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  1. Hmmm. The video is private?
  2. I know your work is always outstanding, and even then, each template is surprisingly beyond what I anticipated. Thank you!
  3. Thanks! Outstanding as always.
  4. I have a friend who is scanning hundreds of priceless old Asian slides. He uses a camera on a tripod and a hand-made black cardboard frame in a box taped to his window. I told him he was crazy and all the reasons why (imperfections in the glass window, clouds, color, bird flying by). He showed me the images. Stunning. His setup was free. His worry was that neighbors would think he was operating a spy device.
  5. Your situation might be different than mine. I had some loose slides, slides in older types of carousels and many of the slides in Kodak-type carousels were "sticky" warped with age, humidity or something. I did not return slides to the carousels but did keep them in order and re-boxed and labeled. I would strongly consider the method you found if I had 1000's of slides in good condition in good carousels. The plustek software is very good as mentioned above and will save a lot of Lightroom / Photoshop (or whatever) work. There is sizable learning curve to get best results. Not every slide has to be best. Now and then you come across some incredible image that is worth a lot of labor and knowing how to capture it at is best is worth the work.
  6. I and two associates have approximately 40,000 (?? I think) slides and negatives scanned with this (or a previous model): https://www.amazon.com/2PX0321-Plustek-OpticFilm-8200i-Scanner/dp/B009724JZY It's not perfect but with some experience is a good way to process 1000's. One model is about worn out but still works. The second new one is going strong.
  7. I have done a lot of scanning and found no consistent way around hand cropping. You get the best job that way. Might depend how important good cropping is. In my experience, nearly all photos need some post-scan processing anyway. Dust. Color. Fuzz on the edge of a slide. Fingerprints on film. Makes me grimace to think of it.
  8. Blending modes are fundamental to layering images or videos. I see it as necessary to PTE moving forward.
  9. Commonly used, cheap, well time-tested and available around the world. Used for Lupus as well. Known by the military for decades. We have a lot of hope.
  10. Thanks for a good message and slideshow. Nature is always soothing and re-orients us to love others as they are, wherever they are.
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