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  1. My slideshows/videos are composed of photos taken at family gatherings. These are from holidays, birthdays, weddings and such as well as vacation trips. Needless to say, none of this is allowed in the current "lockdown" situation. I have done some practice making videos with other sources of pictures but it is just not the same. My learning curve has at least flattened if not taken a downturn. If you can add the delete button I would be very thankful and think many others would appreciate it as well.
  2. Hello MUR This is what I meant by proper alignment, each color of the letter is centered on the on the previous color. Otherwise, as I did above, the word becomes the center. It would be worse in a caption with even three or four words. I think what I did was change the scale of the whole text. Is there some other method I am not seeing? Your attachment will not open for me. PS: I opened your download. Seems I can be computer illiterate at times.
  3. Here is another silly solution. Each letter would need to be done separately for proper alignment. Too much work to be useful.
  4. I have not downloaded this package, however, when viewing the link there is a watermark in the lower right corner with the word "ProShow." Seems odd. Is it on the download version?
  5. I'm new here and perhaps this is in the works or I just failed to find it, but I miss the ability to outline text in different colors and line sizes.
  6. I checked out Route Generator from sourceforge. That appears to be the way to go. Thanks for the tips.
  7. The ability to draw a line to a map to show the route taken by an airplane, boat or vehicle. A small airplane could start in New York and move across the ocean to London leaving a line behind to show the complete route. Similarly for travel on land and water.
  8. I have been playing with your transition for practice with PTE AV and using this forum . I came up with this grayscale to color effect using the wiggle. Hope this works. W1.mp4
  9. Thanks, Tom, for all the wiggles. If I get the chance to take some pictures I will be using your transition. Had a nice trip scheduled for June in Italy and Malta but of course that is now a dead issue.
  10. I have been unable to import this item. It downloads to my computer. I open PTE, select styles, tools and import. Nothing shows up, appears to be an incorrect file type. Could also be operator error, I bought the program a good 10 minutes ago! Any advice? PS: I have been working with the free trial program for a few days to find my way around. I am a refugee from ProShow Gold who made a side trip to SmartShow 3D. I hope I am now in the promised land. PPS: I found the solution myself. Needed to get off the timeline and hit the AB button. Duh!
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