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  1. Ah, thanks Barry, so simple when you where it is. Much appreciated. Regards.
  2. Hellp, please help, I'm using PTE Studio 10 and I've noticed that the orange audio volume line is missing. I can't remember how to get it back.
  3. Can anyone help - I'm trying to add narration to my show via the 'audio - record' feature, but it is not recording, although it does save a blank recording to the audio folder but there is no sound. It has worked before but I am not sure how to rectify this . . . . . any ideas ? Regards, Ingrid.
  4. Not sure what's happening, . . . . I have and image on the timeline with transparent text and a video behind it. All good when I play back in the mini player but when I play it via the preview option the main image disappears ? The image is selected as the 'main' image in properties and the video is behind the image, why can I not view this in the preview option ? I use this effect often and this is the first time this has happened. I also re-booted my laptop ?
  5. Hi Ivor,

    Having a problem opening PTE 9 - not responding. I have re-booted my laptop but that did not resolve the problem. I took some screen shots as I am  rather challenged on technical matters.The exe works but not the pte.


    Ingrid Gane.



  6. OK, OK . . . . found the problem . . . PTE doesn't permit using the same image with the same extension twice in a show. So I made a copy and remaned it (2) and it worked . . . YAY ! Regards, Ingrid
  7. Can anyone please help me. I've played my show ant all is well. but when i want to create a backup ZIP file the message below appears . I'm not sure what I've done as nothing seems to be wrong ? how do i look at this ? Regards, Ingrid Gane
  8. Please can someone help me. I purchased PTE version 7.5 in December and used the trial version of 8 which expired in February. 1. I keep getting the following message - "Beta Version to Pictures to EXE has expired. Please visit wnsoft website to download and install a final version of this product" 2. I have done this but nothing happens and I keep getting the same message.. . I am not asked to enter my key. How do I fix this ? Regards, Ingrid Gane
  9. I'm new to PTE and have been trying to burn a show onto a DVD. I don't want the "title" at the beginning of the DVD as I want the show to start immediately. The show seemed to burn correctly but when I play it on my TV, it just stays on the title page (I've lost the remote). Please help . . . . what am I doing wrong ? Ingrid
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