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  1. Hi Igor Re help files thank you . Michael
  2. Hi There I notice the on line help is still not there . Michael
  3. Hi Paul Thank you very much . One word to sum up WHOW Michael
  4. Hi Paul Very Very nice thank you and a Very Happy Christmas . Michael
  5. Hi vbl2007 Thank you that is great . Michael
  6. Hi there Thank you for your excellent work these are great . Michael
  7. Hi There I find this very strange over the years I have burnt many DVD's with great success using Nero but then some time ago now it started to be hit and miss if I used verify it was a miss every time . I tried many things including new updates and upgrades new burners still hit and miss I finished with 4 external burners . Just very recently I purchased a new computer which did not include a burner I decided to try one of the 4 external burners and low and behold it will not only burn but I can use verify and scan disk feature . I have just burned 12 DVD's all 100% . Strange . Mich
  8. Hi Tom I have just upgraded my whole set up by purchasing a brand new system I now have the following . MSI MAG Meta Ryzen 5 8GB 512GB SSD 1TB GTX1660S with 6GB and armed with a list of possible upgrades it can have . From switching on the slowest thing is putting in my PIN Number every thing seems instant . I purchased this in the knowledge that it had one of the best graphics cards for my PTE AV 10 and my 2020 version of Photoshop . About upgrading I was before I received it thinking of upping from 8 to 16 GB but now I can see it in action I do not think I will bother .
  9. Hi There I earlier this evening got informed there is a new update from Nvidia to go along with the new Windows 10 update . The update from Nvidia when it starts scans your computer and tells you if your version as an update and then gives you a break down of your system . Michael
  10. I see that Adobe Photoshop 2020 recommends the GTX 1660 Graphics card . Michael
  11. Hi Dom I have most of your work if you would like me to send them to you I am more than willing I have your tutorials as well . Michael
  12. Hi DOM Nice to see you again . Michael
  13. Hi There Is there any way we can get the French Manual translated to English ? Michael
  14. Happy new year Wnsoft team . Thank you for a great program it gets better each year . Michael
  15. Have a nice and well deserved time off work. Michael
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