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  1. Mike, Try other WAV audio files. If the problem occurs with a certain WAV file, send us a sample file for testing (via Google Drive or WeTransfer.com).
  2. Hi Dominique, Let me know, did you create a 4K video with default settings - 3840 x 2160, High quality, 60p? If not, please try these default settings.
  3. Hi Dominique, Thanks for your thoughts, I agree that IPTC tags are important. We plan version 11.0 for next year.
  4. Hi, Thanks for your interest to PTE AV Studio! Currently EXIF/IPTC meta-tags work only for JPEG images and only for a Main image object - a main object of a slide. You can see Main object: "1" in the Properties tab of the Objects and animation editor. It indicates that this image works with meta-tags. We plan to add meta-tags for other images on a slide in future version 11.0. Also we'll try to add a support for PNG images, not sure about TIFFs.
  5. Peter, We fixed this problem. You can try a new version 10.5.5 Beta: Windows: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/pteavstudio-setup.exe Mac: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/PTE-AV-Studio.dmg You can import and export a style with a comma in a style name, but it will work only for PTE AV Studio 10.5.5 and newer.
  6. Hi Jeff, Please try again. - Upload an EXE show in a ZIP archive (I think you know this). - Add a thumbnail image in a JPEG format (or reduce thumbnail image, probably it's too large). - Add a title and description for your show.
  7. Peter, Thanks, I confirm this issue. We'll fix it in the next update.
  8. PTE AV Studio 10.5.4 is available for PC and Mac Download: https://www.wnsoft.com/pte-av-studio/download/ Or use Auto Update feature: Main menu > Help > Check for Free Updates. Improved compatibility of created 4K videos with some 4K TVs. Fixed problem with too high bitrate in MP4 video created with custom ‘Bitrate’ mode (Mac). Fixed problem with Chroma key for a video clip (Mac). Fixed problem with a preview of changes in chroma key for a video clip.
  9. Hi Anne, I apologize for this problem. I found your ticket submitted 1h 35m ago and we just replied. Also I attach a copy of our reply in a personal message through this forum. Please let me know if you received it. P.S. I recommend to use Ctrl+C to copy the key and then paste the key by Ctrl+V in PTE AV Studio to avoid typos.
  10. Probably nested (common) color filters also could be useful?
  11. Common alpha channel. The same result you can reach now by adding a group of objects into a Mask container and then adjusting common opacity of the container.
  12. Hi Jim, I'll reply next week. Thanks for reminding.
  13. Hi, We added Nested Opacity mode for an object for its child objects in future version 11.0. I remember that this feature was requested several times. Earlier you could implement this effect using a Mask container and adjusting its opacity parameter.
  14. I would recommend to simply uninstall this GameBooster app.
  15. Hi Jim, We fixed this problem in the Mac version. Try a new version 10.5.4 Beta: For Mac: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/PTE-AV-Studio.dmg PTE AV Player for Mac: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/PTE-AV-Player.dmg It's a stable Beta version, and the most likely it will become the final release.
  16. A new Beta version 10.5.4, Build 4: Fixed problem with Chroma key for a video clip (Mac). Fixed problem with a preview of changes in chroma key for a video clip. See the download links above.
  17. Rosy, It's BullGuard GameBooster app, according your screenshot. PTE AV Studio uses 3D rendering of a graphics card and BullGuard "thinks" that it's a 3D game. We can't predict a result.
  18. Hi, Floating pictures style requires fast graphics card if you create an executable show for PC or Mac. This style includes complex effects and blur effect. And also you used high resolution images. We recommend two solutions: A. Simply create MP4 video with HD quality and 60p mode (or create two variants - HD and 4K videos). In this case, the created video will play smooth any complex animation and effects, for any source images. B. For executable show. Resolution. Always optimize source images according target screen: For example, you create a show for HD and 4K screens. Max screen resolution is 3840 x 2160 and your images fully cover the screen. It means that you need to use images with a resolution around 3480 x 2160. Your original images are 6048 x 4024. You need to reduce pixel size of these images to 3840 x 2554 in Photoshop. Image format. The best format for executable shows is JPEG. Good visual quality, small file size and PTE AV Studio can quickly extracts thumbnails for the File list, Slide list, Timeline and Mini-Player (preview). We don't recommend to add heavy PNG or TIFF images. Avoid other image formats than JPEG only for special cases and effects. For example, if you need to add an image with semi-transparency use PNG. An executable slideshow with simple effects (without dynamic blur effect) usually play smooth on any PC manufactured during last 10 years. Heavy slideshow with complex effects, layers, masks, blur require fast PC with good graphics card. Alternate solution, as I mentioned above - create your slideshow as a MP4 video.
  19. Gary, I'll think how we can improve this page. Thanks
  20. Jim, I downloaded this project (Gala PA 07 Scroll 2021-08Aug27.pte) on two PCs with Windows. PTE 10.5.3 opened this project without any problem. I recommend to check that you run PTE 10.5.3 not the old version 10.0.14. Run manually PTE 10.5.3 from a shortcut and check the About window. PTE 10.5.3 installs as a new product, keeping old version 10.0.14. It's possible, that file associations with .pte file were kept for PTE 10.0.14, if you open project from Explorer by double clicking on .pte project file.
  21. Try to change an option "Automatic Graphics Switching" for your VM in Parallels: https://kb.parallels.com/122807 and also try different Memory option (Automatic, or manual value - at least 2 GB).
  22. Thanks, Tom! I think that Windows 11 will became a significant milestone, because it's first Windows for ARM CPUs with an emulation of Intel/AMD code including old 32-bit and 64-bit apps. We should see coming of laptops with ARM chips and Windows which work longer from battery. We have a good example from Apple, where a transit from Intel CPU to ARM chip (M1) went very well. The only problem of Windows 11 are unreasonably high CPU requirements for existing PCs - AMD Ryzen 2 or newer, and Intel 8-gen which were manufactured about 2017-2018 or later. This will delay deploying of Windows 11.
  23. We fixed the problem with a chroma key for a video clip. The new version will be available soon.
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