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  1. A small improvisation by one of the participants (engi) of the PTE enthusiasts forum on the topic of floral styles. Paul
  2. Hi, set of styles with decorative elements for holiday and New Year presentations. Each element is in a self-contained control container. You can change scale, position and rotation in this container (only along the C and X axes). Slide time can be changed, but only with the obligatory scaling of key frames. The optimal slide time is 12 sec. Paul New Year Decoration (white).ptestyle New Year Decoration (color).ptestyle
  3. Rosemary A, Henry, Michael thanks for the watching and feedback! Paul
  4. The set blur, when outputting to video, affects only moving images (excluding video files). In your case, for relatively static images, blur has no effect. Paul
  5. Hi, Flowers, a small set of styles and transitions for children's presentations. Paul Download
  6. Hi, blurring can be useful for fast movement of objects, for masking step movements (comb). This effect (blur) is often used when moving in Ae. It should be borne in mind that when this option is selected when outputting to video, the output process may increase by an order of magnitude in time. Paul
  7. Rosemary, you just need to turn off the visibility of the back side of the photos. Paul
  8. The attachment contains an editable .рte file P.S. I hope I understood correctly what you wanted. Paul 01 - Test 10 - Street Lamps (edited).pte
  9. George, create a backup, I'll take a look (File-> Create ZIP backup). Paul
  10. George, just turn off the transparency modifier on the light bulb. Paul
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