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  1. It only lets me choose one transition at a time, cannot select more than one. Guess I will just choose tranition for each slide. thanks for replying
  2. Hi Everyone.... I am new to PTE Pro. I have the latest version. How can I have the program apply random transitions to a slideshow. I can only select one transition at a time. There is no checkbox at the heading of the each group of transitions to check. Please see attached screenshot. thank you sanpier
  3. Hi everyone... I just purchased PTE AV Studio Pro. Although I am just learning the program I am really impressed by the program's capabilities. Before purchasing the program I asked some questions on this forum and everyone was very helpful and answered my questions almost immediately. I have used Proshow Producer in the past but stopped using it because they closed and now it is Photopia. I will not pay a yearly fee for that program. I then ( mistakenly) tried Slideshow 11 Ultimate by Aquasoft. This program constantly freezes and is not user friendly. There is no forum for Aquasoft so the only way you can ask questions is by their contact form. They do not always get back and when they do they are very helpful. Thank you Igor and all of the forum members who have been extremely helpful. As I learn PTE AV Studio Pro, I will be using this forum for help from time to time. In short, anyone who is looking for a fantastic and friendly slideshow program...this is for you. You will not regret buying this program. sanpier
  4. Hi everyone.... I would like to buy PTE Studio Pro. I have emailed the company several times with questions about the software but have not received any responses. I am assuming that this is due to the pandemic. Does anyone know if I order the program at this time will I receive the activation code right away or will I have to wait until the employees get back to work? thank you in advance for you help sanpier
  5. I am about to buy PTE Studio Pro. Is it possible to create a scrolling text similar to the Star Wars effect? thank you
  6. I am looking to buy PTE Studio Pro. Are there any issues of the program freezing up while using it? I currently am using Aquasoft slideshow and the program freezes from time to time. thank you sanpier
  7. Jill, is the menu created within the PTE program? thanks
  8. Many thanks for your replies. If I burn a slideshow to MP4 on a USB will I be able to create a menu for the slideshow using PTE 10 Pro ?
  9. Thedom and Jose...many thanks. I was looking at the PTE AV Studio user guide and found the following: DVD-Video Disc - Video Builder PTE 10 doesn't include VideoBuilder for DVD output by default. For compatibility and for needs of existing users we included VideoBuilder as add-on: In the Main menu > Publish > click DVD-Video disc (Shift+F1) - (not in the Publish button menu) PTE will offer download and install VideoBuilder in one click. It will take 5..20 seconds Now DVD-Video output option will appear in the Publish button menu and in the main menu > Publish For Players connected to a Television. Click on Publish and DVD-Video Disc. Is this addon option still available in PTE 10 Pro? many thanks for all of your help......
  10. Hi everyone... I am a former user of Photodex Proshow Producer. Since they have changed and now charge a yearly fee I am in the market for a new slideshow program. I am considering PTE AV Studio Pro. I do have some questions. I tried contacting WnSoft several times but have not received any response ( most likely due to the pandemic). Can I burn a slideshow on a DVD to be played on a DVD player for TV viewing? Does the program have text animations? Is there a way to obtain extra transitions, slide styles and templates for the program? Any help would be appreciated. thank you, sanpier
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