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  1. How about automatically appending the right-most folder name to a duplicate file name: [filename]_[LastFolderName].[ext] Example: Assume we have conflicting duplicate filenames from different folders like this: D:/KomodoSlideShow/Day1/Komodo(1).jpg D:/KomodoSlideShow/Day2/Komodo(1).jpg Automatically rename the corresponding files during back-up like this: Komodo(1)_Day1.jpg Komodo(1)_Day2.jpg That would indicate where the file came from and maintain recognizable integrity of the filename. Also, files would still sort normally. A warning would
  2. I have a recurring problem; I sometimes have photos in different folders by the same name coming from my lightroom catalog. The result is that I cannot create a Zip archive because of filename duplication. While the following solution is not ideal, I find myself sometimes wishing I could simply rename all the files from within PTE to resolve this problem--or at least rename the problem files. My current project has 420 slides in 10 sets of about 40 images. To rename all those files a folder at a time and then to figure out how to sort them is a lot of work. I don't always care (with
  3. Thanks for sharing. I know that region of the world well.
  4. Hmmm. I like that. Thanks.
  5. Touching memorial. Thanks for sharing.
  6. You have a 16 MB file size limit. I create mini-videos (15 MB to stay under 16 MB) and sent a series.
  7. I know your work is always outstanding, and even then, each template is surprisingly beyond what I anticipated. Thank you!
  8. I have a friend who is scanning hundreds of priceless old Asian slides. He uses a camera on a tripod and a hand-made black cardboard frame in a box taped to his window. I told him he was crazy and all the reasons why (imperfections in the glass window, clouds, color, bird flying by). He showed me the images. Stunning. His setup was free. His worry was that neighbors would think he was operating a spy device.
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