one transition for inner pages. The archive contains a file of transitions and a project of a demo video. In the project of the demo video, you can see some of the features of adding covers and pages. It is important that the covers fill the entire half of the screen, with no gaps around the edges and indented from the center. For the opening cover +1 at X, for the closing cover at -1 at X. Paul Book transitions (Forum).zip
  4. It's better to ask JJB45 about this.
  5. Rosy, we are talking about the list of files in the main window. Paul
  6. Open all frames (containers) and look for Text objects.
  7. I have no problem with duplicates of the transition I just imported. Version 10.5.2 Beta. Paul
  8. Yesterday I recorded a lesson on the light version of the Typewriter 3 template. In the archive there is a link to the template project. In the video on YouTube, you can enable the translation of subtitles into your language. Paul Typewriter 3 (Template)_eng.zip
  9. Thank you for your interest and comments, colleagues. I will rewrite the lesson on working with the template a little later. I'm afraid the first option will be a little difficult for you to understand. All the same, it is in Russian and is very long, there is a lot of all sorts of reasoning, which will not be so easy to understand from the credits. I will make a light version, on the main points, and not that long. Paul
  10. Just a few days ago, I helped my colleague get rid of another problem. In a complex project containing not many slides, but hundreds of layers and complex configurations. He could create a backup, but it contained a dozen duplicate pictures with various suffixes. I'm not sure that the program delivered them, rather he himself got confused with the names. So, I had to clean up all the "unnecessary" directly from the project .pte file in a text editor. I just set a mask for searching and automatic replacement of duplicate images. Quite often I resort to this method of solving problems in a proje
  11. As of today, I do not know the optimal solution to this problem. And here's the problem. The most annoying thing is that the program reports that one file is being duplicated at a time. And only after replacing it, he will report the next, etc. If you have a large project, as you write, and a large number of duplicates, then try the next method. First, find out which folders the duplicates are in. Then change the name of the folder with the least amount of duplicates. When you open the program again, it will show you a list of missing files. And you will give these files a new path to the un-r
  12. Hello everyone, тhe demo video was created using a template for a typewriter. If anyone is interested, I will post a draft of the template and give links to lessons. Paul
  13. Hi Christina, ProShow Producer styles and transitions cannot be directly integrated into PTE, you can only adapt manually, i.e. create them in PTE again. I, just like you, have been a user of PSP for a long time, there are already quite a few of us here, after the closure of Photodex. You can find here my styles and transitions, including those adapted from the PSP, and freely distributed. To do this, you need to use the advanced search form on the forum, as shown in the figure below. Good luck! Paul
  14. Yes, I experimented a bit with the transitions from Tom. Below is a demo video and a link. Paul Album (edited).pteeff
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