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  1. Blending modes are fundamental to layering images or videos. I see it as necessary to PTE moving forward.
  2. Commonly used, cheap, well time-tested and available around the world. Used for Lupus as well. Known by the military for decades. We have a lot of hope.
  3. Thanks for a good message and slideshow. Nature is always soothing and re-orients us to love others as they are, wherever they are.
  4. Love the guitar work too. Who is it?
  5. Based on your experience and how you describe what you would like to do, I recommend PTE AV Studio Pro. Be sure to take a look here: https://www.wnsoft.com/en/pte-av-studio/compare/
  6. Long live PTE AV Studio!
  7. For years I imagined Igor at home in a spare room full of computers and parts programming away all day. Later I imagined a couple others working in a stark, bare office room with a few desks, a few florescent lights and everyone told programming jokes and drank too much coffee. Now I see I was wrong. The whole team goes out bowling every night!
  8. Happy New Year and a LOT of gratitude to the WnSoft Team.
  9. I am tinkering with Filmora Pro's new image stabilization which has object and editable edge tracking capability. It stabilizes over pans and more. Looks impressive. I haven't tested it well enough to offer an evaluation. Davinci Resolve is free and allegedly good, but I have never liked it.
  10. I am not a fan of software stabilizers. Seems to me that they always reduce image quality and crop the frame unacceptably. Haven't tried Movie Maker though in a long time.
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