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  1. Hi Philip, Does this problem occur with a certain large Excel table, or with any table, even very simple? I have old version Excel 2013 on another old PC, and I tried to open a large table with 10 columns and 6500 rows. PTE 10.0.14 was opened in background. I couldn't see any problems with PTE or Excel. Copying of large columns (and all sheet) from/to Clipboard worked fine in Excel. No delays or errors. We need to reproduce this issue to find a solution.
  2. John, Maybe in future. iPad version will require to rework all the user interface for a mobile screen. It's not easy task.
  3. Next Beta for Mac will allow use Open Document command in .ptshow presentations. The menu show will able open PDF, Word, text documents, images, videos and even other .ptshows presentations associated with PTE AV Player.
  4. Hi Eric, Thanks for your feedback! We plan to add a possibility to open documents (including MP4 videos).
  5. Tell me details about your computer in a personal message - graphics card (date of drivers) and version of Windows. It seems that graphics drivers don't work correctly, I recommend to update graphics drivers. PTE AV Studio cannot initialize DirectX 3D mode. P.S. I've reproduced the problem discovered by Denis in the main menu. Thanks.
  6. Hi Jean-Cyprien, Thanks! We'll fix it.
  7. John, I've checked the new Beta (pteavstudio-setup.exe file) on VirusTotal online service with 69 anti-virus scanners. No problems found. Report: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/4bcc781aa8e243b798e06919937c1ad49148a5edebcae7efe0431712276b2c89/detection A potential issue may be in a new file link for the Beta version. When a file is being downloaded many times, it will increase a trust to the download link. Please let me know, if this issue will occur again.
  8. Denis, in the final version .ptshow files created on Windows or Mac will be equal. We'll update this page next week. Can you send me a message with details how to reproduce this problem? And where exactly it occurs? File tree, File list, main menu, Slide list, Timeline view, editor of objects?
  9. Please try new version 10.5 Beta on Windows to check how it works. We need your help with testing to make sure that all functions and commands work correctly. New version 10.5 is based on a common code for Windows and Mac.
  10. Hi, We introduce PTE AV Studio 10.5 Beta for Windows. This update is a free for all users of PTE AV Studio 10 / Pro. The final version will be released together with the Mac version. What's New: You can create shows for Mac. See the Publish menu. Download and install PTE AV Player to play created shows on Mac. Read more Added compatibility for .pte projects and styles saved in Mac version of PTE AV Studio 10.5. Improved playback of M4A, OGG, WMA, and FLAC audio. Download: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/pteavstudio-setup.exe This Beta installs into
  11. Beta 24 is available See the download link in first post above. Updated localization for French, Italian, Korean and Slovenian languages. Updated localization in PTE AV Player. Download
  12. Beta 23 is available See the download link in first post above. Fixed problem of a distorted sound with some audio files in OGG, M4A and FLAC formats. Fixed problem with a wrong displayed pixel size of an object in the Objects and animation editor. Fixed problems with Run Slideshow command and sequence of shows. Various improvements. Updated PTE AV Player. Download
  13. Thanks for your opinions! PTE AV Player will able read all variants, if we rename this file extension for Mac. Eventually, Windows version will get the same format as Mac and the same PTE AV Player for shows. Of course, we'll keep a single executable show for Windows.
  14. We found a reason of this problem and fixed it. This situation occured on QuadHD displays and higher. I'll prepare a new Beta tomorrow.
  15. Hi, We consider 3 variants for a file extension of PTE shows which can be played in PTE AV Player: .ptshow .pteshow .pteav What is your opinion?
  16. Thanks, I've reproduced this issue. It occurs in both versions - Mac and Windows. For an Image object placed inside Frame object.
  17. Hi, Can you send me this project, just one slide?
  18. Hi, Thanks for your feedback! We'll check if we can include hardware acceleration for a video playback of Pro Res videos. P.S. PTE AV Plays for shows is Universal App (two optimized versions for Apple M1 and Intel Macs inside one app).
  19. Hi, Mac version of PTE AV Studio 10.5 Pro is almost ready. Current public Beta 22 includes all features from Windows version. We plan to release the final version this February. Mac version is fully optimized for new Macs with Apple M1 chip. New version 10.5 for Windows will bring compatibility with projects saved in Mac version. Also 10.5 will allow you create executable shows for Mac on Windows or Mac. Beta version will appear next week. Version 10.5 for Windows is a free update for all users who have version 10.0.x. Standard or Pro license. Version 10.5 for Mac is a f
  20. Hi, We introduce executable shows for Mac created in PTE AV Studio 10 Pro. PTE AV Studio creates a show in .ptshow file format. You need to install a free app - PTE AV Player to open and play these shows on a Mac: https://www.wnsoft.com/pte-av-studio/pte-av-player/ You can distribute PTE AV Player, or give a link to other users. PTE AV Player is optimized for new Macs with M1 chip. When you run PTE AV Player first time, it automatically associates with .ptshow files on your Mac. Or you can associate the player with .ptshow files manually. Read here Double click
  21. Beta 22 is available See the download link in first post above. Executable shows for Mac. PTE AV Studio creates a show in.ptshow file. Download and install PTE AV Player from WnSoft website to play created shows. Read the announcement. Visual improvements in the Trim window for Retina screen. Fixed problem with multiple displays. Fixed problem with some wrong captions in the main menu.
  22. Show a popup menu for a selected image file or slide and choose "Edit File" (Cmd + W). Note, that this command works for a slide with a main image. P.S. I noticed a bug in the main menu on your screenshot. We'll fix it. Thanks
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