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  1. Very enjoyable show. I felt very nostalgic looking at the old cards. I also wondered what became of the people in the photos. It would be nice to learn of their lives and how life worked out for them.
  2. Found the problem. I remembered I had loaded a new program for photo printing two days ago. Shutterfly. I thought maybe that might be the problem since I didn't have a problem at all until very recently. Deleted the program and now all is well. Thanks guys for helping. It forced me to try many things and finally find the culprit. Back to slideshow work with the greatest program on the planet with the greatest bunch of folks behind the scenes.
  3. Nothing works as I can't get the file to load into anything. It shows in the folder and I've pasted it into every folder with any meaning but when I go to load it it doesn't show. Weird for sure. I'm using 3 different video programs, one of which is from last year. Obviously one of these programs made the file and now don't recognize it. After several hours I'm taking a break. Thanks guys. I'll keep you posted if anything works.
  4. It's an M2V file. Lin...I'll try that and let you know. Thanks both of you for replying.
  5. Editing a new show. Got to the point to make an EXE file for pte. My show which is about 120 megs turned into over 800 megs. I created a zip backup and then opened that to see where the huge files were coming from. Turns out a giant file I didn't use in the show is jumping in. Now I can't save the show without the file and it won't let me just say I don't want or need it. No choice to delete it from the show. It only saves with the file I didn't use and ends up 824 megs. Thanks everyone. forgot to mention I'm using the latest version. .08
  6. Absolutely fantastic software. Everything of quality from the past versions are here plus an incredible increase in video quality. I now mostly work with 4k video and 4k output of old photos. Most digital camera have been able to shoot images that easily have enough pixels to fill 4k for quite a few years now. There is nothing like making a show from your digital images from camera, or your scanned images from negatives. Mixed with music and using this software, and there isn't anything like it, makes for so much fun and much more entertaining than thumbing through old pictures or even just st
  7. I can't tell you how wonderful the latest version of this software is...version 10.0.3. The improvement in video is fantastic. I just loaded 4 segments of 4k video that I produced in the software and then put the 4 rendered segments in the timeline. They played beautifully and it was easy to adjust in and out points as needed. Instant playback as usual. This is a quantum leap in video. Fantastic software and the only one that lets you see exactly what you've done instantly at full resolution.
  8. In the old days there was a way to send pics to the very first frame and a way to send files to the very end. I loved this tool. I like to have an opening with some of the best images and I like to close with some of the very best images. In between would be the adventure in a more chronological order. Anyway I think that tool went south a long time ago or it is hidden. Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun going over old adventures and touching them up with newer tools and then making the still images that can take it into full HD. What a treat.
  9. I found a piece of music that got me off my duff and into the computer cave. Also, I wanted to thank Igor for his kindnesses. These are images from several trips with an eye towards video and how to compress it and yet keep it HD and good quality and keep it within megapixel limits. The video is under 5 minutes long. I hope you enjoy it. Jeff Posted in Slideshowclub entitled My World II
  10. I just tried it. I checked Mute Audio. It mutes the audio. Did you mean to check the box, not uncheck it?
  11. Thanks again Lin. I deleted and reinstalled and missed the box to check so I finally did the windows thing and located the app file for PTE. I'm on my way now enjoying others' shows. Since I take steroids I'm up most of the night so these slideshows are fun. I'm also going to get going on the MEWE site as I'm tired of FB. Thanks for all the help. Jeff
  12. Thanks Lin. I'll check it out. Nice that we are on the same timetable. Have a great night. Jeff
  13. Haven't worked with Windows 10 very long. I still like Windows 7 but it's future is not long for this world. I've downloaded recent shows and windows asks for an app. I'm used to just clicking the show and away we go. I'm sure it's a quick fix as I couldn't find any info. Thanks for any help. Jeff
  14. Thanks Lin for the info. Will check it out. I've not been too happy with FB so this might be just the ticket. Thanks for keeping on it. Jeff
  15. I have bought this program multiple times over the years. I now, with multiple cancer bills, can nolonger afford it. I was shocked with the new pricing. I guess this is my swan song for PTE. Good luck and wishing you all the best. Jeff Lunt
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