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  1. Hi Dom , thanks for your help - it works as suggested . Paul
  2. Hi Dom , I downloaded the style - impressive , thank you . But I can't use the style properly - how to use the style for less than 10 slides ? What is required to get a 'proper' last slide in the range without the apperance of ''image 1" afterwards . Thanks for your help - Paul
  3. After very positive experiences with PTE Version 9 I have done the upgrade to Version 10 without prior extensive testing on my side - but with trust in the product and the team . PTE is an excellent example of close cooperation between the development team and the customers . It's a pity that PTE has not such a strong popularity in Germany as in other countries . Thanks for all the efforts which went into PTE Version 10 .
  4. Hallo jt , thank you for your proposal . Your method is better than mine ( calling of VLC media player by a slide is not always predictable over time) . Consequently I am glad to use your method in one of my shows . Greetings from Cologne - Paul
  5. Jean-Cyprien , thanks for your proposal . In the meantime I found a different workaround , which suits better for me and will allow to have a continuous sound in addition to the sound for predefined slides . Method : the slides in question start the VLC media player (hidden) and produce the sound in addition to the continuous sound . Paul
  6. Thanks Dave , but ... your method doesn't work , I believe , for a manually controlled slideshow. Paul
  7. I need advice - for my manually controlled shows (mouse buttons) I need a function to start a defined Audio Comment when the slide appears . I can't get that to work - neither in the PREVIEW nor in the EXE . Is there a way to accomplish that ? Thanks - Paul
  8. Thanks - button works now correctly . Regards - Paul
  9. Thanks Igor , I run WIN7 (all updates) - I have only one display.
  10. No. 2 - Button can be clicked and nothing happens.
  11. I followed your proposal - no success , Slide Style- Button still dead .
  12. I opened a version 9 -show with several slides . The Slide-Style button is dead .
  13. Thank you Igor, how can I import styles manually , when the 'Slide Style Button' doesn't react at all ?
  14. Igor , yes - this was my first installation.
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