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  1. Beta 17 is available See the download link in first post above. Added smooth scrolling with touchpad and Magic Mouse in Timeline, Slide list and File list. Fixed problem with Motion Blur in video output on Macs with Apple M1 chip. Fixed problem with crashing in a full screen preview on double click. Fixed problem with opening of projects saved on Windows which contain applied slide styles with additional resources.
  2. Hi Dave, Please read a good advice from Gareth above. If it doesn't solve that problem, let me know: 1. Did you install the latest Beta 16? Check the Main menu > Help > About. If not, download Beta 16 here. 2. Did you use Slide Styles on Mac earlier? Or you install PTE AV Studio on Mac first time?
  3. Hi, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! With best wishes from WnSoft team,
  4. Peter, Sorry for this delay. I'll reply tomorrow. We had a hard weeks working on the optimized code for Apple M1 Macs.
  5. Tom, Jim, Many thanks for your quick responses and first impressions on PTE for Apple M1 chip! I'm very glad. Currently we use only CPU for video encoding in Mac version. It guarantees the same quality as on Intel Macs or Windows version. Native version optimized for Apple M1 chip works much faster than Intel code in Rosetta emulation. Usually Rosetta provides excellent speed, but video encoding is a very heavy task for Rosetta when we use all power of all 8 cores in a CPU. Of course, native M1 version of PTE works much faster. I'll check if we can utilize hardware video encoder in
  6. Hi, We optimized PTE AV Studio 10 Pro (Beta) for new Macs with Apple M1 chip. Now PTE works with the best performance on Apple M1 chip: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/PTE-AV-Studio-Universal.dmg It's an Universal Application which includes two versions - for Apple M1 and Intel. By default, you automatically run a native version for your Mac (M1 or Intel). Also on Mac with M1 you can use Rosetta emulator to run Intel version to compare performance.
  7. Beta 16 is available See the download link in first post above. Optimized for Apple M1 chip. Universal Application for Intel and M1 Macs. Fixed problem in a full screen preview with video and audio files located on network drive.
  8. Heinz, Slide No. 15 contains a text object with Emoji symbols. PTE 10.5 for Mac will not support Emoji. Because we get text symbols as vector curves for rendering in PTE. It's cross-platform code for Windows and Mac. Emoji symbol is a color bitmap picture. Not vector curves. So we have to implement a special support for rendering of emoji symbols. We plan do it in future version(s). Please remove any emoji from a text object. Mac version of PTE doesn't display emoji symbols, so you need to copy this text to TextEdit or another text editor, clear emoji and paste back to PTE.
  9. Please don't forget to add English translation for your posts.
  10. Hi John, I recommend to create a MP4 video in HD or 4K quality and then upload to YouTube website manually. Direct uploading to YouTube from PTE is not supported due to constant changes by Google.
  11. Hi Shirley, You can choose a custom thumbnail picture for created MP4 video files. And add another information (meta tags) if necessary. Use a free utility MP3tag: https://www.mp3tag.de/en/download.html P.S. Probably we'll add this feature in future version of PTE AV Studio.
  12. Hi, Please use Google Translate to add English translation for your messages.
  13. Bernard, I'm happy to hear that text input works fine now on Mac! It was a hard task for cross-platform code of PTE.
  14. Mike, Current Beta version doesn't track changes for modified image/audio file in an external editor. Stuart, It seems to be a bug in Photoshop.
  15. Hi, New Beta 15 for Mac supports text input with accents and umlauts for non-English languages. Can you check this feature?
  16. Beta 15 is available (for Intel Macs and M1 Macs with Rosetta) See the download link in first post above. Text input with accents and umlauts for non-English languages using Option key. Fixed problem with non-working play button in the Objects and animation editor after adding/replacing an image or video object. Fixed problem with Create backup in a ZIP command if a project contains file names with accents or umlauts.
  17. Mark, Please wait for next Beta with other improvements. We're working on Apple M1 support. I ordered Macbook Air with M1 chip for testing, it should arrive on Christmas. We already have Apple DTK (Mac Mini with A12Z for developers).
  18. I temporarily removed Beta 14 with optimized version for Apple M1. Because we need more time to fix discovered problems. The latest recommended version is Beta 13 for Intel and M1. You can download optimized version for Apple M1 here: https://www.pteavstudio.com/forums/topic/24253-universal-application-optimized-for-apple-m1-chip/
  19. Jim, I'll prepare new test version tomorrow. Thanks for the help.
  20. Jim, Please try a special test version: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/PTE-AV-Studio-Beta16-NoLibs-O1.dmg Run directly from DMG image. It shows as "Beta 16".
  21. Thanks, I'll prepare new test versions within a hour.
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