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  1. Hi all With excel and macros, it is possible to automate many things, mainly in large projects. For example, modify the duration of a large group of slides by a certain amount or percentage, without having to do it one by one or the batch adjustment of any PTE variable. MUR
  2. MUR

    Air Show

    Hi, thanks I tried to fix the canopy issue, but did not find a pleasant solution. Regarding the reproduction speed, it was initially higher, but the maneuvers were not well captured and very slow, they do not look like fighter planes.
  3. MUR

    Air Show

    Hi macian, that clipped text did't appear in my PC computer I am going to review that. Thanks MUR
  4. MUR

    Air Show

    Thanks. I normally don't use the text centered MUR
  5. Version 2 of and animation in PTE9 AirShow2.zip
  6. I think that for me will be nice when something as this warning appear, click and select one of them MUR
  7. Hi Bert Beautiful photos, interesting subject and excellent montage. MUR
  8. Hi Tom this is only an idea, that must be refined MUR Moving boat -1.pte
  9. I like it very much MUR
  10. MUR


    Thanks for your opinions. If you have seen another of my 3D animation works, titled Fantasies, there is another tower, but I did not do them in the same way You can see it in Slideshow club, looking for "Fantasies" MUR
  11. MUR


    Hi Tom Try this MUR chess14 trash.zip
  12. PTE AV Studio exercise CHESS.zip
  13. Excellent, but why the texts in the left pages are inverted. The song in spanish was a surprise. MUR
  14. Hi I work a lot in animations, although PTE is not a program for that, but it would be very useful to be able to make a greater variety of changes like a batch or to be able to create actions that apply a group of modifications in a single action. Although I think it can be very difficult to program. Something that I don't understand is, for example, I have an image with 10 keyframes and I change the opacity of number 4, now I have to go to others that I do not changed and check them as saying "you have not changed", for me it is very annoying. MUR
  15. MUR

    PTE an Excel

    Hi JudyKay How can you find it. It is not working, since macros are a means of moving viruses, there are now more rules for using them. This was a simple version, if there are enough people interested, I can reprogram it, but it took time or anyone who programs Visual Basic can do it To use them you don't need to program in Visual Basic , but you must have Excel in your computer MUR
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