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  1. Hi Jill, Thank you for your advice. I have managed (I think) to overcome the problem - by copying the first slide and then pasting it - as a copy it takes the sound with it, then I just change the picture!! It seems to work Ok Jim
  2. Hi, As a newbie I wonder if anyone can help me with a problem I have linking sound files to a slide. If I create a slide and link a sound to it - no problem. The problem arises when I want to repeat the sound on a different slide. - It is easy to duplicate the sound file and add it manually, but if I then insert a new slide in the show, all of the 'linked' sound files that follow are no longer linked - I don't seem to be able to link a single sound file to multiple slides - can it be done? Jim
  3. A workaround might be to publish the show, extract the show's sound into Audacity - normalize it in Audacity then import the sound as a single file back into the PTE show, deleting all other sounds - you would of course want to do this only when satisfied with the rest of the show. - I agree with you, a "normalize sound" option would be a good addition.
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