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  1. Paul, RGB32 OR RGBA (4x8Bits=32) are equivalent. For example, your video dust.mov is 58 MB. If you transcode you can have dust.mp4 (RGB Codec h264) about 1.5 MB. When you create an exe, it is different I think. But it was just an idea. Do what you want. Denis
  2. Paul, why do you use RGBA with PNG codec video ? For the transitions you propose RGB with h264 codec are enough I think. Denis
  3. Nothing happen when I import the custom transition (PTE AV Studio Pro 10.0.7). If I try with PTE9, data error windows appear. Denis
  4. Igor, don't select 3rd slide, select three slides, press Del Key. If you select one or two slides, it works well, but if you select three or more slides, there is a problem. Denis
  5. Hi, delete 3 slides and the slide selected is not shown. Denis
  6. Hi, Untick "transparent background of slides" Denis
  7. Hi Igor, Don't forget: Integer 8, 16, 32 Float 16, 32. But for Photos, I think Single image, RGB, Integer 16 Bits, LZW or Zip is the most used Tiff format. Denis
  8. Hi, I think the slide style you use need one picture, not a blank slide. A black png picture could be used Denis
  9. Hi, I think that random transitions apply for new slides only. Add slides after choosing the transitions. Denis
  10. Hi, If we put a thumbnail image in the video file metadata, PTE don't show it. Windows 10 show this thumbnail. Denis
  11. Ron, I don't often use hardware acceleration (only for tests), so I don't know if it is possible. Without HA it is possible. Denis
  12. Hi, if we analyse the frames of a UHD video Quality 100 4'57" We can see the difference between I-Frame and P-Frames or B-Frames If we calculate the bitrate we obtain : For a mean Bitrate of 28 Mb/s, you can see that the bitrate is not constant and sometimes had very high values. Denis
  13. Hi, and if you want the name for all the slides, go to Project options >> Defaults>>Insert template and apply to all slides. Denis
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