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  1. Hi Jill, Thank you for your reply. That must have been what I remembered. I thought you could select individual clips (i.e., 1,2,5-8,10) but clearly not. Thanks again John
  2. Hi Folks, I thought it was possible to select a number of audio clips in Timeline view and move them together (retaining their spacing) in either direction along the timeline. As this is not happening for me perhaps I am mistaken. My memory sometimes (sorry, often) plays tricks on me. Can't find anything in Preferences about this. Cheers John
  3. Hi, I reloaded GoogleEarth Pro, created a .M4V and PTE accepted it. Must have been a corrupt file. Though I have also upgrade PTE to 10.5. Thanks for your help. John
  4. I have now downloaded 10.5 but it still will not recognise the .M4V files so I will later tonight create another file from Google Earth and try to import again. Cheers John
  5. Hi Igor, Thank you for your reply. According to the Help About screen I am using the latest version 10.0, though from what I can see there is a 10.5. When I check for latest version I'm told I'm running the latest version. John
  6. Hi, It’s been a while since I’ve posted here but I’m still quite a regular user of PTE. I am doing some initial planning for a new sequence in which I would like to include some Google Earth Pro video which I notice is exported as an M4V file that will not open in PTE. I can’t find within PTE Help a listing of what file formats are compatible as I assume I will have to find some means of converting the M4V file. Any suggestions would be appreciated from anybody who has been down this particular road. Regards John
  7. Yes, thank you. I must have hit that at some point without realising.
  8. Hi Perhaps somebody can remind me how to enable the little tag that each slide has in TIMELINE view that permits the movement of that slide independent of the other slides. Somehow it has disappeared and I can’t get it back. I don’t know what I did to disable this handy feature. Thanks John
  9. JEB

    Slide Style

    Hi Dave, Thanks for that, I should have worked that out for myself! John P.S. Looking at your location I wonder if you follow the rugby. If so, sorry about the result on Saturday. We'll see what we can do on Friday to help you out - but don't hold your breath.
  10. Hi, I am having difficulty with slide styles. I don’t use them very frequently though have done so in a project I am working on at present. I have over the past few weeks added “Border-simple” to many slides successfully. I now wish to insert an additional slide utilising the same style and it is not working for me. I have inserted a new slide, inserted the image, selected the style from the “Styles and Themes” location and get the “Style needs one image. You didn’t choose images” message and a grey box in the preview. I have tried several other styles and get the same results. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance. John
  11. JEB


    Looks like I’ve been using this wonderful software for the wrong purpose for the past fifteen years. I was under the impression it was, at least in part, for making slideshows.
  12. Igor, I would like to suggest an option for handling text when used as titles for multiple, different sized images, within a slide and throughout a sequence. This should enable a uniform size of text independent of the resolution of the image. The “TITLE Text Box” should be able to be attached to an image so that they can be moved in unison. Rather like parent/child with regard to position. However, the image should be permitted to be resized without the “TITLE Text Box” being resized. I hope this is clear. John
  13. JEB


    Thank you, Paul, I think the least complex workaround is the old one that Rosemary referred to. That is to set a Textbox at the outset and simply keep copying it, or a copy of it, and change the text. Not very satisfactory but perhaps the least complex. Yes Dave, I will raise this as a suggestion for the future, though I think I may have done so in the dim and distant past. John
  14. JEB


    Hi Dave Save Font and use as default does not do what I am after. From what I can make out this does not apply to the font size only the style. See attached example. Text 1 is a Text object at 15 % Zoom in O&A as a child of a 290x217 px image (20% Zoom in O&A). Text 3 is a Text object created on the slide background at 5% zoom in O&A Text 2 is a Text object at 15% Zoom in O&A as a child of a 1920x1080 px image (50% zoom in O&A). Text 4 is a Text object created on the slide background at 5% zoom in O&A. Text 1 and Text 2 are different sizes because of the sizes of the parent. Clearly if either parent image is zoomed the child (Text 1 or 2) will zoom with it. That is not what is wanted. Text 3 and 4 are independent objects not affected by any resizing of their images and require to be realigned or moved independently if the images are resized or moved. I think what is needed is a tool that will enable a “TITLE TEXT BOX” to be available and associated with an image enabling the image to be repositioned/resized without affecting the text (a bit like audio being linked to a slide in the timeline). I hope this makes things a bit clearer. John
  15. JEB


    Hi Dave, Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get that to work satisfactorily. I suspect that what I want requires a separate "Title Text Box" facility that could be attached to an image (like a child) but not be affected by the image being resized. Thank you for your interest. I'm astonished that this has never been taken up by the community in the past. Cheers John PS Just noticed Rosemary's post. Yes I often use your method but it is a bit of a pain in this day and age!
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