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  1. In this video, I show some of the steps of an exercise, to transform a flat image to a polyhedron. It is not a tutorial, nor is it fully adjusted MUR It is in Slideshowclub
  2. Very very good, reminds me of my childhood on the farm. Colorizations are excellent. Someone should salvage some of those machines. MUR
  3. Make and independent audio file with Audacity MUR
  4. This is an old request, but I would like to have in Objects and Animations, different color for the keyframes selected, because I have problems with two similar shades of blue. MUR
  5. Try to make an independent file for the sound with Audacity. MUR
  6. Exercise in PTE AV Studio MUR Follow the leader .mp4
  7. Hi Look in slideshowclub.com the video "The future" Please, any comment here MUR
  8. Everyone has already said what I think and although I am not very emotional, the tears came as soon as I read the title of the post. Manuel Urdaneta
  9. Thanks. The font used at the beginning, was the original from the movie. I copy and paste it MUR
  10. I have taken from the movie "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", rated as the best western ever filmed, its sequence of the duel in the cemetery, considered the best scene of all time and I have mixed it, using PTE AV Studio , with the magnificent performance of the film's theme by The Danish National Symphony Orchestra. It is in SlideShowClub as The good the bad and the ugly Please put the comments here. Good or Bad Thanks MUR
  11. Hi Barry, I hope you are overcoming your problems, we need you. I am also coming out of some health problems, normal at my 78 years old. MUR
  12. I also like the reconstruction of the Tally Ho. what patience to make the details so precise. MUR
  13. Very beautiful, happiness is more an attitude and love for simple things, than a reality. MUR
  14. Hi all With excel and macros, it is possible to automate many things, mainly in large projects. For example, modify the duration of a large group of slides by a certain amount or percentage, without having to do it one by one or the batch adjustment of any PTE variable. MUR
  15. MUR

    Air Show

    Hi, thanks I tried to fix the canopy issue, but did not find a pleasant solution. Regarding the reproduction speed, it was initially higher, but the maneuvers were not well captured and very slow, they do not look like fighter planes.
  16. MUR

    Air Show

    Hi macian, that clipped text did't appear in my PC computer I am going to review that. Thanks MUR
  17. MUR

    Air Show

    Thanks. I normally don't use the text centered MUR
  18. Version 2 of and animation in PTE9 AirShow2.zip
  19. I think that for me will be nice when something as this warning appear, click and select one of them MUR
  20. Hi Bert Beautiful photos, interesting subject and excellent montage. MUR
  21. Hi Tom this is only an idea, that must be refined MUR Moving boat -1.pte
  22. MUR


    Thanks for your opinions. If you have seen another of my 3D animation works, titled Fantasies, there is another tower, but I did not do them in the same way You can see it in Slideshow club, looking for "Fantasies" MUR
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