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  1. Well, well, well Rosy. I must say that soundtrack took me back. Arthur Askey!! Crikey! We must be from the same era.
  2. I thought this was a very nice slideshow, well put together.
  3. Not at all mournful, Rosy, not my style. Just enjoying the peace and quiet. Vivaldi's Summer a bit too frantic at times for a nice serene amble. M
  4. Another simple slideshow (16:10 format) of an early morning's walk a few summers ago in Great Langdale, English Lake District in the north-west corner of England. https://www.slideshowclub.com/files/file/621-a-walk-on-a-summers-morn
  5. Garry - mainly the English Lake District with two or three from the Yorkshire Dales.
  6. Hi Rosy and a Happy New Year to you too. Most of the shots were taken shortly before Christmas when we were still allowed out. Done nothing since. Never mind - all this will pass (says she hopefully). Both of you take care. Maureen
  7. Just another simple slideshow - of images taken whilst walking in the English Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. 16:10 format. Like everybody else, struggling a bit for photographs as due to various reasons, not least lockdown, done very little in the way of photography in the last 18 months. Keyboard control enabled. Link: https://www.slideshowclub.com/files/file/620-end-of-another-year/
  8. Such lot of wonderful memories, Mary. Hope you are doing okay. Maureen
  9. My kind of country, Mary. Methinks I would have really enjoyed that a few years ago. Pleased to see you are travelling again. Maureen
  10. Wonderful show again, Mark. Superb photography. I see you managed to get into Landmannalaugar eventually. Maureen
  11. Thank you both for kind comments. Dom - I will bear in mind your suggestions should I ever now be lucky enough to travel there again (which seems unlikely). However, this is either my 4th or 5th show on the city and I believe I have covered most or all which you suggest in previous shows. Nevertheless, another visit would never come amiss when I could quite happily start all over again. Keep safe all and thank you Maureen
  12. A new slideshow. Venice - surely the most beautiful city on earth and likely one of the busiest, despite which we did manage to search out some of the quieter places. Res; 16:10. https://www.slideshowclub.com/files/file/610-a-day-in-venice
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