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  1. ok, it is not a fundamental function but I do not see why to reject a proposal in this way...
  2. I agree, a copy function like that of proshow would be really useful
  3. it might also be interesting to know how many times the image has been added
  4. greetings to all. is there a portable version of PTE?
  5. Thanks Igor... faster than light...
  6. Hello everyone, where can I find examples of application of the "animated image" function of the O&A properties tab? I can't understand what it's for...
  7. many thanks, Igor. it worked... unbelievable... today my windows is very very nervous...
  8. Hi, I can't copy a slide from one show to another. i tried with ctrl+c, right click mouse+copy... in the target show does not appear "paste" and ctrl+v has no effects... what is happening?
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