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  1. Hi, I just watched Apple Event today. Great news about new Macs. PTE AV Studio 10.5 (Beta) is ready for Apple Silicon, new Macs and new macOS Big Sur.
  2. PTE AV Studio 10.0.14 Beta is available: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/pteavstudio-setup.exe Fixed problem with video encoding for a project which contains certain Animated GIFs. Fixed problem with a Preview in Convert/Trim command for a video clip. Fixed problem with changing a text commentary in slide styles.
  3. Hi, Can you attach a screenshot to show this problem?
  4. Hi Paul, Fantastic style and animations! Thanks!
  5. Joan, Opening of a project from Finder works now in Beta 11.
  6. Beta 11 is available See the download link in first post above. The Eyedropper tool in the Color window is available now. Open .pte projects from Finder on double click or drag a project file into PTE AV Studio icon in the Dock.
  7. Joan, Eyedropper tool (Color picker) will appear in Beta 11 this Friday or next Monday.
  8. We just finished a native code of PTE AV Studio for future Macs with Apple Silicon CPU. Encoding of 1080p MP4 video using CPU works much faster on Mac with Apple Silicon than my Windows based PC with Intel Core i5-7400 3.0 GHz. Much faster than my iMac with Intel CPU. New Apple's CPU is an absolute winner in speed. No noise and cool. Amazing results. And it's only A12Z CPU, new official Apple Silicon for Macbook and iMac should be even better.
  9. Hi, PTE AV Studio works on any Mac 2012 Late or newer. If you want to reach ideal smoothness in a fullscreen preview (and executable shows) for heavy animations with complex effects, we would recommend the following Macs: Best Macs for PTE AV Studio - Mac Mini (2020), Macbook Air (2020) and Macbook Pro 13 (2020) with Apple M1 chip. - Macbook Pro 15" or 16" 2015 or newer. - iMac 21.5" 4K Retina Middle 2017 or newer - iMac 27" 5K Retina Late 2015 or newer - iMac Pro 27" Retina - New Mac Pro All these Macs use fast AMD graphics which is very good
  10. Peter, I saw this behavour with Audacity. We'll check later why it happens. In macOS there are several ways to run external apps and pass a project file.
  11. Beta 10 is available See the download link in first post above. Preview now plays in a fullscreen mode (hiding Dock and Main menu). Improved rendering of text objects with a cursive font. Improved a full screen view of the File list. Fixed problem with choosing external file editors in Preferences. Cmd+Shift+F switches between fullscreen and normal view in the main window and in the Preview.
  12. Hello, We didn't change anything in Video Builder for DVD creation several years. This output option was kept for compatibility for users of previous versions who still need to burn DVD video. Try again with another project, and with another DVD player.
  13. Gary, You cannot overwrite the same file. If you open and convert filename.converted.mp4 file, a destination file should use another filename.
  14. Andrew, Thanks, I'll wait. Can you also check other MP4 videos? 1920 x 1080 30p or 60p?
  15. Patrick, Thanks for your patience. I'm glad that you finally received our message with your license key. I've checked mail logs of our server, it seems to be a new problem with sending to Orange.fr mail server. I just sent a complaint to Orange regarding this problem and awaiting their reply. Gmail addresses are OK.
  16. Thanks, we'll try to add more IPTC codes in future version.
  17. Eric, I can't reproduce this problem. Make sure that you use Beta 9, in the About window. Copy/paste works fine on my two Macs: 1. Firstly, I copy some text in Safari to refresh a clipboard. 2. I start PTE AV Studio with Sample Project. 3. I select 2nd slide and click right mouse button to show the popup menu. "Copy" command is active. And "Paste" is disabled - that's OK. 4. I choose Copy command from the popup menu, or from the main menu > Slide menu. Or press Cmd + C. 5. Now I open again the popup menu (or main menu > Slide). Now "Paste" command
  18. Hi Andrew, Please send me this MOV file for testing. You can upload the file to Google Drive or WeTransfer.com and send me a download link.
  19. Hi Patrick, Please check a spam folder for our reply. I just sent you a personal message with your license key. Also you can recover a lost license key using a link posted above.
  20. Hi Colin, Thank you very much for your feedback about Mac version! We're improve stability in next Beta versions.
  21. Hi, This improvement can be added in future version 11.0. Currently we support 14 IPTC tags in JPEG images and 4 EXIF tags. Tell me what additional IPTC codes you'd like to see in PTE AV Studio.
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