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  1. A friend to us all as passed away he will be very much missed by us all . Is pain as gone but our love for Lin remains . Michael
  2. Hi Rosy I copied your name spelling from nelson sorry about that . Further from my previous email the email address was one that I don't even use on this site which adds even more confusion . I just found it a little unnerving . Let me tell just what I did for this to happen , I clicked on your link My Mobility Scooter Part 3 . Michael
  3. Hi There Just letting you and others know what as just occurred when I opened Rosie's Vimeo it opened giving my name and email address . I have never noticed this happen before and I don't use Vimeo , very strange . Michael
  4. Hi Barry I thought at the time mine was a big thing to go through at 80 but seeing what you had done mine was a walk in the park . Michael
  5. Hi Barry I had both my eyes with a short gap between both done then a few months later had laser on both eyes . The first thing I noticed was how I saw colours it has been brilliant , I had a new pair of glasses this was three years ago and for each year after that I have had a fresh eye test and not needed a new pair which on its own speaks our well the surgery went for me . Michael
  6. Hi Igor Looking forward to see version 11 can you give any idea when it is going to be released for testing ? Michael
  7. Hi Rosy I have had BullGaurd on my computer for a very long time with no problems and when I am switching off from PTE and the Game Booster comes up I either leave it to switch off it self and it shows you a count down or I click on it and it goes away no problem both ways gone in seconds . Michael
  8. Hi There I purchased about a year ago a new MSI computer . I went on YouTube and found a test to see if my computer was going to be compatible with the upcoming Windows 11 and was very pleased to find it was . If you want this test program go to You Tube and do a search for the site " Windows, computers and Technology " This site is run by a Canadian who gives out very useful information on Windows in this site you will find a lot of useful information and its always up to date including Windows 11 , in one of the Window 11 items you will find a link to where you can download a program to test if your computer is OK to run Windows 11 . I have been visiting this site for a long time and have found it 100% in the help it gives . Michael
  9. Hi Igor Re help files thank you . Michael
  10. Hi There I notice the on line help is still not there . Michael
  11. Hi Paul Thank you very much . One word to sum up WHOW Michael
  12. Hi Paul Very Very nice thank you and a Very Happy Christmas . Michael
  13. Hi vbl2007 Thank you that is great . Michael
  14. Hi there Thank you for your excellent work these are great . Michael
  15. Hi There I find this very strange over the years I have burnt many DVD's with great success using Nero but then some time ago now it started to be hit and miss if I used verify it was a miss every time . I tried many things including new updates and upgrades new burners still hit and miss I finished with 4 external burners . Just very recently I purchased a new computer which did not include a burner I decided to try one of the 4 external burners and low and behold it will not only burn but I can use verify and scan disk feature . I have just burned 12 DVD's all 100% . Strange . Michael
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