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  1. I have not downloaded this package, however, when viewing the link there is a watermark in the lower right corner with the word "ProShow." Seems odd. Is it on the download version?
  2. I'm new here and perhaps this is in the works or I just failed to find it, but I miss the ability to outline text in different colors and line sizes.
  3. I checked out Route Generator from sourceforge. That appears to be the way to go. Thanks for the tips.
  4. The ability to draw a line to a map to show the route taken by an airplane, boat or vehicle. A small airplane could start in New York and move across the ocean to London leaving a line behind to show the complete route. Similarly for travel on land and water.
  5. I have been playing with your transition for practice with PTE AV and using this forum . I came up with this grayscale to color effect using the wiggle. Hope this works. W1.mp4
  6. Thanks, Tom, for all the wiggles. If I get the chance to take some pictures I will be using your transition. Had a nice trip scheduled for June in Italy and Malta but of course that is now a dead issue.
  7. I have been unable to import this item. It downloads to my computer. I open PTE, select styles, tools and import. Nothing shows up, appears to be an incorrect file type. Could also be operator error, I bought the program a good 10 minutes ago! Any advice? PS: I have been working with the free trial program for a few days to find my way around. I am a refugee from ProShow Gold who made a side trip to SmartShow 3D. I hope I am now in the promised land. PPS: I found the solution myself. Needed to get off the timeline and hit the AB button. Duh!
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