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  1. I will be receiving a new Windows 11 computer tomorrow. Will there be any issues with PTE AV functioning on that system? Do I just download to the new equipment using my license code? Is it necessary to delete PTE on the old machine? Thanks in advance for any comments.
  2. Like Mr. Beckham, I have been using the card reader in various devices for well over a decade without problems. I have purchased a short USB extension cable for easy use of thumb drives and will be buying a card reader with a USB plug.
  3. Thanks, that will likely be the answer.
  4. I am shopping for an All In One, 27 inch computer. My current AIO is an HP and it has USB/SD card reader slots located on the back and bottom of the screen. Neither is easily accessible for thumb drives or camera cards holding photos. My old Dell did have the slots on the side but they seem to no longer be available on new Dell machines. Is there a workaround for this issue? I would like to go back to a Dell.
  5. JJB45


    Thanks for your reply. However, I do not have the pro version of PTE. It would be nice if the default border could be set like text fonts and color.
  6. Selecting a slide and adding a border to the picture in the O & A window defaults to a width of 1.5. Changing the width works for the selected slide but the next picture selected goes to the default setting. Is the a way to change the default for all slides or a selection of slides?
  7. I am using Studio 10.5 standard version. I inserted the video, both unedited and converted and PTE did not automatically rotate the clip. The video was not shot with a phone. Could that make a difference?
  8. I am aware the image can be rotated in O&A. I was just curious if it could be done in conjunction with adjustments to begin and end times of the clip. Also, being saved as an "already rotated" item makes using it in multiple locations a bit easier. The issue came up with a video made last week of my mother blowing out a candle at her 100th birthday lunch. The fool behind the camera (me) turned it 90 degrees for some unknown reason.
  9. When right clicking on a video in PTE for editing the option for rotation is not available. It is there for still images. Is this something that cannot be done to a video or is an adjustment to preferences needed?
  10. Thanks for your speedy help. I have used Handbrake a few years ago. I will download it again and give it a go!
  11. I am using the latest PTE version to combine eight videos into one video of about 28 minutes. Some of the original videos were made ten years ago using Windows Movie Maker which is saved as a wmv file. When placed in PTE there is no audio. Is this caused by the wmv file and is there a way to make it work? Videos saved as mp4 work just fine.
  12. This may be the video you want:
  13. Click on Project Options, select Audio, set fade in/out.
  14. Thanks for the help. The issue was with the privacy setting on Vimeo.
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