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  1. Many thanks Dave, works a treat! Brian
  2. There is probably a very simple answer but at this time I can't think how to do it. Is there a way of making an object appear to vibrate, for example when a clock alarm activates? That is, the sort of thing that one sometimes sees in cartoons, the alarm bell rings and the clock jumps around.
  3. Many thanks to you all for your help; I used DVD+R RW disc and took Igor's advice to change to LPCM and was able to publish the sequence without problem. Regards Brian
  4. Hi Wideangle & Gogs Thanks for the tip but unfortunately I don't have any DVD-R discs at the moment. Wii get some tomorrow and try again Regards Brian
  5. I'm trying to publish a sequence to a DVD disc as my friend does not have a computer and wishes to play it on his Panasonic DVD Player. The process of burning the sequence to a Panasonic DVD-RAM RW 4.7GB disc seems to progress fine but when we put it in the DVD player it is unable to read the disc. I have attached a screen print of the WnSoft Video Builder and project options screen. Can anyone please suggest what I might be doing wrong? VideoBuilder.docx
  6. Lin - Thank you for your advice; I have resized the files using Faststone and the EXE file is now down to 380MB from 2.84GB. Faststone is an an excellent piece of software which I haven't used before. I'm not sure at this moment in what format the cast would like the sequence and explored publishing the sequence 'HD Video for PC' (settings 1920x1080, High Quality, 30p) and that created a file of 1.38GB. Also tried the 'Video for Mobile Devices', (settings Ipad Retina, High Quality, 30p) and the resulting file was the same size; both are MP4 files. Not sure what the difference is between these files apart from that the using the publish to mobile gives you more screen sizes? Surprised at the size of the files though. Barry & Dave - thanks for demos and they look good. I have been playing around with getting a second line of text, still playing... Lin - your demo is also very good and you have a second line of text too. I've PM'd you. Thanks to all Brian
  7. Thank you all for your suggestions; have been out of circulation with flu etc. Plenty of ideas that I can work through. I was asked to put together an AV illustrating the preparation in producing an AM DRAM production of 'Oh What A Lovely War'. Behind the scenes photos, rehearsal etc.etc. for club records and the cast. The production had screens that popped up during the performance with news headlines e.g. '1st July - Battle of the Somme - The British lose 60,000 men on Day 1'. I have created slides with text showing the news clips interspersed between the images of the dress rehearsal. I thought that a typewriter effect producing the text might look good but possibly too much work for what is required. Incidentally, I have around 300 images (the cast wanted as many as possible) and 7 music tracks. Total length of sequence is 24 mins and the Exe file is 2.84GB. I'm amazed that it seems to run very well on my computer but I might have to go back and reduce the JPEG quality. I'm not sure what media they want the EXE file on. Possibly a DVD, would this be a problem given the file size?
  8. I'm looking for a way to simulate text being typed onto an image e.g. news report effect. I did a search on the forum to see whether anyone had come up with such a template and found there was some discussion several years ago but the links no longer work. Does anyone know if this was progressed into a workable solution? Regards Brian
  9. Hi Laszlo If the effect that you are trying to achieve is visible on your computer monitor and functions in the way you want it, then it should be fine. A digital projector will basically display exactly what you see on your monitor. regards Brian
  10. jt49 Thanks for your tip as well, I am in the early stages of producing the sequence so not able to test to see if performance is affected. I have tried your suggestion and I am able to select and move the objects individually which is great. But what the consequences when running a show if I use DG's suggestion? Brian
  11. Dave That's solved the problem. many thanks! Brian
  12. Hi Igor I am using PTE Deluxe 9.0.13 and have a PNG mask (Layer 0) as one of the objects on the slide and getting the same behaviour. It is a bit of a pain to keep using the Pan and Zoom settings to get an object (welly cutout) and the Text box moving across the screen to where I want it to go. Is there a fix in the pipeline? Brian
  13. Not entirely sure that I fully understand your question but is the aspect ratio of your project the same as your images. Your screen print seems to have either a 16:9 image overlaid with a 4:3 or vice versa?
  14. My apologies if you read this under 'Speakers for projection' but I now realise that tagging a question on the end of a 2 year old thread is probably not a good idea! Our photo club had our speakers and stands stolen over the Christmas period and we are looking to replace as soon as possible. Our venue is in a church hall (size about 6m x 15m) and we can at a push sit up to 60 people but generally it is about half that. The sound equipment needs to be portable as other clubs use the venue. I now know from reading some of the posts on the forum that the speakers we had; a pair of Alto iPA 200/400w speakers were vastly oversized/powered for our needs. We had complaints about their weight too as they were about 12 kilos each. We use a sound system as a PA for Judges and of course for showing AV sequences. Our old speakers were connected to a laptop (Dell XPS L702X) via an Alto ZMX 862 Input mixer. We have a Canon SX80 MarkII projector. Visiting Judges generally use our radio mic but we have a plug in mic too. At our last meeting, we borrowed a club member’s Bose Compact L1 system which worked very well and did not need more than half volume. Suggestions for replacement so far are M-Audio BX5, M-Audio BX8, Alto TX10. Some members have suggested going down the passive speaker route but that means we would have to buy an amp. Not sure whether there is any advantage. Can anyone please suggest other speakers or indeed continue to recommend those on mentioned on this thread. Need to bear in mind we have to be able to connect a mic into the system and not too heavy. The speakers would need to be placed on stands and we have a budget of around £300. Regards Brian
  15. I originally thought this was the best place for my query but now realise that it will probably be overlooked so I have created a new thread. Sorry!
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