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  1. Hi, something like that ? Oscillation_amortie.pte
  2. Oups, I don't upload but download. Sorry for the mistake
  3. Hi, PTE 10 and 10.5 open M4V film. Denis
  4. Hi, Problem I comment here solved https://www.pteavstudio.com/forums/topic/24850-custom-transitions-pte-av-studio-1051/?do=findComment&comment=155025 Denis
  5. Hi Igor, Cloning Custom Transition Works now. Denis
  6. Hi, when we try to use Unsharp Mask in Project options>> Screen, the last line and last column are lighter than the picture. It was the same in version 8 and 9 and I don't use this "Unsharp Mask" It is the same problem when we use a negative value for blur in O&A. Correcting this feature in version 11 will make it usable Denis
  7. Sometimes a video from Smartphone is not shown in the good mode (portrait or landscape) and we need to rotate it (without transcoding it). PTE cannot do that for video. I use command line exiftool or ffmpeg to change the tag "rotation" without changing the video. Denis
  8. Sorry, I don't speak Russian and the translation by Google is not correct. I have no problem to use my CT, I wrote: This is not fundamental. Igor must understand that some problems are not solved with cloning a CT. I have a CT I must copy before changing some value inside and I see this problem. But when I work normally ( I have some files in "Folder for project templates") the bug is not present. Denis
  9. Hi, Begin with "Folder for project templates" empty and you can see the problems when cloning à CT. Denis Clone_Custom_Transition.zip
  10. Hi Igor, The problem shown is this post is not solved in this Beta : https://www.pteavstudio.com/forums/topic/24850-custom-transitions-pte-av-studio-1051/?do=findComment&comment=155025 This is not fundamental Denis
  11. Hi, with a new install of PTE AV Studio 10.5 we can see a problem for a CT with picture inside: Error !!! see the link below 2021-04-21 15-45-40.265_30_fast.mp4
  12. There is a problem on Windows Version when there is a picture in the CT and Igor know the problem, I send him a video Denis PS: I think it is solved in Release Candidate
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