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  1. Even if an object is transparent to selection, you can select it in the right part of O&A.
  2. With wetransfer, you obtain only the link without an email. see http://www.diapositif.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=42981 in French but with pictures Denis
  3. Hi Igor, Yes, but the problem is that you change the name of the slideshow. If my slideshow is crèches.pte the "Safe executable file for PC" zip contain the files slideshow.exe and slideshow.pteav instead of crèches.exe and crèches.pteav. Denis
  4. Hi, With PTE8 and 9 when a name of the .pte file contains special character, a warning windows appear when creating a Safe executable file for PC: With PTE 10 and 10.5, PTE change the name to "slideshow.exe" , slideshow.pteav, etc but don't mention the change of name. Maybe the windows propose with PTE9 should be inform the users or ZIP accept this kind of letters now and PTE could accept to zip with this original filename. Denis
  5. Hi John, Faststone image viewer can do what you want for all the pictures . You can forgot the DPI (it's not important for PTE) but you can modify it with Faststone image viewer Denis
  6. Hi Igor, I observe the same phenomena: save a project with CT newly inserted in local storage, open it again, save it again and file not found. I can't reproduce the the error. It was not a CT made by JPD because he don't made CT, only effect with masks. Denis
  7. Hi Igor, it was on project Options>Default tab, but I cannot reproduce the problem now. May be I made a mistake. Yes in French one apply to all slides is not evident: "Appliquer à toutes les vues" I suppose, begin "Appliquer à toutes les..." Maybe a larger button ( there is a lot of place) will be more evident to understand. Denis
  8. Jt49 "Would we like to lose compatibility to all former versions of PTE?" No
  9. I don't talk about the amplitude of the signal, but the loudness of the music. If you measure the loudness of the 440Hz_mono you will find -9.8 LUFS. If you measure the loudness of the 440Hz_stereo you will find -6.8 LUFS. But I agree, the normal behaviour is PTE 9 or 10 and not PTE 10.5 Denis
  10. Hi in 9 or 10 the mono was put on left and right canal unchanged the overall volume was multiply by 2 in 10.5 the mono is put on left and right canal with overall volume same as mono. Denis
  11. Hi, if you have inserted slide index for example, changing the font doesn't work. You must delate the <%SlideIndex%> in all the slides and insert it again in order to change the font. Denis
  12. Hi, In the file apr.ini (%localAppData%\PicturesToExe\Versions\10.5\apr.ini) line 192: RecentLst_Limit=10 Make a copy before change this value. I know it works Denis
  13. Hi Q-Vision, you need two thing: Set the text alignment to left set the center of the text to -100 not compulsory, but I would also put the three text in a frame, for each text set panoX to 0 pixels and move only the frame. Denis Text11.pte
  14. Hi, for the text object you want to align, in O&A set the center value to -100
  15. I modify the Tom's CT so they have the same GUID: {c70fb3fe-ad6f-4708-943e-f9ae698010a5} Denis
  16. I think the slideshow at a particular point of time is to be exported. It can be define by the cursor on the timeline, the cursor in O&A, or a time define by a number. Denis
  17. Hi Tom, I import it back and it works fine.
  18. Hi Tom, I modify your CT in order to use it with Many AR (from 5:4 to 21:9 it seems to work) Denis Slide with Zoom Any AR.pteeff
  19. Nice custom transition Tom. Thanks for sharing. Denis
  20. Don't forget that: with + button every thing is unchecked in the keyframe created And with ALT+Ins the keyframe selected is copied with checked and unchecked parameters Denis
  21. I think a hotkey is the most important. Denis
  22. Not something I would normally want as I tend to work slide by slide and adjust each duration on the timeline as I add the slide or video. But I can see it could be useful to some people. Jill +1 I don't use this feature
  23. Hi, did you change the name of the slide in "slide options" ? Don't change it in the O&A windows!!! Denis
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