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  1. it would also be interesting to be able to have balance control... yes, I know, it can be done in audacity... but having dynamic balance control (in some situations, for example sound effects) would be remarkable
  2. Excellent observation jt49. We shouldn't hear the sound. Clearly the problem is almost irrelevant in most cases. I only noticed this because I'm trying to sync some audio files containing speech with a person's lip in a video. In this case also the fractions of a second are relevant...
  3. Many thanks Stranger2156
  4. thanks for the test Stranger2156, how did you measure the time?
  5. update: if I convert the wav file to mp3, everything works perfectly
  6. probably it is some configuration problem on my pc. what bothers me is that the problem arises occasionally ...
  7. it's really weird... I can hear the "full" sound only if I start the playback before the point 00: 02.970. if, for example, I start playback from 00: 02.980, I hear only the final part of the sound (release). With version 10.0.14 I can hear all the sound even by starting playback a few milliseconds before the start of the sound. As we said it is a very small problem. It was just a curiosity...
  8. 010 26 drop2.wav this is one of the files I had problems with. thanks for your interest
  9. Stranger2156, i am not using audio from a video Igor, i am using wav files. it is true, it is not a huge problem. the strange thing is that the problem doesn't always arise and I don't understand why ... i will try to clear the cache even if, the last time i did, waveforms of all audio tracks were showing "error"...
  10. Hello everyone in version 10.5 I notice that the sound is reproduced earlier (about 50 ms) than the waveform design (both in timeline and in O&A) in version 10.0.14 the reproduced sound exactly coincides with the waveform what can it depend on?
  11. I don't understand ... besides the extraordinary power of the software, one of the greatest values of PTE is the ability of wnsoft and the forum community to answer questions quickly. priceless.
  12. ok, it is not a fundamental function but I do not see why to reject a proposal in this way...
  13. I agree, a copy function like that of proshow would be really useful
  14. it might also be interesting to know how many times the image has been added
  15. greetings to all. is there a portable version of PTE?
  16. Thanks Igor... faster than light...
  17. Hello everyone, where can I find examples of application of the "animated image" function of the O&A properties tab? I can't understand what it's for...
  18. many thanks, Igor. it worked... unbelievable... today my windows is very very nervous...
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