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  1. Thanks Igor... faster than light...
  2. Hello everyone, where can I find examples of application of the "animated image" function of the O&A properties tab? I can't understand what it's for...
  3. many thanks, Igor. it worked... unbelievable... today my windows is very very nervous...
  4. Hi, I can't copy a slide from one show to another. i tried with ctrl+c, right click mouse+copy... in the target show does not appear "paste" and ctrl+v has no effects... what is happening?
  5. Hello When I add an image in the "slide list", the name of the corresponding file in the "file list" is highlighted (not so much...) in bold. When I add an image via O&A Add...image, nothing happens in the "file list". No bold name. How do I know if I've already used a file?
  6. the text section needs a lot of improvements
  7. timeline scaling in O&A it would be a good thing to have
  8. perfect, denisb! absolutely brilliant!
  9. Thank you all. @Lin: I thought about it but it's a pretty heavy job. I should insert the keyframes in a few milliseconds @davegee: the effect is what I wanted. simple even if it creates a long list of objects.
  10. Hello everyone. I need to make an image disappear and reappear several times in a slide. I had imagined the use of modifiers by applying a square wave to opacity but there isn't ... Does anyone have any ideas?
  11. Many, many thanks, Jean-Cyprien!
  12. Hello everyone when I insert a child object, it appears above the parent object. How do I take it under the parent?
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