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  1. +1 but never used a card reader as the act of removing the card & re-fitting it into the camera can cause faults. I did buy a card reader when I was into gimbals as the manufacturers wanted to transfer info using one. Just keep it for emergencies now. Have one on my PC & LT but never use them. Rosy.
  2. The last time we went to the cinema was when we were on holiday in Herefordshire couple of years ago to see Elton John's "Rocket Man". I wear 2 hearing aids had to take them out during the film felt like my head was going to explode. Got back to the car minus 1 hearing aid, an expensive night out. Great film though. Cheers Rosy.
  3. Hi Tom Not sure if the Sinclair Spectrum preceeds yours, but that was my first foray into computers. Newspapers we get a weekly freeby, The Champion with local news, I read it this evening, took about 10 mins, mostly car adds. Food we get ours delivered from Tesco's every Thursday, costs £10 a month for the service & we can choose an hourly slot, our prescription we order online & collect monthly from the chemists. Books the local mobile library visits once a month & we can pre order what we want, that's free. My ink ran out on Friday on my Canon printer, as it costs more for cartridges so I had bought an HP Deskjet 4 months ago when the Canon said it was running out of ink. Unpacked it, took me an hour to fathom how to fit the cartridges, had to resort to Youtube, finally got them fitted but the document I was trying to print kept telling me I needed to connect a printer. In the end I ordered some Canon cartridges from Amazon, will be here Monday. The HP I disconnected, may try it again later. Started to compose a letter in Apache Open Office Org the realised I could send it by the company I was going to send it to , their reply wizard, even added pics. Life gets very complicated. Last Night at The Proms is on TV which we traditionally watch every year "Rule Britannia" Cheers Rosy
  4. It's a long time since I heard that mentioned! Last night I visited a web site that had a number of video & still images that could be viewed. When I tried to view one, I got the "you need flash player to view these". I remember in the dim & distant past there was lots of controversy about FP, some said you should have it others said you shouldn't, I looked in control panel & couldn't see it, what does the fprum think, should I have it? Rosy Sorry guys & girls, I should have checked before asking, See - Just in case you hadn’t heard, Flash has officially been retired. Flash has security problems and doesn’t run on mobile platforms like iPhone, iPad, and Android. Modern websites have replaced Flash with modern web standards. In fact, Flash is the last browser plug-in to vanish, following in the footsteps of Oracle Java, Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Shockwave, Apple QuickTime, and others. Official support for Flash ended on December 31, 2020. Adobe has removed download links for Flash from its website and will not be updating Flash with any security updates. Adobe has even included a kill switch for Flash content. Starting January 12, 2021, recent versions of the Adobe Flash plug-in will refuse to run Flash content. While Adobe does all that it can to block Flash content from ever running again on the web, there are still some workarounds. Another case of "Engage brain before putting mouth / pen / finger into gear. Rosy
  5. Hi Wideangle. I use a lot of video in my PTE shows, I'm not sure if switching it off would have a detremental effect?
  6. Thanks Wideangle However, I'm still not sure what Game Booster does, I don't want to disrupt somethg that should be left as it is. Bit busy at the moment, but I'll check with Bullguard when I get a minute & post what they say. Regards Rosy. Had to check before I went to bed, Bullguard says "PC tune up Games Booster" Protects your gaming experience from framerate drop outs caused by other programmes.
  7. Hi Michael & Tom Michael sounds like it's not a problem. Thanks for the heads up. Tom it isn't affecting anything I'm doing in PTE as far as I know, it only appears when I come out of PTE & into my desktop. So at the moment I'll work on the priciple of "if it aint broke don't fix it.. The only thing I have noticed in PTE is when I click the toaster part way through the show, it seems to take longer for the show to run full screen. It is a big show though, over 700MB in MP4 & 123mb optimised exe? Maybe when the CPU's loaded it triggers Bullguard? It only appears on the desktop, so there's no hassle at present. Cheers Rosy Tom Just checked the link & yes it's easy to disable it. Next time I'm in PTE I'll try it both ways see if it makes a difference. Maybe it's a form of parental control? Rosy
  8. Hi Tom Bullguard is my new Anti Virus software. My HP PC was 12 months old last month, it came with Norton AVS which was too expensive to renew so I went with Bullguard which I'd used on previous PC's & laptops without problems.? Regs Rosy.
  9. Hi Igor Where would I find it? It sounds like something Nvidia would install. How do you know it's Bullguard? Regards Rosy.
  10. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that's a bit above my pay grade. Thanks Igor. Rosy.
  11. This last few days I've noticed a PTE notification tab has appeared, anyone know why. See screenshot top right corner. It says game booster, I wondered if it was something to do with my Nvidia graphics card? Rosy.
  12. Hi Gary Some of the notifications on Youtube are getting silly. I got an email from them last week to say two of my shows about Wilfred Owen the war poet had been put in the over 18 years of age restricted section. Seems like they don't want people under 18 to know what went on in the past. I appealed but lost. Rosy.
  13. My camera is set to 16-9 aspect ratio so I very rarely take portrait shots. If I do & want to show all the image, I either add a matching background, or zoom the image to fullscree & pan from top to botton or visa versa. to do the pan version I crop the image to a higher pixel size than my landscape shots which I save at 2560 x 1440 pixels. Rosy.
  14. Before Covid, we used to attend the BBC Symphony Orchestras live radio broadcasts at Media City in Salford Quays. The securrity is very strict, deinitely no photography or sound recording, it's a "hanging" offence almost. Made a show of our visit when they were playing Aaron Copland's music, only managed to get pictures outside the studio & the car park, blagged the rest. Well done.
  15. Hi Tom, saw that & thought HMMMMMMMMMM! sounds good? Then I thought, do I want 50TB on one drive? I have 3 separate drives, one bought back in 2007 which is full, one bought in 2012 which is as full as I'd want it to be, & one bought 2018 which is about 10% full. The thought of losing 50TB with one failure. I think this is a case of 3 birds in the hand is better than one in the bush. Cheers Rosy.
  16. Hi Tom Looks interesting. Couldn't find it on Amazon UK? I already have a remote mouse & keyboard that I use on my Smart TV, but the mouse is a conventional shape, two buttons & a wheel. However, it only works on certain transmissions, OK on YouTube but not on BBC I Player. Still struggling with the RSI, to much going on at the moment to do anything about it. I bought another scooter called the I Tango by Doohan, been looking at them for a while, but there are no dealers in the UK & importing from China I have to buy 5. Importing from the EU is very expensive now we are out of the Union. (I voted to remain). I found this one on EBay 3 years old but never used. That arrived Friday & looked great. However, when I examined the paperwork with it, It had been fraudulently registered, so we've been tooing & frooing between the seller, the DVLA & the Police. I've now raised an Ebay dispute as I can't register it for use on UK roads, watch this space, no wonder I've got RSI, the mouse & keyboard have been red hot. Also the folding mobility scooter arrived this morning from China, it came by road via Russia. Only partly unpacked & assembled it, will get back to it tomorrow. Couple of pictures attached. Plenty of food for another Rosy Cheeks AV. Night Night Rosy.
  17. Have you tried what I suggested in my previous post click the 3 dots to give more options, which brings up 4 alternatives "Report" "Share" "Edit" & "Hide". with edit you should be able to delete everything from your repeat post. If not a moderator can do it for you. Rosy.
  18. Hi AleAle 5025 If you click the more options icon (3 dots on the right of the heading on your post, you can edit the post. See my attached screen shot of a previous post of mine. Rosy
  19. Hi Tom & Macian I had thought about a graphics tablet, but wasn't sure what you can do with them. I do a lot of typing on my PC using 2 fingers & manage to use my midddle finger on my right hand, reasonably successfully, but it's using the left hand mouse button & scroll wheel that is the biggest problem. I'll take a look at BB's tutorial & see if that would suit, but as the saying goes, "you can't teach an old dog (or Bitch) to do new tricks." I have looked at various so called RSI mice such as tracker balls & the like, but they look like expensive gimmicks. Thanks both for answering Rosy.
  20. It's been coming on for some time & I blame the increased time spent using my PC during the pandemic, not to say old age also. There isn't much the medical services can do apart from rest pain killers & injections, & I've looked at different mice or mouses, which ever is the plural of mouse. Has anyone overcome the problem by changing their mouse & can let me know the model mouse they now use. At times it's very painful, to the extent of breaking my sleep. Any advice welcomed. Rosy.
  21. Maybe something like this? Rosy.
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