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  1. Hi An exercise MUR fire transition v2.zip
  2. Hi Tom Yes, I would also like to remove the straight line from the bottom of the flames, so that the appearance of the second image is more gradual. MUR fire transition v1.zip
  3. Hi Tom This is my idea, only an idea You can see that in order to remove the dark background from the video, I used the trick of creating a mask with the video as stencil and as content. MUR fire transition.zip
  4. Hi Tom I was working in the same idea, but this is far better. I was using a line of fire to burn the first slide. MUR
  5. Hi MUR transiciĆ³n con zoom.zip
  6. MUR


    Hi chanfi22 Yes, it was only a try for curiosity, the pan has the modifier smooth 50-50 but needs more work MUR Intersection.zip
  7. This is an exercise, after watching on YouTube, something similar, prepared with Proshow intersection v1.exe
  8. Hi Lin and Paiche59 Thanks, it is only an idea, it needs some adjustments, as the pan Y of some images. MUR Landslide1.zip
  9. Idea for a transition MUR Landslide.zip
  10. Hi Tonton Excellent MUR
  11. Old exercises with text https://www.dropbox.com/s/5c90eum7ya6ttv2/Text in the corner.exe?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/uhut0a5yrumc92m/Playing with text.exe?dl=0 MUR
  12. Hi Aleina Excellent animation, from the technical aspects and the message. Really nice MUR
  13. HI Lin With spanish as my original language, thanks for the tip of Tinyspell, (by the way spanish and tinyspell produce boings ) MUR
  14. HI I have been using a long time the solution posted by denisb, and works fine for me MUR
  15. MUR


    Hi Rosemary You can also do this MUR As a comment, I use the free version of Photoshop, the very old CS2, that is my the default image editor in PTE (Download it from Adobe site)
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