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  1. Thanks everyone for the nice reply.I'm already working on the next one.
  2. This is my first try to make a slideshow.Tips are welcome.
  3. Thank you.That was what I was looking for.An other step forward.Thanks!
  4. JJB45 Did this,doesn't work.Is there a video somewhere?
  5. Can anyone tell me how to fade-in and fade-out the music in my first slideshow?I don't have the pro version,so no 'sound-line'.Thanks.
  6. I would like to put my project in 'dropbox',so my friends can see it on theyre PC.How can I do this?Save it as exe file or ...? greetings, elsebels
  7. Thank you all for your patience.I've found it ...finally....clicking every box in 'preferences'. Thank you 1000 times!!! Elsebels
  8. Thank you yachtsman1 and Lin, I think there is still a misunderstanding.Hope this shows what I meant. Yachtsman1:on the screenshot you send me there is ,in the slidelist, the 2e slide:'Corsica to the...' it's the one next to the black one. It says :AB 2.5 upper left corner and 9.5 lower right corner....That is what I'm refuring to,they are not visible in myPTE. Thank you for the other tips. Elsebels
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rw5hs20pv9v231o/Schermafdruk%202014-12-22%2021.27.32.png?dl=0 I'm sorry I wasn't so clear.I meant :the pictures in the slidelist have normaly in the right bottom corner the slide duration and in the left upper corner the transition time.I liked it when they were there. The link above is a printscreen of the boxes I've ticked. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gb8zyjh29z5qpyt/Schermafdruk%202014-12-22%2021.35.57.png?dl=0 greetings
  10. Hello, I've been ticking so much boxes in PTE8 and there's a lot gone.There were numbers on each slide with duration time and slide time and there gone.I would like the original settings back or a handy setting to work with.I'M GETTING CONFUSED!!HELP!
  11. Thank you!So easy if you know it.Still hoping for a Dutch user's guide.....my English ??!!!
  12. Hello, I've started a new project (my first in PTE 8) and suddenly I have in the file list the name's of the pictures instead of the pictures itself.How can I change it back? greetings, elsebels
  13. Hello, yesterday I've made my first slideshow in 5.6.I made "create" an exe file and I played it on my computer with VISTA.Then I played it on a comp. with Windows XP and it didn't work.I thought an exe file worked on any computer.I burned it on a CD. How can I make a slideshow on a CD and give it as a present? Thank you.
  14. Hello I am new here (since 1 houre) and I would like to know how I can upload a slideshow.I see shows on youtube as well as on the forum.My first one (and only) is over 10MB and my email won't send it.How Do you do it ? Hope to learn here! elsebels
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