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  1. Hi Gary, I think I can guess about the reasons for the failure during the second pruning, if I understood your actions correctly. You crop the video and leave the new default name (xxxxxxxx.converted.mp4). OK. The second step, the newly trimmed video is trimmed again and the program sets a new name, i.e. one more converted (xxxxx.converted.converted.mp4) is added to the end. But you decide here in the window to fix it in order to overwrite the already cropped source. To which the program, before starting the conversion, asks whether it is necessary to overwrite an existing file. And after co
  2. Moving the center of rotation far beyond the screen does not change the perspective itself, as such. Only scale and positioning are reduced to a large extent. Which then need to be adjusted to be displayed. But in terms of perspective, this does not change anything. Paul
  3. There was no such opportunity and I think it will not appear. For the reason that this will break the logic of constructing perspectives in different planes and positions on the screen (see Figure). In my opinion, of course, it is possible that someone has both opinions on this matter. Tell me, why do you need free transformation of angles (in the full sense of the word, as in Photoshop)? After all, this approach will inevitably lead, for example, to distorting photographs. Paul
  4. The latest version of PTE 10.0.13 Build 4 does not have this problem. After opening your project and simply opening and closing the effects window, it was enough for the transition to display correctly. Paul
  5. Try to convert the video with a space in the file name in the same version. Paul
  6. I have been using the free PotPlayer by default for many years. Paul
  7. Hi Rosy, I confirm this problem in the latest version of PTE 10.0.13, after the actions you have listed with the video file in the list of files. The play button does not work. The previous version (10.0.12) does not have this, playback works with the default video player. Paul
  8. And this does not surprise me at all ... it turns out that you first need to select a file in the list, then click on the insert button (which is not and is not needed). It is much easier to immediately drag the mouse onto the timeline or double-click. You propose to complicate the program with minor innovations. What for? There are much more important features that I would like to see in new versions. For example, clearer highlighting (with color, for example) of files already added to the project. By the way, there are no "insert" buttons for files in the list in related programs, such as Pr
  9. The "style" of the album actually acts as a transition from the previous slide. It does not imply displaying the background of the slide, because it enlarges the image in the slide to fit the landscape sheet. And the background under the album is integrated into the style itself. Try this - choose a background for your project, add 3-4 images to the timeline and apply an album style to one of the middle slides. Paul
  10. Ok, but you didn't mention such details in the first post. )) I will not talk about other ways to create a blank slide now, but in version 10.0.13 of the program, a problem arises, as you described above. I checked it now specifically in 10.0.12 (as well as in older versions), there is no such thing. Paul
  11. Hi Kalain, Immediately after opening the program from the menu command Slide-> Add Blank Slide, everything works for me, the slide is created. As with Alt-S hotkeys. B-8.1 and PTE 10.0.13 Paul
  12. Chriss4137, vbl2007, petitsaxo, Dom, Rosemary, Aleina. Thank you colleagues for your feedback.
  13. Hello everyone, the academic year has begun in Russia and on this occasion a presentation of this event has been prepared at our forum based on my lessons. Then a style was created, including for Western users, which will allow you to quickly create a presentation on your children's iconic event. The pop-up book contains 33 photographs, 11 of which are landscape and 22 portrait (portrait is cropped in the program to 3:4 format, for landscape photos the aspect ratio does not really matter). In order for the photos to fit the style correctly, it is advisable to name them in such a way that they
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