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  1. Beta 26 is available for Windows: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/pteavstudio-setup.exe Fixed problem with Edit File command. Updated Spanish translation.
  2. Beta 26 is available See the download link in first post above. Updated Spanish translation. Improved stability of PTE AV Studio. Fixed problem with some shortcut keys in the Objects and Animation editor. Next version will be a Release Candidate.
  3. Laszlo, Can you save a copy of this project and simplify it as possible? Remove slides and audio files while this problem still can be reproduced. Then use Create a backup in a ZIP command and send me this project. We'll check it. You can use WeTransfer.com to send me a download link in a personal message.
  4. Tom, Thanks for sharing these results! P.S. PTE for Mac has a native support of Apple M1 chip. It gives a maximum performance and power efficiency.
  5. Philip, Thanks for the confirmation. I'm glad. You can use current Beta, it's a stable version. We plan to release it as a final version soon.
  6. Currently PC version of .ptshow file includes video/audio decoders. We plan to move them to an EXE launcher (if necessary).
  7. Tom, We're thinking on this possibility. Technically it's possible.
  8. Tom, The only way is to find an old Mac (macOS Mojave or earlier) and use screen recording to a MP4 video.
  9. Hi John, Can you easily reproduce this problem again? If yes, try the following option: in the main menu > Settings > Preferences > System tab. Tick the option "Alternate renderer...". Click the OK button and restart PTE. Does it help to solve that issue?
  10. Dave, Version 10.5 for Windows will replace 10.0.14. We'll keep a link for 10.0.14 just in case on the Old versions page.
  11. Hi, We plan to publish a Release Candidate version 10.5 for Windows and Mac within a week
  12. New Beta version will keep your existing version 10.0.14 automatically. Just untick the option "Associate with .pte project files" during the installation to keep projects with the old version (when you double click in the Explorer).
  13. Eric, Run Application / Open document command can't perform returning to the original show (menu). You can reach this behaviour for .ptshow files with Project Options > Advanced tab > Run application or slideshow on exit. This option exists only in the Pro version. I need to check if we already added support for .ptshow file filter for this command. I don't see such problem. We didn't change the internal 3D/objects engine since December. Do you observe this problem with all projects? Check the Sample Project (main menu > Help > Open Sample Project).
  14. Try new Beta 25. Now you can open documents, videos or .ptshow presentations from menu show. P.S. Download and install new PTE AV Player.
  15. Hi, Can you try new version 10.5 Beta: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/pteavstudio-setup.exe and check how it works with Microsoft Excel. P.S. This Beta version automatically installs into a new folder and keeps your existing stable version 10.0.14.
  16. Beta 25 is available See the download link above. Fixed problem with clicking main menu commands. Updated German and Dutch translations.
  17. Beta 25 is available See the download link in first post above. Run application / Open file command can open a document, video or .ptshow. Download a new PTE AV Player PTE AV Player now deactivates sleep/screensaver when you watch a show. Updated German and Dutch translations.
  18. Mark, Do you send source .pte project with files, or .ptshow presentation for PTE AV Player? I just checked for buttons - their captions also save unique fonts in .ptshow presentations.
  19. Mark, PTE should automatically convert text captions with unique fonts to vector curves and include to .ptshow (.exe). Then the show should display original font on any PC or Mac. I just created a test show with a unique font and then produced .ptshow and .exe - both files were copied to another Mac and another PC without this font. Text caption looked correctly (not Arial). Can you create a simple show (.ptshow) and send me? Use a blank slide (no images) and attach to your reply I'll check it on my Mac.
  20. Well, we'll try to optimize this code to help Excel work better.
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